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KactusKast show

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The KactusKast is focused on unsigned, unknown artists who show the best musicianship in Alternative, Metal and Rock genres.... Look here to find some of the richest textures on new music that you have never heard before... In the KactusKast you will find bands music as well as interviews featuring what they are all about, and showcasing the future of rock.

The chico & pimphand Show show

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Andy & Steven, better known as chico & pimphand, talk about all things, bash everything, and have a laugh doing it. You never know what you may here, and can almost always promise you may kinda laugh! No filter, and uncensored! WARNING: This podcast contains strong language, adult situations, and immature tom-foolery. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18

DecidereRadio_Rockpolitica show

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Programma radiofonico dedicato alla politica con l'accompagnamento di musica rock

DecidereRadio_DecidereRock show

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Programma dedicato alla storia delle leggende del Rock

Roxie's Big Rawk Show show

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Ryan Roxie talks to musicians and friends while on tour with Alice Cooper but, it's more than just talk!

Farallon Music show

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Original rock music from the San Francisco bay area.

By Farallon

Podcast Without Intercourse show

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Live, from Montreal, and rebroadcast every Tuesday night on CKDU 97.5 Halifax, it's PWI Radio, the Podcast without intercourse. Each episode features rock and or roll (sometimes both) and opinions, and also interviews, and, oh, occaisionally rants...yeah, that's it! Everyone loves a good rant, don't they? Concert reviews too. Tune in, turn on, rock out!

Rocket Sauce show

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Rocket Sauce is a weekly podcast that offers you the best in kick-ass rock-n-roll and metal music. Your hosts, Julie and Joshua, serve up the best independent rock from all over the country (and sometimes the world) and inject their sick senses of humor and opinions of the bands they play along the way. A word of caution: Metal Underpants are recommended when listening to Rocket Sauce as your ass may be rocked off otherwise. You have been warned. The hosts of Rocket Sauce are not responsible for asses rocked off due to improperly fitted metal underpants.

Piloto Automatico show

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Take a journey into the 80's music