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SGP2020 show

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By Anh Đẹp Trai


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This podcast is about being human! It is full of pain and beauty. NO ONE has even 15% of it figured out, if they say they do..THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. Let's break down the things that matter, together. “Being human always points, and is directed, to something, or someone, other than oneself—be it meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself—by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love—the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself. - Viktor Frankl Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Jynni

BaNg! Historias de Creativos show

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Cada semana, un referente de la industria creativa te cuenta su lado B en este podcast. Escucha y descubre "BaNg! Historias de Creativos" con Leonardo Cabezas, Cin Ormeño y Mónica Fuschini. Disponible en Spotify &amp; YouTube. Síguenos en Instagram &amp; Facebook: @bang.podcast

By Leonardo Cabezas, Cin Ormeño &amp; Mónica Fuschini

Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO &amp; Lore Interviews show

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You’ve stumbled upon a place that will plunge you into the depths of the unknown. A place where top scientists, journalists and researchers dare to look way beyond the edges of our reality to analyze these extraordinary events. Join KTown as she discusses subjects surrounding real paranormal activity, unbelievable UFO phenomena, sinister secret societies, mysterious time slips, powerful ancient artifacts, terrifying creature encounters, shocking conspiracies, gruesome serial killers, unexplainable disappearances, supernatural places and much more! Are you ready for a mind-expanding experience? We release new episodes often so make sure you follow us so you’ll never miss one!

By Mysterious Radio

Pieces of a Woman show

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Each episode we will discuss and share real stories that are relevant, inspiring and engaging as it relates to women and the life that shape us into who we are today. Every episode will be committed to engaging conversations that will include interviews with influential women, leaders, healers, authors, and close friends. We will discuss EVERYTHING, nothing is off the table, except politics, we will leave that one off the table. DeAnna and Cristie will explore every genre from loss, grief, spirituality, divorce, marriage, raising children, blended families, infidelity, sex, menopause, girlfriends, those damn readers we now have hoarded in every room of the house, hormones, mental health, alcohol, addiction, fitness and ALL experiences and challenges that shaped us into the powerful women we have become today. Our goals and intentions are to connect our audience with services, people, and communities to help meet their needs while they explore and learn more about who they are and their purpose now and in the future. We hope our learning journey together will connect us with serious topics as well as lots of laughter and maybe some tears.

By DeAnna and Cristie

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts show

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Fr. Timothy Gallagher, Dr. Anthony Lilles, Fr. Mauritius Wilde O.S.B, Fr. Thomas McDermott O.P., Dr. Matthew Bunson, Dr. R. R. Reno, Deacon James Keating, Archbishop George Lucas, Msgr. John Esseeff and so many other Catholic Spiritual leaders and teachers/catechists offer the best teachings in the rich Catholic Spiritual/Discernment tradition. From lives of the saints to the basics of Catholic Social teaching, from the Sacred Liturgy to prayer in everyday moments of our lives, we walk to together as we fulfill our call to "be saints in the making". By the renewal of our minds, we form ourselves so that we "may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect." (Rom 12:2)

By Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts

Britstralian show

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A podcast about Brits in Australia by former UK radio newsreader turned podcaster, Anna Moran.

By Anna Moran


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Территория мудрости

By Терең Ақиқаттар

13 Superstitions show

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On ne vous a jamais dit qu'il ne fallait jamais passer sous une échelle ? Que lorsqu'un chat pleurait devant une maison était signe de mauvais présage? ... Il existe une multitude de superstition en fonction des cultures, des pays, des religions...Pour vous, on les a toutes trouvées... Alors chers auditeurs... ABONNEZ-VOUS! et découvrez les superstition les plus improbable qu'il existe. Et peut-être mettre-vous la chance de votre côté ! :)

By Vivi

Spark My Interest show

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Be shocked. Be thrilled. Be sparked! Debra, Diana and Jesi compete each week to bring you the most interesting true stories from every corner of the universe. Kick your week off right with a new episode every Monday and get sparked!

By Granevan Media