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WELCOME TO CONCERT BLAST! This is usually a 30-45 minute podcast show of 3 guys who grew up together (Mike Arnold, Brian Hasbrook, Tom Thompson) in the Nashville, TN area discussing the hundreds of rock concerts they've attended and the many exciting ventures during the show, on the way to the show, leaving the show, roadtrips, and even performing. There will be a Main Topic to discuss on each podcast. Emails will be read from listeners as well as interviews from various people. This is a weekly podcast with an occasional break from time to time... JOIN US!


Music.Podfire.orgJoin Now to Follow provides the latest music news, artists information, music search, youtube music videos, concert and gig information.

ROCK n POPcast show

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Play non stop music On Line - Your MP3 Soundtrack...

By ROCK n POPcast

 Official Blacklist Podcast show

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Official podcast of NYC post-punk band Blacklist. Run and maintained by the band. Exclusive audio, video content and DJ mixes.

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Soundcentury show

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Soundcentury is the Indie Rock and Alternative Energy Source. Soundcentury features unsigned, indie rock bands from small towns across the world and serves them up through informing articles and professional quality podcasts. In addition, Soundcentury delivers the latest news on emerging alternative energy companies.

By Soundcentury

Loud, Fast and Shitty Podcast Show show

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Punk rock music podcast. Hosted by Bob Noxious, Ick McWang and Blip Magillis. Originating from the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Music 4 Podcasters show

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The purpose of this podcast is to provide podcasters and other media outlets with samples of music from independent musicians seeking additional exposure. Artists fall into the following genres: Rock, Pop, Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B. All artists have been screened for quality. If interested in an artist, visit the artist directory at for details.

Aneksarthto Mhlo show

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A podcast from Greece, in greek! A few rantings and good music, including greek indie bands.

Metal Void show

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Metal Void! Pure metal from around the globe, with a slight emphasis on greek metal bands!

The Best Video Podcast show

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The Best Video Podcast is Superlative Web Rock Theatre, the world's premiere pan-genre artistic, cultural and political phenomenon. This video podcast is god-like, but mixed with pop culture and then digitized. Not subscribing to The Best immediately is like having the opportunity to be there when the wheel is invented but deciding to gather tubors instead. Don't subscribe to anything less than The Best!

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