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Summary: Tech Tonics, the Podcast, is a twice-monthly program focused on the people and passion at the intersection of technology and health. Hosted by Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz (the co-authors of “Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology?”) the show draws on their experience in business, medicine, and health-IT. The Tech Tonics podcast seeks to bring the people in the digital health field to life and, ideally, elevate humanism in a healthcare world captivated by technology. “We deeply believe in what Robert Coles, an inspiration to us both, has termed ‘the call of stories,’” Shaywitz says. Adds Suennen, “Our aspiration is to bring the spirit of Coles and Michael Lewis to the world of digital health.” Together, Suennen and Shaywitz engage a range of intriguing guests in discussions that enable listeners to appreciate the stories behind the startups and the people behind the passion. Lisa Suennen is the Managing Partner of Venture Valkyrie Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides advisory services to corporate and independent venture capital funds and to large and small companies around investment and product strategy, innovation spin-outs, market development, partnerships and financing. She is currently a member of the Qualcomm Life Advisory Board, the Sanofi Integrated Care Advisory Board, the Dignity Health Foundation Board, and an Advisor to the California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund and a member of several private company Boards of Directors. Dr. David Shaywitz is the Chief Medical Officer of DNAnexus, a company that makes it easier to work with genomic data using advanced bioinformatics and scalable compute systems based on the cloud. He received his M.D. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health, Science, and Technology at Harvard Medical School, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at MIT. He trained in internal medicine and endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and conducted his post-doctoral research in Doug Melton’s lab at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Tech Tonics, the Podcast is produced by Jason Lopez and syndicated by Connected Social Media. You can also find out more at and

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 Tech Tonics: Andy Coravos, Championing Responsible Digital Medicine | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Andy Coravos left a promising career at a top private equity firm to follow her passion and pursue intensive training as a software developer; she now works on the frontier of engineering and medicine as CEO and co-founder of Elektra Labs, focused on the use of digital measures to support clinical research, and the generation of the […]

 Tech Tonics: Carolyn Magill – May the Fast, Steep Road Rise Up to Meet You! | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Carolyn Magill had planned a life in foreign service or international relations.  But it wasn’t until she found herself at the nexus of healthcare and public policy that she realized she found her home.  She has now traveled through the worlds of pharma, payers, providers and had leadership positions at companies both large and small.  An […]

 Tech Tonics: Toyin Ajayi – No Power Suit, But a Powerful Goal to Change Healthcare Delivery | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

When she was a kid, Toyin Ajayi’s career goal was to “be the boss of something.” Drawn to power suits and authority, she aspired to become an unspecified boss lady. She may be a boss now, but her authority is well-balanced by a soft side. And Toyin’s path to her current role as Chief Health […]

 Tech Tonics: Allison Kurian, Bringing Curiosity and Compassion To Breast Cancer Genetics | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Allison Kurian never had a chance.  The daughter of two prominent academics, Diana Chapman Walsh the former President of Wellesley College and Chris Walsh, a renowned Harvard biochemist – Allison was destined by genetics and environment, it seems, to become the exceptional scholar and clinician-scientist who she is now. A self-described studious kid, Allison grew up in […]

 Tech Tonics: Jerry Harrison & Brian Smith – Making Beautiful Music Together with Healthcare Entrepreneurs | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

An unlikely pair, Brian Smith and Jerry Harrison came together over their shared passion for music and science and helping entrepreneurs succeed. Together they are helping healthcare startups find their rhythm and chart a path to success through a new expert crowdfunding platform called RedCrow. Here’s the backstory and it’s a good one: Brian Smith, […]

 Tech Tonics: Susan Desmond-Hellmann, The Inquisitive Leader | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Her illustrious career has taken her from clinician to biotech executive to university chancellor to CEO of the world’s largest foundation, yet throughout this exceptional journey, Susan Desmond-Hellmann has remained empathetic, inquisitive, and emphatically true to herself. Growing up in Reno, Nevada as one of seven children, Sue was inspired by her father, a pharmacist, and […]

 Tech Tonics: Axel Heitmueller, Everything is a Shade of Gray | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Axel Heitmueller, Ph.D. grew up in Germany, the son of an engineer. Yet, despite the often discrete intellectual structure engineering can impose, Axel’s personal experiences have taught him how important it is to find comfort with a state of gray. As a transition economist, he has learned that everyone has an opinion; as a caretaker […]

 Tech Tonics: Darshak Sanghavi, Public Health Pediatrician | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Passionate about the intersection of policy and medicine, Darshak Sanghavi’s career has taken him from pediatric cardiology to the Obama Administration to his current role as CMO, OptumLabs, always seeking to define and improve on one thing in particular: the outcomes that matter most. Like so many origin stories, Darshak’s begins in New Jersey, where […]

 Tech Tonics: Ari Caroline: Broad Intellect Meets Deep Humanity | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

An accomplished linguist who planned to take a job after college with a Russian oligarch (but rethought the notion after the man was nearly assassinated), Ari Caroline’s journey has taken him from language to economics to business to his current role as Chief Analytics Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where he sees […]

 Tech Tonics: Sarah Iselin of Florida Blue – Bringing Light to the Darkness | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Growing up on Capitol Hill in a Washington, DC political family, Sarah Iselin did the obvious thing, at least to her, by rebelling and going to art school. But when her practical self realized that was going to make for a hard living, she eventually found her way to healthcare through an internship at the […]

 Tech Tonics: Stephanie Tilenius – Work, Not Worry | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

An accomplished investment banker who transitioned to become an accomplished executive at leading tech companies including eBay and Google, Stephanie Tilenius has now set her sights on an even more difficult challenge. As CEO of Vida Health she is focused on improving the health of the chronically ill with evidence-based coaching. Along her remarkable journey, […]

 Tech Tonics: Dr. Carla Pugh on Serendipity and the Technology of Touch | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Dr. Carla Pugh does a lot of things. She is trauma surgeon, entrepreneur, researcher and educator and is officially a professor of surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine (she also went to UC Berkeley so Go Bears!) and also Director of the Technology-Enabled Clinical Improvement Center at Stanford. Born into an entrepreneurial home, Carla […]

 Tech Tonics: Microsoft Global Chief Medical Officer Simon Kos, Using Technology to Light the Future of Medicine | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Medical technology thought leader by day, computer gamer by night, Dr. Simon Kos, Global Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft, is a physician, business strategist and technologist who by his own admission is drawn to “bright shiny objects.” But a commitment to make medicine safer and better through technology has been his career guiding light. Simon, […]

 Tech Tonics: Sek Kathiresan, When The Genetics of Heart Disease Becomes Intensely Personal | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

When Harvard cardiologist and geneticist Sek Kathiresan was promoted earlier this year to full professor at Harvard Medical School (he also has an appointment at the Broad Institute), he shared the news in a poignant tweet that basically said, ““from India to Pittsburgh public elementary school to this – what a thrilling ride in this […]

 Tech Tonics: Brad Hirsch, A Cancer Doctor With Management Chops | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

If Alex P. Keaton was from Texas, went on to med school, and then trained in oncology, he might have emerged looking something like today’s guest, Dr. Brad Hirsch, an MD/MBA with a doctor’s heart and a businessman’s head, who’s now busy integrating both of these qualities as CEO of SignalPath, a company trying to […]


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