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 Is It a Sinus Infection? Does Your Child Need an Antibiotic? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Not every runny nose warrants antibiotics. Learn which symptoms do.Does your child have an upper respiratory infection that has symptoms that have lasted more than 10 days? Or have they had a severe onset of symptoms including fever and nasal discharge lasting at least three days in a row? Before you head to the doctor, you should know... not every runny nose warrants antibiotics. You've probably heard recently that it's not good to give antibiotics unnecessarily; so how does your doctor decide if your child actually needs antibiotics? If the diagnosis is a sinus infection, you may need to try a few types of treatment to get rid of it. If antibiotics aren't an option this time, when IS it a necessity to give your child antibiotics? Special guest, Dr. Ellen R. Wald, shares some important information regarding antibiotic treatments and when they are appropriate.

 Well Visits & Sports Physicals: Your Child's Check-Ups for Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A well visit or sports physical can be very important for your child's overall health.Taking your child to the doctor for an ear infection or a fever is one time you see your pediatrician. But taking your child to the doctor for their well visit or a sports physical is another type of visit altogether and one to which parents should look forward. This is your chance to raise questions and concerns about your child's development, behavior, and general well-being — questions that are difficult to discuss during sick visits. It is also an opportunity to see how your child has grown, ask the doctor about sensitive subjects and really prepare your child for the the best care possible. Dr. David A. Levine shares important information you should be considering for these types of doctor visits. Don't be a parent that misses out on this essential appointment!

 AAP Supports Health Care for Sexual Minority Youth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The AAP believes ALL children should receive full and adequate health care.Do you feel that your LGBTQ youth is getting equal health care? Even with all the strides our nation as a whole has made in equality, there may still be a severe disparity when it comes to your child's needs. The AAP believes that ALL children, regardless of their sexual orientation, should receive full and adequate health care and that no child shall be deprived of an positive health care environment. Appropriate and supportive health care is necessary for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, supportive school and home environments have been shown to protect sexual minority youth by reducing rates of risky behaviors. Special guest, Dr. David A. Levine, shares important information for you and your LGBTQ child.

 Crossfit Training: Combining Your Workout | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

You do the bike, treadmill or track, use the machines and lift dumbbells. What if you could combine it all for the best possible workout?You do cardiovascular exercise. Your ride the bike, do the treadmill, walk the track. You use the weight machines and lift dumbbells. But what if you could combine all of these for the best possible workout? With crossfit, you can aid your weight loss efforts, gain strength and be in overall great shape. By using gymnastics, body weight exercises, weights, and changing the exercises every time you do them, you can give yourself the benefit of a crossfit workout. Join fitness expert, Dr. Yuri Feito, as he explains the ins and outs of this relatively new workout craze.

 Muscle Confusion: Strength Training at the Next Level | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Muscle confusion can lead to greater fitness and boost your metabolism. But how do you confuse your muscles?Have you heard trainers say you need to change up your routine or "confuse your muscles"? What does this mean? How, exactly, do you confuse your muscles? Is there a specific formula for taking your fitness to the next level in a strength training routine? Special guest, Dr. Yuri Feito, from The American College of Sports Medicine explains the best ways to utilize muscle confusion to boost your strength routine and make it the most effective it can be.

 Keep Your Young Athlete Safe During Summer Training | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Summer sports can be a fun experience for your kids. However, the heat can be dangerous.Is your child involved in a summer baseball, soccer or football camp? These summer team sports can be fun and a valuable learning experience for your kids. However, the heat and sun can drain your child of energy and hydration, especially if the coaches are especially hard on them and require two-a-day workouts. This can leave your kids susceptible to dangerous health concerns such as sunstroke, heatstroke and dehydration. Fortunately there are steps you can take as a parent to protect your young athletes. Join Dr. Michael F. Bergeron for the best ways to keep your child safe while participating in summer team sports.

 National Youth Sport Safety Week: Let Them Play! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Do you know what precautions to take to keep your kids safe as they participate in sports?You want your kids to be physically fit and healthy, especially in the wake of the childhood obesity epidemic that's sweeping our nation. You probably also want them to be involved in sports and become a part of a team -- not only for the physical fitness benefits, but so they also learn how to be a team player and develop good sportsmanship. However, while accomplishing all of this, first and foremost you want to keep them safe. Every year over 20 million kids in the U.S. participate in sports, and almost one million suffer serious sports-related injuries. As a parent, do you know what precautions to take to keep your kids safe as they participate in sports? Special guest, Dr. Michael F. Bergeron, explains all you need to know if your kids are gearing up for their next game, match or event.

 Bridal Secrets for that Healthy Glow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

If you're a bride-to-be, don't miss this interview! Learn tricks and tips to help you achieve a "glow" on your special day and all year long.Stress, diet, and daily routines all take their toll on your appearance. And if you're a bride-to-be, you are likely suffering from more stress than typical! Fortunately, there are things you can do to effectively combat these factors. Special guest, Julia DiNardo, reveals the secrets of how she reduced the signs of stress on her skin and shares her routine for healthy, glowing skin from the inside out. Julia's tips include a vitamin routine full of omega-3 fish oil to reduce inflammation and B12 for energy; eating and drinking habits, such as reducing your caffeine intake in order to preserve essential hydration; and of course a myriad of beauty products and moisturizers. Her simple tricks will help you reduce inflammation, boost your energy levels and create a healthier, more radiant glow... whether you want it for your wedding day or all year long.

 Most Common Make-up Mistakes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Cara Brook, Allure magazine's "Beauty Blogger of the Year," discusses common makeup mistakes and how you can avoid them.Women use makeup to look more beautiful -- otherwise what would be the point? But sometimes makeup can actually hide your natural beauty. That is clearly not the purpose of cosmetics. Allure magazine's "Beauty Blogger of the Year," Cara Brook, will discuss common make-up mistakes on this edition of MaskCara. You will learn the best ways to show YOU off rather than going "undercover."

 Discover the Proper Order for Using Your Skin Care Products | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hold the toner! Did you know that using skincare products in the wrong order can minimize their effectiveness?Is your bathroom shelf cluttered with all sorts of products? Do you even need all of these products? Or did you fall victim to the cosmetic counter's sales pitch? Beauty expert, David Pollock, reveals the proper way to use your favorite products; what order they should be used in order to maximize their benefit, and whether you need them at all. With David's help, you can save yourself time and money and get the most out of your skin care products.

 Empowering Your Beauty through Fashion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Does your outfit say who you are? Find out how your wardrobe can make you feel empowered.Do you put much thought into your daily wardrobe? Do all of your outfits fit? Is your closet maximized to help you look your best? If you're not considering all of these questions when you get dressed for the day (or night), you should start. There are easy ways to accent some of your best assets and features through what you wear, which will only help your self confidence. In this segment, fashion and beauty blogger, Kristin Booker, will help you empower yourself through what you wear. Learn tricks to discover the colors and outfits that make you look and feel your best.

 Addiction: Treating the Underlying Causes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The new diagnosis and treatment model for addiction is here. Learn why this one may finally be the answer.The new diagnosis and treatment model for addiction is here. For years we have wanted to know why one group of people behaves differently than other groups, especially when it comes to addiction. With all the evidence that addiction runs in some families and cultures more than others, you'd think there would be an answer by now. So, what can you do if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction? Learn why this new model may finally offer the help you've been looking for.

 Why Are More Women Giving Birth at Home? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Home birth is on the rise, as many women are opting for delivery in the sanctity of their own homes. What might be the reason?Home birth is on the rise. You might be asking yourself, why would anyone want to deliver a baby without modern accommodations such as pain medication and potential surgery options should you need to deliver via C-section? Well, there appears to be several reasons for the shift because the natural way is on the rise. Listen in for the facts on home birth, and the impetus for the increasing number of women who choose it.

 Is Your Baby’s Crying Normal? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Is you baby's crying normal? Is there anything you can do to stop it?Wouldn't it be nice to have a magic pill to calm your baby's crying? If there was such a thing, of course you'd want one that is all-natural. And wouldn't it be great if that remedy would help protect them from colds and flu as well? Many Moms and Dads want to know why their baby cries more than others. The answers up until now have been the same, "we don't know why." Its true, some babies do just cry more than their counterparts. However, new research and a little common medical sense may now give us a reason why.

 Do Sugar Substitutes Make Diabetes & Heart Disease Worse? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sugar substitutes make us feel good because they are labeled with words like 0 calories. But are they safe?Sugar substitutes make us feel good because they are labeled with words like 0 calories and diet. But in the end are they good substitutes? Are they safe? Diet this, Low-Cal that; but in the end, why is our nation getting more and more overweight and increasingly at risk for any number of obesity-related conditions? Maybe because they simply don't work. We let you know if the D in Diet actually stands for Disaster.


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