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Summary: Jared Easley & friends have "fire-side" conversations that range from faith, life, family, business, personal and professional development. This show typically includes a guest that takes a big swim in "Lake You". We learn from examples of what to do and what not to do.

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 018 – Peg Fitzpatrick – Tips for Sharing Non-Original Photos Online, #StarWarsTuesday, Guy Kawasaki | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:45

Peg Fitzpatrick is the guest for Episode 18. Peg is a Writer, Host of #mybookclub on twitter, Managing partner for Peg works closely with Guy Kawasaki on books, social media marketing strategy, and innovating the world of social media. She’s also the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc. covering the online brand management and well as traditional marketing. She is also guilty of rocking a positive attitude! Connect with her via Twitter or visit her website at Here's what you'll learn from this episode: The best social media for sharing a certain type of photo Content is King, Engagement is Queen The best practice and tips for posting and sharing non-original photos online What people can do to become Pinterest rock stars Involvement with APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur in Writing and Publishing a Book Peg shared some tips on how people can overcome resistance. how to deal with self doubts, manage fear, and achieve success  *** Check out Peg's cool interview with Marty & Misty McPadden from! ** Books discussed in this episode: APE by Guy Kawasaki & Shawn Welch Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki   In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 017 – John Crist – Getting Started in Stand-Up Comedy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:54

John Crist is the guest for Episode 17. John is a stand-up comedian who's passionate about comedy. John's unique brand of stand-up comedy comes highly acclaimed as the winner of the 2012 Denver Improv's Got Laughs Competition, winner of the 2012 Loonees Comedy Competition and finalist of the 2012 Comedy Works New Faces Contest. John's imaginative, clean comedy makes him a crowd favorite in comedy clubs, corporate events, colleges and churches across the U.S. You can connect with him on Twitter, or his website at You can also check out his upcoming comedy tour schedule. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Why and how John started out doing stand-up comedy (John recommends reading Quitter by Jon Acuff) The "eureka" moment when John realized that comedy is something he could do full time John's response to friends or family that thought his pursuit of comedy was foolish or not possible to do as a full time career How his public speaking skills helped him get into Stand Up Comedy The best memory from John's trip to Kuwait where he did a comedy tour for our US troops Advice for people who are still waiting to pursue their dream or passion If you are interested in doing comedy, John shares some of his experience-based tips and advice Here's John sharing his texting while driving joke. This will definitely crack you up. Enjoy! 2 Questions: What is your favorite Celine Dion song? What did you find most interesting from this interview? In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley ___________________ If you liked what you are hearing here, check out these GREAT people who are already Starving the Doubts!  Suzie Farthing - One Love for Nurses Podcast Tomi Grover - new book "Compelled" coming soon! Hutch - Podcast Takeaways David Soler - Relationship Marketing Podcast Clark Buckner - ETP Podcast Jon D Harrison - Helping You Succeed Windi Winstead - Future Best Selling Author! Clark Nowlin - Artist / Producer / Rock Star Joey Kissimmee - Income Press

 016 – Pat Flynn – Chewbacca & Let Go 2.0 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:29

Pat Flynn is the guest for Episode 16. Pat is no stranger to Starve the Doubts. Chris Murphy & I were fortunate to talk to Pat on Episode 03. Pat did the hilarious Chewbacca impression during the Star Wars reenactment. Want to know more about Pat? You can check him out at The Smart Passive Income Blog or follow him on Twitter. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Pat introduced his #1 best selling book on Amazon 'Let Go' ( also available on the Snippet platform) The story behind 'Let Go How his book  'Let Go'  became a #1 best seller on Amazon  Lessons learned from converting from Snippet to Kindle What is Self Publishing? Pat shares some of his success tips What is the best process to get 5 star reviews on Amazon? How to handle negative product feedbacks How Pat grew his business to $50,000 a month (check out Pat's Monthly Income Statements!). Pat has an exciting blogging course that he is working on and we'll be sending out more information soon. Amen. In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley ___________________ Did you like the music during the episode? If so - check out my buddy Chandler's band Case Work :)

 015 – Bryan Miles – EA Help, Executive Virtual Assistants & Mentoring | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:22

Bryan Miles is the guest for Episode 15. Bryan is CEO & Co-founder of Miles Advisory Group (a parent company to the Brands of eaHELP and MAG Bookkeeping (virtual bookkeeping for churches)). EAHelp Executive Assistants works with startups to fortune 500 companies. Bryan runs this company with his wife, Shannon. He is a family man & enjoys backpacking, mountain climbing, writing, reading old history about Mount Everest climbs, and watching episodes of Goldrush on Discovery. Bryan works with a variety of individuals & organizations including impressive clients such as: Audubon California, Fox News, Chick-fil-a, USA Today & NY Times Best Selling Author - Michael Hyatt. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Bryan  shared his story of how he and his wife Shannon starved the doubts by starting EA Help & Mag Bookkeeping. What inspired the idea for both of his companies How to find a worth keeping talent Effective ways of bringing in clients Bryan shared their "Big" moments when things started happening for their company Bryan offered  some great tips and advice for people who are just starting out in business and want to use their services Jobs that can be done through EA Help Tips on how to be a leader when your team is virtual Bryan is very passionate about mentoring and shared some helpful insights on how to pursue a mentor. He recommends the following book by Regi Campbell. Need a Virtual Assistant, watch this EA Help Demo Video: Here's Kenny Jahng interviewing Bryan Miles about his Virtual Assitant/VirtualExecutive Assistant services:   In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 014 – Stu McLaren – Key to Success for WishList Member, World Teacher Aid | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:23

Stu McLaren is the guest for Episode 14. Stu is a husband, proud father, world traveler and start-up entrepreneur living in the South Ontario, Canada. Stu co-founded "WishList Products" which helps business owners sell more by creating communities around their products, services and/or brands. The flagship is the highly profitable - WishList Member, which is a WordPress plugin that powers over 42,000+ online membership sites worldwide as it serves to simplify the process of building and managing an online community or membership site (A few of his clients include Inc Magazine, NY Times Best Selling Author - Michael Hyatt and Here's what you'll learn from this episode: The story of WishList Member - its beginning and growth How Stu starved the doubts to start the business and pursue the idea of his online service What are the WishList Products and what they can offer His products Stu's perspective on business partnership and its benefits How Stu measure success What is World Teacher Aid and how it impacted both his life and business What is "Write to Give Day" and how this program helped shape the minds of kids from developing countries Stu's advice or encouragement to someone who wants to move beyond the 60+ hour week, commuting in busy traffic and wearing a suit everyday Stu's Business Book Recommendation: The Billionaire Who Wasn't - How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made & Gave Away a Fortune by Conor O'Clery    In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 013 – Andrew Warner – Mixergy, Success, Failures and Fear Management | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:10

Andrew Warner is the guest for Episode 13. Andrew is the founder of Mixergy, a site where proven tech founders teach entrepreneurship. Andrew has recorded over 801 interviews with founders of companies like Sun Microsystems, Pixar, Groupon and Linkedin. Mixergy has also produced over 87 tactic-driven courses which are taught by founders in their specific area of expertise. For more info, you can follow Andrew on Twitter or on FaceBook. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Andrew's memorable Motley Crue concert in a random field in Southern California. Andrew's favorite albums by Motley Crue are Girls, Girls, Girls & Theatre of Pain. Andrew shared the story of how he returned his clothes from J Crew after wearing them for months. He used the refund money to help start his business. Andrews favorite drink is Leopold Brothers Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey which is difficult to get & is usually sold just before Christmas. He also enjoys a glass of Glenlivet scotch while having one on one conversations with highly successful tech entrepreneurs who visit the city. When running, Andrew listens to a variety of audio content: This Week in Google podcast, King of Capital Audiobook, and Spotify  Andrew let us out some creative ways to enrich your relationship with your wife or significant other Tips on how Andrew starve the doubts when it comes to pursuing meaningful relationships Tips on how to be better in communication based on Andrew's real-life experiences Head games vs. reality The most satisfying or awarding experience Andrew has in Mixergy How Mixergy impacted his and other people's lives Andrew's Book Recommendation: Winner Takes All: The Race to own Las Vegas. In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 012 – Chris Brogan – Human Business Works | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:07

Chris Brogan is the guest for Episode 12. Chris is CEO & President of Human Business Works, an education publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave. He is the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation, and a sought-after professional keynote speaker. He also plays in the band, D3one3, with Jacqueline Carly. For more info, connect with Chris on Twitter, or in Facebook. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Chris first job and what he learned that he still uses today What Human Business is all about   The most important thing to understand about human business Chris shares what  telling a bigger story means for entrepreneurs Chris shares some great ways to tell a bigger story without being self-gratifying Christ's encouragement to people  who are wanting to get started but still learning to "love the grind" What compelled Chris to start the Human Business Podcast People that interest and inspire Chris Chris shared some tips and advice to encourage listeners that may be dealing with depression Book Recommendations: Impact Equation by Julien Smith and Chris Brogan Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson     In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 011 – Jeff Moody – Lela’s Miracle and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:56

Jeff Moody is the guest for Episode 11. Jeff shares the story of how his daughter Lela was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye) less than 2 months after being born. Jeff and his wife Mandy took Lela to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis for treatment. This story is a miracle and testimony of the amazing people at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis. For more info, connect with Jeff's Live.Love.Lela Facebook Page, or thru St. Jude Heroes Run for a Reason Fundraising Site. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Jeff shared the powerful story of his infant daughter Lela's battle with a rare case of eye cancer. Jeff shared how St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been a tremendous blessing to this family  It costs $1.8 million a day to operate St. Jude. Did you know that 70% of the funds come from the public? That means your donation, no matter what the size, will help! Jeff advocate the need to support and reach the fundraising goal for the kids of St. Jude. If you are or know someone who have experienced tough situation, Jeff let out some advice and encouragement  Live. Love. Lela - Jeff actively help in raising funds as a St. Jude Hero to support St. Jude's lifesaving mission of finding cures and saving children. Jeff need our support to help him reach the fundraising goal for the kids of St. Jude. In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 010 – Dave Delaney – New Business Networking | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:57

Dave Delaney is the guest for Episode 10. Dave is a recognized leader, consultant and speaker on digital marketing, social media strategy, and business networking. His book, New Business Networking, is available from Que Publishing. Dave frequently speaks at private events, functions and public conferences. To learn more, connect with Dave via Twitter, Facebook, or visit his website. Here's what you'll learn from this episode: Dave discussed his new book New Business Networking and shared some tips/best practices for starving the doubts through it Dave shared how his new book teaches you how to effectively grow your business network using on-line and off-line methods The best practices and tips for the following: Parenting Public Speaking Driving traffic to your site Building an e-mail list Growing your Twitter Followers Attending Conferences How doing Improv prepped Dave in starting and doing his business Dave shared his best tips for public speaking Dave's favorite thing about conferences and what conferences he recommends Dave attended SXSW this year and explained everything about the #RedNinja If you are interested in building local meet-ups(Geek Breakfast, Bar Camps, Podcamps, etc), Dave shared some ideas for you to start  The common marketing mistakes that you see in social media Dave explained why the ability to Network properly is essential to your business For people who are not that out-going but want to try networking, Dave shared some valuable advice tips for you to try  In the meantime... Always treat others the way that they want to be treated, always do your best & remember to Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley

 009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:48

Ryan Avery is the reigning World Champion of Public Speaking. He talks about his journey & preparation for the World Championship.  He practiced in open squares, in a sauna & random situations that would make him incredibly nervous or uncomfortable in order to handle the pressure of the big stage. Takeaways - Quote: "You become who you believe you are" - Oprah Ryan discusses specific examples on ways to connect with an audience. He encourages being vulnerable. He shares stories of times when he failed or when he was not proud of decisions that he made & how he has learned from those moments. Be truthful. Be honest. Ryan talked about how he met his wife Chelsea at a party. ** Great Love Story - well worth your time! ** The 4 Pilars for a Successful Life: 1) Live a Happy & Healthy Life below your means 2) Give 10% to good causes 3) Save for Tomorrow 4) Travel to See What Else is Out There Ryan's upcoming book is called "P 3x a Day" (No release date at this time) about accomplishing big goals in your life & pursuing success: Prioritize, Publicize & Practice. Ryan is also working on another book called Trust is a Must. Ted Turner is interesting to Ryan Avery. Ryan recommends reading Ted Turner's autobiography. He appreciates Ted's accomplishments & philanthropy. Ryan hopes to meet Ted someday. Quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing & expecting different results" Albert Einstein. Join Toastmasters! Toastmasters is one of the best ways to develop public speaking & leadership skills. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Movie 

 008 – Michael Hyatt – SCORRE Conference, Public Speaking Tips & Life Plan Book | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:15

I was fortunate to attend the SCORRE Conference recently in Orlando, FL. The SCORRE conference was originally started by Ken Davis & the purpose is to help speakers prepare with focus, deliver with confidence & speak with power. I had a major Starve the Doubts moment at SCORRE. I have listened to, read & looked up to Michael Hyatt for a few years now. I wanted to interview him for the podcast. I asked his manager Joy Groblebe (see Episode 05) what it would take to interview Michael. She was honest & said that Michael does not have any availability for interviews right now unless they are extremely mutually beneficial. I understood. Michael is a very busy guy & has a lot that he is working on. I was encouraged by my new friend Joey Kissimmee to seek a short interview with Michael anyway while attending the SCORRE conference. I listened to Joey's advice. I am very glad that I did. Michael was extremely courteous & professional. I was able to catch him one evening at a social event next to the Rosen Plaza pool. Michael discussed 4 major things during the interview 1) How he became involved in SCORRE 2) Michael provided some public speaking tips 3) Michael discussed his upcoming book "Life Plan" 4) Michael talked about the difference between the SCORRE Conference, Launch Conference & Platform Conference. I really enjoyed the conference & learned a ton. My biggest takeaway from the conference was from a woman that I met in my small group named Connie. Connie manages speakers for a living (amongst other things). She gave me some great feedback regarding my prepared speeches & encouraged me to remember to speak "to" the audience & not "at" the audience.   ** If you haven't already - pick up Michael's book Platform today! ** Also - Are you interested in attending the SCORRE Conference yourself? You can sign up by going to SCORREConference.Tv & use the promo code "Cliff" for $100 off. Can't make it to the conference? I highly recommend that you consider picking up Ken Davis' book (Secrets of Dynamic Communication) that outlines the information presented at the SCORRE Conference.

 007 – John Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Tips from Popular Guests & Kindle Book Strategies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:50

Starve the Doubts - Episode 07 John Dumas on Twitter John Dumas has done amazing & seemingly impossible things over the last year. He starved the doubts by creating a daily podcast interviewing entrepreneurs despite getting feedback that this was not a good idea. John has interviewed incredible names such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Timothy Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran (of Shark Tank Fame), Chris Brogan, Dan Miller, Pat Flynn, & Gary Vaynerchuk. Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast - Outstanding Podcast! Subscribe today! John's first book on Kindle - Podcast Launch  - includes John's incredible story of how he started podcasting & essential tips & tutorials for launching a podcast  

 006 – Jon Acuff – Start Book, Digital Addiction & Big Event in September | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:57

Podcast Interview with: Jon Acuff - Start Book - ** Steven Pressfield  - Overcoming the Resistance

 005 – Joy Groblebe – Artist Manager for Ken Davis & Michael Hyatt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:35

Starve the Doubts Episode 5 - Joy Groblebe Interview Joy Groblebe serves as the Artist Manager for Ken Davis & Michael Hyatt ** The Kings of Podcasting Segment Cesar Abeid - Dustin Hartzler - Peder Aadahl- ** Mentions - Jon Harrison

 004 – Andy Traub Interview – Author of Early to Rise & | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:04

Andy Traub is the author of the book "Early to Rise". Please check out The Self Publishing System ** Spotlight - Santiago Jaramillo  (CEO of BlueBridge Digital) ** Music: Case Work - Did you like the song that played during the show? Check out my buddy Chandler’s song –  Horizon Glow by Case Work .   Andy recently called in to the Dave Ramsey show to declare that he & his family are debt free!


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