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No Halos Here show

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Are you looking for more than a ‘surface’ conversation about topics like spirituality, the self-help industry, or health & wellbeing? Maybe you’re curious about exploring some of your own gifts or health challenges and want to know if others have experienced what you have. What about the intersection of entrepreneurship, family life, and self-care? Join Jen Lang and Jane Stark, two heart-centred business owners, as they explore the shadowed edges of life, the universe, and beyond through honest and thought-provoking conversations. No topic is off-limits and is approached with an open heart and mind, active listening, and compelling guests. We may not have all the answers, but we know that the way forward is through these vulnerable conversations. Listen in as we unite physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies into a powerful show to lead, heal, and inspire you.

By Jane Stark & Jen Lang

The Power Paradigm™ show

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Focused on high achieving professionals and executives who want to be and stay more confident, consistent, motivated, energized and vital as they live, play, and work. The stakes are high for them and they have many responsibilities, yet little time so they're constantly managing competing demands. Our solution is called Power Paradigm and we have a very profound, practical, real, scientific and spiritual method that trains them on BEING Powerful. While they're well trained in leadership, communication, decision making, building teams, etc. - they have never been trained to BE Powerful. The central message is built around our methodology of authenticity, alignment, and authority and teaching our listeners transformative elements, giving them permission and training to Master Their Power and Own Their Success i.e. they can be "who they are" with ease, peace and bold confidence and know that they can both be powerfully authentic AND still have exactly what (tangible results) they want. Radiah Rhodes and Dr. Roni Ellington are your team of engineers, strategists, and transformational thought leaders. Their goal: To turn seemingly abstract concepts like being and intention into visible and measurable realities. To help you make significant change, accelerate your results, and gain tangible access to a fuller, more purposeful life. We put the emphasis on BEING. Being Well. Being Whole. Being You. To learn more, visit https://evoklife.com.

By Radiah Rhodes and Dr. Roni Ellington

Damn Leroy Genkins  show

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Just a normal dude who is curious about metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychedelics, consiousness, and everything in between.

By Leroy Ja Genkins

Well Balanced 360 show

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Dr. Shivani Amin, MD is an experienced medical doctor specializing in functional medicine and spiritual thinking. Dr. Amin introduces you to the world of wellness through this medical prism & spiritual approach, with a focus on bridging the gap between the two. Critical questions around topics such as mental, physical, and sexual health, as well as healing and immunity, are all up for conversation. This is a safe space created for intimate conversations for us to optimize our health - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is not another boring health podcast with way too much technical jargon; nor will I make baseless claims or preach to you. What I will do is provide a forum where you will learn about proven ways to help you feel your best and create the healthiest version of YOU! So I ask you, what do you want to change about your lifestyle, where you can be open-minded with a spiritual approach? Bring that to the podcast and let’s success together! Connect with Dr. Shivani at @drshivaniamin (www.drshivaniamin.com)

By Dr. Shivani

Cronicas de una Oruga show

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Bienvenidos al Podcast de Keyla Grisel, creado desde mi Corazón y mi Alma para ti, que quieres sanar tu vida. Ven a recorrer el camino de la transformación conmigo. Discutiremos diferentes temas y herramientas que nos ayudan a elevar el Ser, lograr el autoconocimiento, conseguir la sanación interior y evolucionar desde una visión holística. Si has recibido un diagnóstico inesperado de una condición de salud y te sientes aterrada, rendida o en total incertidumbre, llegó el momento de sonreír. Si quieres un cambio y desarrollo integral en tu vida, este contenido es para ti. Transformarnos en nuestra mejor versión, conectarnos con el alma y sanar, es posible, si tú lo decides. Te regalo el boleto hacia tu Mundo Interior y te invito a Sanar. ¡Disfruta el Viaje!

By Keyla Grisel

Spirituality show

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Imagine if two wise monks met up a mountain, had a chat and shared each others wisdom. I have open conversations with wise and spiritually awakening beings across the globe with no direction of where the talk will go. My mission is to normalise the un normal. By speaking about things most people think about but most never talk about. We have what seems to sound like a normal conversation but when you analyse what we're saying you realise it's far from what most people talk about. But for some reason, it resonates with you. You'll be addicted. talkwitholiver.com @yeskingoliver. Joe Rogan

By Joe Rogan

#sundaysforfuture show

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Predigten über Gott, die Welt - und unsere gemeinsame Zukunft. | Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel | Staffel 1 ist jetzt verfügbar!

By Jonas Goebel

Das geht ja gut los! show

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Die besten biblischen Buchanfänge – und was das mit deinem Montagmorgen zu tun hat | Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel | Staffel 1 ist jetzt verfügbar!

By Jonas Goebel

Ohrwurm! show

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Predigten über und mit Popsongs! | Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel

By Jonas Goebel

Astrologie für dich und mich mit Daniela Hruschka und Gary Stütz. show

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Astrologie für dich und mich ist ein Podcast mit Daniela Hruschka. Die Astrologie gibt Dir eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, dich selbst besser kennenzulernen. Über das Leben, die Liebe und die Zeichen der Sterne. Du erfährst in diesem Podcast wie du Zeitqualitäten effizienter nützen kannst. Sie hilft dir deine persönlichen Zeitpunkte in deinem Leben zu erkennen, zu verstehen und im täglichen Leben umzusetzen. Dazu gehört dein Tierkreiszeichen, ebenso dazu, wie die Zeiten des Mondes. Dein Horoskop zeigt dir deine Geschichte, über Gesundheit, Erfolg und hilft dir auch deine Persönlichkeit besser zu verstehen. Wie Selbstfindung und Spiritualität. Positives Denken ist hilfreich für deine Eigenverantwortung und Spiritualität ebenso wie die Fragen der Liebe und der Partnerschaft. Dieser Podcast hilft dir, die Symbolsprache der Astrologie besser zu verstehen. Was Mond Tage über die Liebe, der Partnerschaft, deines Erfolgs verraten. Du erhältst mehr Energie, Persönlichkeit und Freude im Leben und lernst Dinge besser zu verstehen. Astrologie ist eine seit über dreitausend Jahren praktizierte Wissenschaft. Du erfährst in inspirierenden Interviews und Storys, welche Bedeutung die Zeichen der Sterne für diese Menschen hat. Der Umgang mit Erfolg und Niederlagen und warum die Astrologie ihnen geholfen hat. Hier erhältst du das richtige Mindset für deinen Erfolg und Glück. Als Moderator und Produzent fungiert Gary Stütz. Seine Wurzeln sind Bühne, Sprache, Rundfunk und TV. Er ist Trainer und Coach für den Bereich Stimme, Ausdruck und Wirkung.

By Podcast über Astrologie. Erfolgreicher Leben mit Sonne, Mond und Sterne.