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Starve the Doubts

Summary: Jared Easley & friends have "fire-side" conversations that range from faith, life, family, business, personal and professional development. This show typically includes a guest that takes a big swim in "Lake You". We learn from examples of what to do and what not to do.

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 The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur with Emily Chase Smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1570

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur with Emily Chase Smith

 Verbal to Visual with Doug Neill (@douglaspneill & @jodymaberry) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1593

Verbal to Visual with Doug Neill (@douglaspneill & @jodymaberry)

 Willo Loves You... Seriously! w/ @WilloLovesYou & @jodymaberry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1618

Willo Loves You... Seriously! w/ @WilloLovesYou & @jodymaberry

 Design Draw Speak with Christina Canters (@cjcanters & @NowIsAGift) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1809

Design Draw Speak with Christina Canters (@cjcanters & @NowIsAGift)

 Strong Inside Out Tour with Amy Clover | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1330

Strong Inside Out Tour with Amy Clover

 Getting Started with Information Products – David J. Soler (@_davidjsoler) EP119 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:50

David J. Soler David is the host and founder of Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast, where he talks about the power of building relationships and building your business online. David is also working with his other brand called –a site all about building fire fighters and leaders in the fire service industry and helping them take their skills into the next level.   In this episode, you’ll learn:   How to start an information-based business? Know your passion, turn it into a business and add value to others Two Ultimate Reasons why buyers would buy your product When you can eliminate their pain point If you can help them improve the “thing” that they already have Know your niches; focus who you’re helping and how you could find them David’s story of how his brother’s expertise in training dogs turned in to a business Take an audio record of how your program works Identify the people who would be interested in your product Know where you could find your target market How to run a Consulting Business Creating a Coaching Program business Using Public Speaking as a business while promoting your other products and services (Ex: promotion of books, audios and blogs) Networking with like minded people Building a community with the same expertises as yours You’re POWER TEAM: The people or businesses with the same customers as yours (Ex: Dog Trainer and Veterinarian) Work together Exchange leads and referrals David talked more about his project for the Fire Fighter Community Taking fire fighters to the next level Conducting enhancement training Three ways to build your business Be the actual expert Be the reporter Be the successful student The difference between panic and fear   David’s message for the listeners: “Understand fear. Embrace it. And move through that fear... In business, if we focus on other people and how we could help and serve them, that fear goes away.” Connect with David Soler at: Twitter: @_DavidJSoler,,   Things to Remember: Understand the WHAT, WHO and HOW in your business Like minded people want to be around like minded people Get other people involved in your business Items Mentioned: –Michael Solar Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Millionaire Next Door  

 What’s Next Blogging w/ Ellory Wells (@ellorywells & @sheyharms) EP118 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:06

ELLORY WELLS Jared Easley, together with co-host Shey Harms from and, interviewed Ellory Wells. Ellory is the empowered man behind the leadership blog and the host of the Empowered Podcast. He seeks to equip leaders with the right leadership mindset as well as help them discover new ways to empower their teams. Through these platforms, he shows his expertise in topics which focus on leadership and personal development.  From being a full-time employee to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Ellory is passionate about tapping into the much greater potentials of leaders that are just waiting to be unleashed. In this episode, you’ll learn: Will Ellory hire a virtual assistant for his business or ask for his wife’s support instead? The smell of HTML in the morning... New Cologne? The main thing that everyone should know about Mastermind Weekend -          A group of people getting together for the purpose of benefiting everyone and the group. The target people Ellory wants to reach and empower The idea behind empowering other people The 80/20 rule of John Maxwell Why Ellory changed the name of his site to The principle behind personal branding Ellory’s advice for listeners who are considering to re-brand their site – Make it more personal! Ellory’s turning point from being employed to becoming a full time entrepreneur Changing perspectives instead of trying to change events The value of knowing your true purpose “There are ways to make money using the talents and knowledge that you already have. You just may not know what they are.” Opening yourself to greater possibilities beyond employment Being a person who’s in charge of the driver’s seat of life The fears and doubts Ellory faced in his entrepreneurial journey “We can’t really destroy the doubts in our lives, but we can starve them.” Ellory elaborates the idea of “To seize the day” Giving people pure attention “The greatest gift that you can give to someone is the purity of your attention in every moment you're with them.” Being in a position of  uncertainty with your leadership abilities The concept of fulfilling - “Do what you say you’ll do.” Ellory talked about What’s Next Blogging The most exciting thing Ellory learned in starting a podcast One thing that entrepreneurs should take home in their journey towards success “You have to choose yourself, you have to put yourself on the driver’s seat.” The person that Ellory finds interesting   Connect with Ellory at:,, @ElloryWells   Ellory’s message for all the listeners: “Nobody is gonna come and give you the gift of success. The corporate dream is over. We are on the entrepreneurial bloom. We have to become the masters of our own destinies, the architects of our own success. Nobody is gonna do that for you... Go out there and take it!”       Items Mentioned: Good Morning Vietnam –Robin Williams Mastermind Weekend John Maxwell Pat Flynn Chris Brogan Toastmasters Johnny Lee Philips Video: How to Turn Your Offline Expertise into an Online Business

 How to Create Information Products with David Soler (@_davidjsoler) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1370

How to Create Information Products with David Soler (@_davidjsoler)

 Ellory Wells - Offline Expertise Into Online Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1807

Ellory Wells - Offline Expertise Into Online Business

 Guy Kawasaki Evangelizes Canva EP117 (@guykawasaki & @meronbareket) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:17

Guy Kawasaki Special Thank you to Meron Bareket from the Inspiring Innovation podcast for co-hosting this episode! The funniest thing that ever happened to Guy Kawasaki What’s Canva, and why does Guy think that it’s to Design what the Macintosh was to Computing? What’s Guy’s drive? Why did he go back to working for someone else for the first time in almost 10 years? What are some of Guy’s tips to entrepreneurs when it comes to spreading the word about their business? What are the first two criteria that Guy checks when validating an idea? How did a small startup like Canva opened up a conversation with someone like Guy, and what’s the moral here for all of us entrepreneurs? What about today’s interview made me, and my co-host Jared Easley, sweat bullets? Today, as you can judge by the episode’s highlights, we have a great show. It’s an amazing honor to have Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva, come and share with us what’s on his mind. Besides finally explaining what a chief evangelist is, Guy shares with us what made him revive his mythological role at Apple, and go back to working for someone else, dedicating all of his time to his new goal and mission: Democratizing design. Video: Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick demo Canva   ****** More Coming Soon!! ********

 Guy Kawasaki Canva | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 976
 Cesar Abeid – Project Management for the Masses (@cesarabeid & @alberthathazi) EP116 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:27

Cesar Abeid Albert Hathazi & Jared Easley interview Cesar Abeid. Cesar is the awesome host of the PM for the Masses Podcast and the Construction Industry Podcast.  Originally from Brazil, Cesar immigrated to Canada, earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and is now a certified Project Management Professional.  In 2004, he joined as a full time Project Manager for Remontech which provides services for construction project managers and since then he has successfully implemented and managed security and monitoring projects throughout the US, Canada, Peru, and Brazil.  Not only is he passionate about bringing project management solutions to the construction industry, but he has also expanded his scope by helping people in various industries as well.  Helping people take charge of their careers & lives and taking them to new levels are simply what Cesar hopes to be known for.   Takeaways: Construction Industry Podcast vs Project Management For the Masses Podcast Cesar speaks at various conferences & events. How Cesar gets over insecurities & fears when presenting. How Cesar takes his audience from Point A to Point B The Power of Being Intentional Online How Cesar defines Project Management What is effective Project Management? How to transform pain into an opportunity for growth and success Creating a Narrative Networking Career, Family & Personal Life Balance Journaling Video: "Love Is An Open Door" from Laura & her dad

 Cesar Abeid - Project Management For The Masses | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2127

Cesar Abeid - Project Management For The Masses

 Stephanie Palmer – Good in a Room (@goodinaroom) EP115 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:41

STEPHANIE PALMER Jared Easley interviewed Stephanie Palmer.  Stephanie is a consultant, entrepreneur, and author.  She is the founder of–a consulting company and blog.  She is also the author of the book Good in a Room. Stephanie seeks to help small business owners as well as writing professionals represent themselves in their ideas so they can grow their business and sell their work.  Prior to establishing her company, Stephanie worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films and was a former executive of MGM Pictures.  Some of the films she had worked on were Titanic, 21, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Legally Blonde, Be Cool and The Brothers Grimm. The Hollywood Reporter named Stephanie as one of the Top 30 Executives Under Thirty-Five.   In this episode, you’ll learn about: Stephanie’s inspiration in building her own company The shifts and adjustments Stephanie faced when she transitioned from her previous career to becoming an entrepreneur Tapping into an industry that’s very difficult to penetrate Lessons and takeaways Stephanie got as an intern in the production of Titanic Carrying the skills you learned from the past and bringing them to the next and future projects The progress and challenges Stephanie faced from being an intern to becoming an executive director of MGM Pictures How to deal with “writer’s block” What Stephanie misses in Hollywood the most The common mistakes people make when they pitch Building rapport first before jumping into business talk How to respond when asked with a question you don’t know the answer to 15 seconds to clear your mind Stephanie’s Good in a Room book:  Stephanie’s inspiration in writing it, what the book is about, and who should read it.   Stephanie’s encouragement for people who want to write their own book How someone can become a professional writer in Hollywood Specializing in a specific writing genre Finding a producer or a manager  who works with the same material as you do Creative strategies to connect with powerful and influential people The power of a hand written note The importance of persistence in finding answers Handling rejections Interesting people for Stephanie   Connect with Stephanie Palmer at: Stephanie’s message for all the listeners: “Less is more.  The more you say, the less they hear.” Items Mentioned: Endangered Species by Dianne Reeves Santa Fe –Stephanie’s new residence after Hollywood How to be a Professional Writer – Stephanie’s course How to Take A Hollywood Meeting – Stephanie’s free Ebook Jerry Bruckheimer Films Video: Authors at Google: Stephanie Palmer, "Good in a Room"

 Stephanie Palmer - Good in a Room | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1541

Stephanie Palmer - Good in a Room


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