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Old Time Rock n Roll show

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Old Time Rock n Roll is the largest oldies podcast in the world today. Host Lee Douglas uses his personal 115,000 song library to spin the classics,as well as the obscure songs of the 50's,60's and early 70's. Whether its doo wop, rockabilly, Rythym and Blues or pop, Old Time Rock n Roll has it all. Listen and be transported back to a time when the biggest problem we had was getting a date for Saturday night. This Podcast was created using

By Lee Douglas

Bulleit Originals show

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The Bulleit Sessions are a series of gigs by Bulleit Bourbon. They involve original, individual artists. The podcast series follows a series of gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Both the gigs and the podcast programmes trace the ever-enduring influence of the blues. includes The Aliens, Found, authentic blues legend Guitar Shorty, The Pictish Trail, King Creosote and the Fence Collective.

By Bulleit Bourbon

Plugged2 Rock n Roll Videos show

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Plugged2 Rock 'n Roll Yeah Yeah Music Videos

Piergiorgio Lucidi - Spontaneous show

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Spontaneous is the second solo album but the idea of this registration is the same of the previous album JazzMoves but in a better way and with a better sound. All the guitar tracks are recorded in one shot mode and without overdubs.

Everyday Blues Podcast show

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Brazilian podcast about the blues

By Andre Sa

The Jam Night Jukebox Radio Hour show

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This site is dedicated to all those who love jamming, playing and listening to live music. Through the magic of modern technology we are able to record our jam sessions and have them available to you within hours. We all enjoy listening to music as much as playing music and we hope you do too. Sharing music is one of the staples of life and we would love to get feedback just like having you in the there with us, if only virtually. Jam On!!

Sonic360 Podcasts show

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Exclusive interview and rare gems from Multi-Grammy nominated Mexican band Kinky kicks off the first in a series of Sonic360 podcasts, talking about their forthcoming and limited edition album 'Rarities'.

By Sonic360

The SIDESHOW Podcast » Podcasts show

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Rising out of the dark ages of nu-metal, The SIDESHOW led the charge for the New Wave of heavy music at 98.1 WQAQ, initiating a loud rock revival at the prestigious, student-run radio station. What Brian began in 2002 would grow into something bigger than he ever imagined. Garnering critical acclaim with the addition of Nick in 2003, The SIDESHOW would evolve and continue even after its creators graduated. Brian and Nick passed the torch to the ROCK(jock), who further revolutionized the program by bringing it to a worldwide audience. Collectively, The SIDESHOW won two Show of the Year awards and marched on to become the longest running show in WQAQ history. Now, after a two-and-a-half year hiatus, The SIDESHOW rises again… The SIDESHOW Podcast features heavy metal and hard rock reviews, news, tour info, and interviews to keep fans of the genre up to date as well as expose listeners to bands they may be missing out on.

Sunspot show

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When you spend too much time in the van, you get the road mania and Madison, WI rock band, Sunspot, gives you a front seat to theirs as they travel around the Midwest in their POS Ford van bringing you stories from the road, their lives, and whatever they can think of. Also, new independent music from Sunspot and the artists they perform with.

By Sunspot

Eternity Metal Podcast show

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metallic underground podcasting - Der Metal Podcast des Eternity Magazins. Mit Musik und Infos rund um Bands aus dem harten Sektor jenseits der Plattenläden. Ob Thrash Metal, Death Metal oder Metalcore. Power, Black oder Doom. Das hier ist der metallische Podcast zum underground music zine.

By Eternity Magazin