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Digital Femme Podcast show

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From 'ho hum' to 'that's fucked up!' this podcast is sure to make your eyebrows kiss. Listen in to the rants, raves and verbage of one Aquarian that's slightly on the manic side of life. Interjected with bizarre Social Message Ads sponsored by CYNICAL SIDE, these ads will make you want to go "Hmmmmm?"

Adventurous Living show

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We exist to reach people with the reality of God's love and the live the adventure of following Jesus Christ. We're Meadow Springs, a quiet little community church in Portland, Oregon. This is our Podcast.

By Meadow Springs Community Church

The Atomsound - Glorious Liberty Blog - here to inspire your BREAKTHRU! show

The Atomsound - Glorious Liberty Blog - here to inspire your BREAKTHRU!Join Now to Follow

AtomSound Sounding follows the escapades of one Toma Chaffer in his quest to define and proclaim Truth and to build a better media outlet for his friends.

By Toma Chaffer of atomsound.tv

Empowerment Series: THE EMOTIONAL BODY show

Empowerment Series: THE EMOTIONAL BODYJoin Now to Follow

In this class our group will examine what are feelings? What are emotions? What is empathy? What is suffering? Why is the reptilian brain dangerous? How to take control of your emotions and make positive choices.

Empowerment Series: THE PHYSICAL BODY show

Empowerment Series: THE PHYSICAL BODYJoin Now to Follow

Explore universal philosophies and teachings to clarify ideas about you, the physical world and your actions. Discuss the physical body, your senses, your model of reality, the extended self, the will and how to use it to make better choices.

X-Oriente show

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X-Oriente (Ex Oriente) means "From the East." X-Oriente is a half-hour Podcast (MP3) dedicated to those Freemasons who are young (and young at heart). X-Oriente seeks to inform, inspire, entertain and challenge you.

Krsna Podcast show

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Hare Krsna, Prabhus Please accept my humble obeisances. I will be sharing some of Srila Prabupada's Wisdom. Come with me as we learn from the Bhagavad-Gita and from the Srimad Bhagavatam.

By Dennis matula

Juice show

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Feel-Good Tunes To Take You To That Special Place!

Dharma Dialogues with Catherine Ingram show

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Interactive dharma conversations

By Catherine Ingram

Bluetruth show

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Bluetruth dives into the realm of Sacred Sexuality, the mystery between the masculine and the feminine. Featuring excerpts from talks with David Deida, and in-depth interviews by Liana Gailand with some of today's biggest experts in intimate relationships.