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Summary: Tech Tonics, the Podcast, is a twice-monthly program focused on the people and passion at the intersection of technology and health. Hosted by Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz (the co-authors of “Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology?”) the show draws on their experience in business, medicine, and health-IT. The Tech Tonics podcast seeks to bring the people in the digital health field to life and, ideally, elevate humanism in a healthcare world captivated by technology. “We deeply believe in what Robert Coles, an inspiration to us both, has termed ‘the call of stories,’” Shaywitz says. Adds Suennen, “Our aspiration is to bring the spirit of Coles and Michael Lewis to the world of digital health.” Together, Suennen and Shaywitz engage a range of intriguing guests in discussions that enable listeners to appreciate the stories behind the startups and the people behind the passion. Lisa Suennen is the Managing Partner of Venture Valkyrie Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides advisory services to corporate and independent venture capital funds and to large and small companies around investment and product strategy, innovation spin-outs, market development, partnerships and financing. She is currently a member of the Qualcomm Life Advisory Board, the Sanofi Integrated Care Advisory Board, the Dignity Health Foundation Board, and an Advisor to the California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund and a member of several private company Boards of Directors. Dr. David Shaywitz is the Chief Medical Officer of DNAnexus, a company that makes it easier to work with genomic data using advanced bioinformatics and scalable compute systems based on the cloud. He received his M.D. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health, Science, and Technology at Harvard Medical School, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at MIT. He trained in internal medicine and endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and conducted his post-doctoral research in Doug Melton’s lab at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Tech Tonics, the Podcast is produced by Jason Lopez and syndicated by Connected Social Media. You can also find out more at and

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 Tech Tonics: Arnaub Chatterjee – Making Healthcare Smart | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Arnaub Chatterjee comes from a long line of physicians, and in his youth, assumed he’d follow the family tradition.  At college at the University of Michigan, he pursued a well-traveled path towards medicine, graduating with a degree in cell and molecular biology.  But then his heart wandered, and ultimately he found himself having a difficult […]

 Tech Tonics: Making It Happen – Madeline Bell, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Madeline Bell is one of those people who decides what they want and does what it takes to make it happen. She grew up wanting to be a nurse, wanting to work with children and ultimately deciding she wanted to lead. She has achieved all three of these things and so much more. Today Madeline […]

 Tech Tonics: Patrick Hines – Helping People is in His DNA | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Since March 23, 2020, Dr. Patrick Hines, physician, scientist and entrepreneur has spent most of his time between the Detroit Children’s Hospital and a nearby hotel room, where he stays to minimize COVID-19 risk to his family.  He occasionally drops by to participate in movie night from a backyard chair while his wife and kids stay […]

 Tech Tonics: Craig Lipset – Patient-Centric Before It Was Cool | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

As a boy, Craig Lipset thought he wanted to become a doctor – but over time, he came to appreciate that his real interest was, as he put it, engaging in the spirit of medicine at the population level – a pursuit that ultimately brought him to the forefront of digital health at Pfizer, establishing […]

 Tech Tonics: Tele-behavioral Health – Breaking Down Barriers and Stigmas at a Time of Escalating Need | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

For 20 years, advocates of telemedicine have been trying to break through to common usage. For all of modern human history, those with mental health challenges have held back from seeking treatment due to the stigma associated with doing so. And then, a Chinese bat opened the flood gates. Today we are seeing record usage […]

 Tech Tonics: Toby Cosgrove – Resilient, Dyslexic Physician-Innovator | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

A brilliant and creative cardiac surgeon who went on to become the brilliant and creative CEO of the Cleveland Clinic for 14 years, Dr. Toby Cosgrove surprised many when he was invited back to his alma mater, Williams College, to give a convocation address. As his topic he picked: failure.  In our latest episode of Tech Tonics, we learn […]

 Tech Tonics: Torrie Fields, The Business of Making Better Memories | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

A childhood fraught with illness, loss and uncertainty drove Torrie Fields to an adulthood focused on making these experiences better for others.  Torrie sincerely believes that we are all here for a reason and that her reason to is help people have more dignified, less painful experiences at the end of their lives. Having learned early in […]

 Tech Tonics: Laurie Zephyrin, MD: Public Health as Destiny | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Dr. Laurie Zephyrin was disappointed to learn that a less-than-rock-star voice was going to stand in the way of her career as a singer, but fortunately she locked onto her healthcare destiny in her teens.  A formative moment in high school set Laurie Zephyrin in the direction of public health and she has never looked back. This […]

 Tech Tonics: Dr. Lynda Chin – Bringing AI to Medicine Through Infrastructure | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Taking on challenges is nothing new for Dr. Lynda Chin. It started with learning English well enough in a couple of years to graduate valedictorian of her high school, evolved to a distinguished career as a physician-scientist and then full professor at Harvard & the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and ultimately led to her current role […]

 Tech Tonics: Seth Feuerstein – Behavioral Health Entrepreneur Before It Was Cool | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Seth Feuerstein’s grandfather was a physician and his parents were both attorneys, so naturally his parents thought he would become…a comedian!  While that didn’t come to be, he did end up as both a doctor and a lawyer who practiced neither discipline full time.  Instead, Seth combined his skill sets to serially create new behavioral […]

 Tech Tonics: Sean Khozin, Attuned To Data Science | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

After escaping the revolution in Iran, Sean Khozin found his way to the United States, harmonizing his passion for patients and data into a career that’s led him into startups, the FDA, and most recently J&J, where he’s now Global Head of Data Strategy – all while pursuing his love of music. The phrase “it’s […]

 Tech Tonics: Matthew De Silva, CEO & Founder of Notable Labs | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Matthew De Silva was a macro finance guy working for Peter Thiel’s hedge fund, Clarium Capital, when a family illness profoundly changed the course of his career, leading him to found Notable Labs, a Bay Area startup that aspires to identify better treatments for patients. Matthew had a busy childhood.  Born in Ontario, Canada, his family moved to […]

 Tech Tonics: Nancy Schlichting, Always Unconventional | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Many people have heard of Nancy Schlichting, as she has been part of the fabric of the U.S. healthcare system for nearly 40 years. She has built a long and amazing career as someone who takes chances, makes unconventional choices and leads with her conscience. While her path to success wasn’t always easy, she learned […]

 Tech Tonics: Jim Manzi, Pragmatic Analytics For Business | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

A physics and math wonk from MIT, Jim Manzi figured out early in his career that he loved the application of pragmatic, quantitative approaches to solve pesky real-world business problems, including today, challenges faced by life science and healthcare organizations. Jim’s early life sounds like a Springsteen song, and indeed, he grew up less than 10 feet […]

 Tech Tonics: Jason Lehmbeck of SpecialX – Empathy as a Service | File Type: | Duration: Unknown

Like many entrepreneurs, he was born with the itch. Jason Lehmbeck grew up around his father and grandfather, both entrepreneurs in their own areas of expertise– dad was a geologist who worked with the mining industry and grandpa had a butcher shop.  He knew that his destiny was to be “one of those guys who […]


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