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Summary: Tech Tonics, the Podcast, is a twice-monthly program focused on the people and passion at the intersection of technology and health. Hosted by Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz (the co-authors of “Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology?”) the show draws on their experience in business, medicine, and health-IT. The Tech Tonics podcast seeks to bring the people in the digital health field to life and, ideally, elevate humanism in a healthcare world captivated by technology. “We deeply believe in what Robert Coles, an inspiration to us both, has termed ‘the call of stories,’” Shaywitz says. Adds Suennen, “Our aspiration is to bring the spirit of Coles and Michael Lewis to the world of digital health.” Together, Suennen and Shaywitz engage a range of intriguing guests in discussions that enable listeners to appreciate the stories behind the startups and the people behind the passion. Lisa Suennen is the Managing Partner of Venture Valkyrie Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides advisory services to corporate and independent venture capital funds and to large and small companies around investment and product strategy, innovation spin-outs, market development, partnerships and financing. She is currently a member of the Qualcomm Life Advisory Board, the Sanofi Integrated Care Advisory Board, the Dignity Health Foundation Board, and an Advisor to the California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund and a member of several private company Boards of Directors. Dr. David Shaywitz is the Chief Medical Officer of DNAnexus, a company that makes it easier to work with genomic data using advanced bioinformatics and scalable compute systems based on the cloud. He received his M.D. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health, Science, and Technology at Harvard Medical School, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at MIT. He trained in internal medicine and endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and conducted his post-doctoral research in Doug Melton’s lab at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Tech Tonics, the Podcast is produced by Jason Lopez and syndicated by Connected Social Media. You can also find out more at and

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 Tech Tonics: David Van Sickle, Drummer… Digital Health Pioneer | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Tech Tonics has shared many stories of digital health pioneers who were passionate about health and computers from a young age, and fell effortlessly into a career at the interface of these interests. David Van Sickle, on the other hand, was most passionate about drumming. When he graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara, David […]

 Tech Tonics: Amir Dan Rubin, Change Agent | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

A self-proclaimed optimist who calls himself “a change-agent with a funny foreign name,” Amir Dan Rubin has spent his career shaping and reshaping healthcare delivery systems. Today, Amir is the CEO of One Medical, a company focused on making primary care personal, accessible, and affordable. Amir joined One Medical after a brief stint at Optum […]

 Tech Tonics: Daphne Koller – Guiding Health From AI to Actual Intelligence | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

While most of us spent our early teens dealing with the drama of middle school, Daphne Koller was in Israel simultaneously completing high school and college. She was a computer science prodigy on the fast path to a career as a leading AI researcher, an entrepreneur, and now the Chief Computing Officer at Calico, a […]

 Tech Tonics: Dawn Meyerriecks – Bringing the Fail Fast Thinking of Silicon Valley to the CIA | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

In what might be one of the coolest government roles you could find, Dawn Meyerriecks job is to bring the latest and greatest science and technology to the Central Intelligence Agency –she gets to be a modern day Q in a world of data, drones and DNA. Dawn’s path to technology and intrigue was anything […]

 Tech Tonics: Ken Tarkoff – Back to the Future of Medicine in a Brave New World of Data | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

We have had numerous guests on Tech Tonics who went to medical school only to find their way into non-medical roles. But Ken Tarkoff, whose original career plan was to follow his father into medicine, chose the long way. Ken took the road to the dark side early into investment banking, joining a pretty legendary […]

 Tech Tonics: Atul Butte – When it Comes to Data, More is More | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

An infectiously exuberant champion of science, sharing, and entrepreneurship, Atul Butte is the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor at the UCSF School of Medicine. Among the questions we explore on this episode of Tech Tonics: can the irresistible force of Atul Butte overcome the immovable object of health data silos? Atul was born […]

 Tech Tonics: Amy Abernethy – Dosage, Disney & Data | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

If anyone can bridge the gap between technology and health, it just might be Amy Abernethy , oncologist and technologist, who has led the charge, first at Duke and now at Flatiron, for rethinking the way we collect and analyze clinical information. Born in Houston and raised by her mom in Orlando, Amy learned math […]

 Tech Tonics: Chris Cassel, Accidental Doctor to Ultimate Physician Leader | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Dr. Christine Cassel never set out to be a doctor but a chance encounter between a kindly navy corpsman and her unexpectedly broken leg took her down the road to medicine. Over the years she has undergone an evolution from “Accidental Doctor” to the one of the nation’s most accomplished and recognized physician leaders, after […]

 Tech Tonics: Rachel Francine and the Many Applications of Music Therapy | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

For many, music as medicine has long been put in that category of things that seem nice but not like “real medicine” We all know that music can make us feel better individually, but there is an accumulating body of scientific evidence demonstrating the clinical value of structured music therapy. The world is beginning to […]

 Tech Tonics: While Designing the Clinic of the Future In New York, Joel Dudley Remains a Cheesehead at Heart | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

From the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, to the desert of Arizona, to the Eden that is Palo Alto, to his current home in the greatest city on earth, Joel Dudley has followed his interests and instincts to become a pioneer in the thoughtful application of data science to biology and medicine. In this episode of […]

 Tech Tonics: Jeff Reid and the Impassioned Pursuit Of Bad Music and Great Science | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

From tinkering with computers as a kid, to matriculating at Johns Hopkins while his peers were entering 11th grade, to his PhD in physics, to his current work at drug discovery at Regeneron, Jeff Reid has always embraced his inner nerd. Today, Jeff is head of genomics informatics at the Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC), which […]

 Tech Tonics: Margaret Laws, Where Non-Profit & For-Profit Healthcare Innovation Collide | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Margaret Laws has been working at the intersection of the for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare world for many years. This world has had an explosion of activity to find solutions to major public health and personal health challenges; according to Margaret, these worlds are beginning to blur and the newest foundations and non-profits are actively trying […]

 Tech Tonics: Deneen Vojta – Skating to Where the Healthcare Puck is Going | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Deneen Vojta has played virtually every possible position in the healthcare world. She has at various times been a physician, an entrepreneur and a payer. Today it’s a hat trick, bringing all three of these roles together to bring new clinically valid, evidence-based technologies and services to patients through her current role as Executive Vice […]

 Tech Tonics: Zak Kohane On Medicine and Computers | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

The son of Eastern European immigrants, Zak Kohane was born and raised in Switzerland; he then came to the United States where he’s nurtured a passion for medicine and computers to become one of the nation’s leading thinkers, innovators, and mentors at this important and rapidly evolving interface. Join us this week as we discuss […]

 Tech Tonics: Glen de Vries – A Series Of Quite Fortunate Events | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Glen de Vries grew up in Manhattan, a nerdy kid who admired Richard Feynman, loved his TRS-80, and went to Carnegie Mellon University planning to study chemistry and computer science. A summer of molecular biology inspired him to switch his major to biology and, after graduation, he found himself in a lab at Columbia University […]


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