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Daybreak Devotionals show

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Energy at Dawn. Let a few women of the Bible energize your day.

By Pam Kumpe

The Faithbuilders show

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Four ordinary gals bring you a passion, a devotion, and a faith that is extraordinary. With an easy style and down-home feel, these devotionals speak to real women with real life stuggles and triumphs. Save and share with all of your friends, just be sure to give credit. Visit us at our website... www.thefaithbuilders.net

By Kim Estes

Inspirational Success Tips show

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About my bi-weekly ezine "Inspirational Success Tips" which, as the name implies, offers great inspiration and highly helpful tips for life success, as it attempts to apply God's principles of success.

Learn To Meditate - Meditation Podcast - Meditation Society of Australia show

Learn To Meditate - Meditation Podcast - Meditation Society of AustraliaJoin Now to Follow

This beginners meditation course features a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. Each class includes a discussion topic and a guided meditation exercise. The Meditation Society of Australia (http://meditation.org.au) has no religious, political or financial affiliations, it is a community organisation designed to help people meditate.

By Meditation Society of Australia

The Grant Bellows Radio Show show

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Our goal is to help kindle the growing awareness that every person has the opportunity and responsibility to become master of their own life and collectively help make the world a better place.

Cosmic Podcast show

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This podcast is meant to put you in touch with the truth that already lies within you. Your life is your unique spiritual blueprint and it is up to you to decide how you will shape it. You have your own power and nothing can ever diminish that. Psychic reader, life coach and spiritual teacher Ines discusses topics of interest to us all. Soul mates, crystal children, how to find the best psychic for you and other similar topics are covered. Ines is a a guide on your path--helping you see all the different paths you can take, but it is up to you to decide which way you will walk.

Leaving Laodicea show

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A podcast for those who have taken an honest look at the church, scratched their head, and said, "You know, this ain't the way church is suppose to be. Something must be wrong. Bad wrong."

By Steve McCranie

Asiya's ShadowCast show

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Asiya's ShadowCast is a podcast on Wicca, magick, and the occult, featuring listener questions. New episodes come out every two weeks.

Elsie's Yoga Class show

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Inspiring, spicy, fun, joyful and uplifting live and unplugged Anusara-inspired yoga classes taught by Pittsburgh yoga teacher Elsie Escobar. Classes range from strong beginners to advanced. They are 1hr or 1hr and 15 min. Depending on the level and length of the individual class they may include all or some of the following: a theme, meditation, pranayama, warm ups, sun salutations, standing poses, arm balances, hip openers, thigh stretches, backbends, forward bends, cool down poses and relaxation. Remember, the class is live and Elsie is teaching to what she sees. It's designed to include you into the class experience, to participate in deeper ways. This is not a "flow" or "power yoga" class. It includes power and flow, but more emphasis on alignment. You never know what's coming but it always proves to be a blast! Strap on your seatbelts and go for the ride! If you live in Pittsburgh or come for a visit Elsie is available for private instruction :) www.elsiesyogakula.com eyogaclass@gmail.com

By Elsie Escobar

The Secret Magdalene - Interview show

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Eio Books Broadcasting interviews Ki Longfellow regarding her novel The Secret Magdalene published by Crown/Random House in early 2007. A 42 minute interview presented in MP3 format. Ms. Longfellow describes her inspiration for the character of Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Christ. Also she explains the mystery of Judas as hero. The interview provides revealing insight into the philosophy and spirituallity of the times during which Jesus taught, and the source of Gnosis is also exposed. See: www.thesecretmagdalene.com

By Ki Longfellow