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Daily Success Media Network show

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Tamara “Ask Tami” Patzer presents the “Daily Success” Media Network featuring daily programming seven days a week: Sunday through Saturday. Listeners can tune into to a variety of hosts who interview leaders, makers, givers and innovators and trendsetters who help you live a healthier, happier balanced life. Tune in daily to listen to inspiration conversations on the Daily Success Show, Optimum Health Show, Angel Talk Show, My Reinvention Journey and Spiritual Destination.

By Tamara Patzer

Refuge Recovery show

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REFUGE RECOVERY “A Buddhist approach to recovering from Addiction” What is Refuge Recovery? Refuge Recovery is an oriented path to freedom from addiction. This is an approach to recovery that understands; “All individuals have the power and potential to free themselves from the suffering that is caused by addiction”. We feel confident in the power of the Dharma, if applied, to relieve suffering of all kinds, including the suffering of addiction. This is a process that cultivates a path of awakening, the path of recovering from the addictions and delusions that have created so much suffering in our lives and in this world. Refuge Recovery is a systematic approach to training our hearts and minds to see clearly and respond to our lives with understanding and non-harming. You are entering a way of life that may be familiar to some and foreign to others. In the beginning some of it may seem confusing or counter-instinctual, and some of it is. But you will find that with time, familiarity and experience, it will all make perfect sense and will gradually become a more and more natural way of being. www.refugerecovery.org Hello Refuge Recovery friends. These first series of guided meditations were recorded by Dave Smith and are offered here for you. There will be guided meditations, Dharma talks pertaining to refuge recovery, interviews and stories. Stay tuned....more to come!

By Noah Levine, Dave Smith

Mindfulness Meditation Podcast show

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Every Wednesday, the Rubin Museum of Art presents a meditation session led by a prominent meditation teacher from the New York area. This podcast is a recording of the weekly practice.

By The Rubin Museum of Art

talks - bloom church denver show

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Bloom is a network of house churches that gather together as a community on Sunday nights in downtown Denver to worship Jesus and remember the Story we're part of. We invite you to join us.

By Bloom Church Denver

The Judge Neil Show show

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The Judge Neil Show is a spiritual comedy where Judge Neil does Fun Psychic Readings and gives Mostly Good Advice. Call into the show at 417-800-2999 Mon,Tue,Thur,Sat at 9pm PST and Sundays at 5pm PST. Visit the website at www.judgeneil.com or his facebook page at www.facebook.com/judgeneil

By Judge Neil

Overflow Denton show

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Overflow is a ministry of FBC Denton, TX. It is a weekly worship gathering for college students in the Denton area. For more information about Overflow and to listen to older messages from Overflow, please visit www.overflowdenton.com

By Austin Wadlow

Advent 2015: The Word show

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Advent 2015: Join us this advent for a daily devotional podcast series

By 24-7 Prayer

Spacemusic (Season 8) show

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Welcome to Spacemusic Season 8 - Looking for the ultimate electronica & relaxation? Interested in high quality ambient music? How 'bout NonStop® mixes playing the best tunes out there in this handy AAC format including chapters and track info… Featuring artists from all over the planet and beyond. Exclusive releases, interviews, deep-space adventures mixed and hosted by TC. Subscribe for free. Satisfaction guaranteed :-)

By Spacemusic.nl

The Bridge of Consciousness by Story Waters show

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The Bridge of Consciousness is the name of the collective works of Story Waters who channels as collective state of consciousness called SunSon. View the full Bridge of Consciousness materials at http://www.limitlessness.com where you can also find details of Story's monthly Freedom Circle broadcasts. Join the newsletter there to know when new materials are released into The Bridge and to receive a free inspirational text every week.

By Story Waters

Wealth Transformations Words of Wisdom Podcast show

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The Wisdom of the Ages has revealed secrets for creating and attracting abundance and prosperity, yet many conventional methods for improvement and change continue to be used today. Change that focuses solely on changing behaviors and actions often fail and leave people overwhelmed, frustrated and resentful, or they justify giving up. Frantic attempts to fix problems and overcome challenges only make things worse in the long-run. The ability for you to make sustainable change and create abundance and prosperity in your business and your personal life requires more than changing your actions and behaviors; it requires a transformation of your core identity and your source of power, from survival fear and force into faith, hope, and divine love.

By Judy K. Katz, MCC, RScP