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UNstoppable by Nidhi show

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Hi there beautiful! In my podcast, I bring you topics that are close to women's heart. Using research and storytelling (and poetry), I shed light on issues that are often ignored by the society, such as contribution of full time mothers, grey hair and society ki soch, challenges faced by working mothers. I hope that you will find your story reflected in my podcasts. I also have a weekly news (samachar) brief where you can catch up with the latest from the world. So join me on a new journey each week :) Please share your thoughts and personal stories at

By Nidhi

Everyone deserves a Chance show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Jasmine Vekariya

Snap Snap: the pretentious poetry podcast show

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A podcast with poetry-filled interludes, that satirizes different issues revolving around the life of the currrent Gen-Z, filled with moments of debate, discussion, and deadpan humor.

By Shaurya Singh Thapa and Shankar Tripathi

Boundless Explorer show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and do not forget to provide feedback : D

By Madhan Kumar

World designed for men show

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A solution for all world problems. Once we understand what's causing them, we will know how to get rid of them.

By Agarta

Cue The Conversation show

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Growing up a black person in America, Jasmine has had to partake in some pretty tough discussions. Now that she’s in college and meeting people from all backgrounds, she realizes that not everyone’s had to join in on these conversations and some mightn’t even know they exist. In the age of the internet and social media, that ends now. This show will be filled with discussions on human rights, social justice, politics, current events, and her own personal experiences. Buckle up and get ready to see things from a different perspective. New episodes every Monday. Visit Us at

By Jasmine Dey

Понаехавшие show

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Истории русскоязычных экспатов и эмигрантов, наполненные бесценным опытом, непростыми решениями, всевозможными трудностями и искренней радостью. Вместе с ведущими Эрикой и Александром - гости обсуждают способы успешной интеграции в европейское общество, решения насущных проблем и неординарные жизненные ситуации.

By Александр и Эрика

HML Blabbers show

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HML Blabbers is brought to you by Hullad Media Lab. A show where we discuss pop-culture, media, art, and socio-political topics. Follow us on Spotify and Instagram for interesting content every week.

By Hullad Media Lab

Namastey India show

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Namastey India! Kaise hain aap log? Unapologetic, Raw and Opinionated! That's what this show is all about. Koi bhi topic chota nhi koi bhi topic bada nhi. Sab cover karenge yaha aur karenge baatein India ki, apne style me. Har shaam leke aayenge ek aisi khabar jisne sabse zyada impact kia hamare desh ko. Stay tuned, and subscribe for regular updates!

By Anurag & Shivam