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This-n-That show

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This-n-That covers areas from my personal past experiences, whatever may cross my mind that day, practical philosophy and life How To's: they will all be informative and most may assist you to make informative decisions and at the very least will be entertaining. One of the podcasts will be a series of episodes starting with an understanding of what schooling is vs education; how, when and by whom it went off the rails including what can be done about education today and of course tools to help your children and yourself learn more comfortably and completely. Check my podcasts out! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By John Alan Miranda

Our Manifestation Journey show

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We are Samantha and Mickayla - two sisters from Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada who are manifesting our wildest desires by using the strategies from various manifestation and law of attraction teachers. @ourmanifestationjourney

By ourmanifestationjourney

My Bad Poetry show

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Aaron and Dave, two friends in their early thirties, dive into the old private journal of Aaron to hear read the personal poems written by him while he was in high school. Experience a mix of self reflection, humor, spirituality, philosophy, self deprecation, and just maybe a half decent poem!

By Aaron and Dave

A Good Cry show

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<p>Michael Cruz Kayne chats with friends, comedians and other notable types about grief. Not just the hard parts, but also the memories that make us laugh, the dumb stuff people said to us, and the way we recovered...or didn't. Each episode is a funny, joyful, and also sometimes really really sad reflection on grief, but that's ok. Good even. </p>

By Headgum, Radio Point

Lost Notes from Underground show

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Just another human spiraling down into abysmal reverie. He calls himself Leander. Day after day, someone finds a cassette with his voice and uploads it here. No one knows why these were made, but it sure is funny to hear him ramble as if he understands the world. *Pshaw He claims to have a silly notion that philosophy, psychology and myths and folklore will save him from damnation. It's hilarious as he tries to make sense of the world which left him behind. So give it a listen when you're sad, it'll make you feel better about yourself. . .

By Leander Sufi

Malatang show

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Malatang ist ein bekanntes Streetfood aus Sichuan. Es steht aber auch als Metapher fuer VIELFAELTIGKEIT, HARMONIE, NACHHALTIGKEIT und ist zudem sehr VERBREITET. In diesem Podcast gehen wir der chinesichen Kultur in all ihrer Vielfaeltigkeit nach und knuepfen bei jedem Thema eine Verbindung zu einem typischen chinesischen Essen.

By Tian Tian

A voice with me show

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Namaste I'm Aditya singh My interest in creating podcasts started in my childhood when I use to watch a lot of motivational videos and get inspired by famous motivational speakers. In my podcasts, you will find many various topics related to practical life scenarios along with my views and opinions based on the facts and reality of situations of life.


Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast show

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‘Walk in 3 Worlds’ idea started its life as a poem. Written by Greg Dodge, sixth generation convict descendant in 2019, about the life journey observation and stories of Kitch Wesche. He was initiated into his Samoan village Matai as a Talking High Chief in 2019. Kitch became Taitu’uga named after his grandfather.<br> <br> Kitch and Greg met in 2006, through music, and then together (and separately) developed and ran many diverse community and creative projects.<br> <br> Working together on an innovative two year project (2017-2019), “Empowering Youth To Thrive”, Greg and Kitch then met Yarraka Bayles and her family. Yarraka is an Aboriginal woman with a strong education focus.<br> <br> We wanted to “Come Together” as culturally diverse human beings (Homo Sapiens) to explore Australian true histories, stories, cultures and more through conversations with a range of “Australians” and ask – “What does it mean to be Australian?” Who are we? Where are we all going? Where have we all journeyed to be part of the jigsaw puzzle that is now Australia in the 21st Century.<br> <br> Coming Together Project is proud to host these exciting ‘Walk in 3 Worlds Podcast’ series, featuring 3 diverse ‘world’ backgrounds sharing true Australian Stories about our past, present and future, and to bring us together as one Australia.

By Greg Dodge

The Nick Egan Times show

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“The Nick Egan Times” is a podcast based on interviews. This is focused on people, talking about their life's stories, their professions &amp; their niches. Interviews with every type of profession, their specific niche’s and their individual stories been told. This will give specific enlightenment, experience, stories and exposure to information, knowledge that you may not know about, which comes from real people, telling their real stories. If you like these podcast episodes, press the subscribe to The Nick Egan Times podcast for all new episodes released!

By Nick Egan

Waste of Humanity show

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Do you ever just lose it in a Walmart parking lot because you remembered that you’re just a speck on a giant floating space rock? Me too... Join Amanda, a hot mess Zillennial, as she navigates her way through life, discusses universal complexities, and participates in utter nonsense. Be ready to bounce from social commentary to foolish games at the blink of an eye because she surely does not have it together.

By Waste of Humanity