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SuperSwank show

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Tired of music that only makes accountants smile? SUPERSWANK is three people committed to one thing: Rock and Roll. That's capital "R", foot stompin', hot-rodddin', tattoo-gettin' Rock and Roll, baby! Playing with a never-let-up attitude, SUPERSWANK makes grain-alcohol-pure original Rock and Roll. What else would you expect from three people who have been playing and chasing the Rock and Roll dream longer than most record companies have been around? From Washington, D.C., SUPERSWANK is Catherine Gray, Dave Cornwell and Doug Hoekstra and they are serious about rescuing Rock and Roll from the posers, pretty boys and bean counters.

By SuperSwank

9Lies - Behind it All Live on Downtown Radio show

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9Lies - Behind iT All Live on Northern Irelands Downtown Radio with Johnny Hero show

IndiePodcasting.comJoin Now to Follow is a new service devoted to promoting unsigned and indie artists using a combination of podcasting technology, syndication, webcasting and viral marketing.

iROK Radio show

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iROK a weekly music Podcast featuring the best Independent music artists from Oklahoma.``Oklahoma's only all Independent artist Internet Radio Podcast.``It's a new breed of radio. It's radio to go, where and when YOU want it!``Playing the best Oklahoma has to offer from the Independent music scene.``You'll discover that Oklahoma has a soul that's not just country.``Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Metal & more!``We're more than just country.

Plastic Toys Rock Vodcast (WM Format) show

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Plastic Toys are the UK's fastest growing rock band. If you haven't seen them then get this vodcast.

Unsigned Rock Podcast show

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A weekly podcast featuring the best in unsigned rock from around the world. Includes interviews with the bands, gig reviews, and latest news on various featured artists.

All Ages Night - Live from Chain Reaction show

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All Ages Night - Live from Chain Reaction starring Ozma``Live video podcasts from California's premiere indy rock club - Chain Reaction

FUSE Rock Bottom - Episode 2 Preview show

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Episode #2 – STILL STANDING Lead vocalist and bassist Justin has serious anger management issues that drastically affect the band and his relationship with his identical twin brother, band member Johnny. After losing band members and producers due to his behavior, the band is ready to level the ultimatum and do whatever it takes to make it happen in Hollywood. Schedule: Channel Finder:

Throwback Revolution show

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The Throwback Revolution is an internet music podcast, hosted by Ty Prattis and Jericho Canyon and will be available every Thursday night. TR, for short, is owned and operated by Prattis Productions. The show is recorded from the Prattis Productions studios in Kitchener or Port Elgin, Ontario. The Throwback Revolution originally began in July 2006, as a weekly live show on an independent internet station, called Total Adrenaline Radio. The station had a cult following, but struggled to stay alive due to the lack of sponsorship to keep it afloat, and cancelled it's internet streams in January 2007. However, the Throwback Revolution was one of the main shows on Total Adrenaline Radio, and since everyone wanted to be apart of it, whether it's listening to the show, or helping the crew behind the scenes, Prattis Productions decided to bring the show back in podcast form, for the whole world to listen to it in September 2007. The show will be encoded at 128kbps, and at 44khz. The Throwback Revolution will feature indy and mainstream artists and bands from world wide, delivering music from such genres as rock, hard rock, and metal, with the occassional rap, hip-hop, and pop songs. Each week, Ty Prattis and Jericho Canyon will showcase a 15-20 minute interview, with an artist, band, music promoter, celebrity or sports athlete.


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Curated, rare punk records from 1978-1982. This is NOT intended as a resource for record collectors, but rather a place where fans of the genre can pick up examples for personal listening.