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 American Conversation, EP 2 – In The Belly Of The #RNC Beast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:51

Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are joined in this conversation by Justin Duckham and Ester Cross of Talk Radio News. Recording in the media lounge at the Tampa Convention Center sponsored by Google, the crew discuss the state of the convention, Romney's likeability , and the importance of the Latino vote in this upcoming election. Can Romney win? ¡Tal vez! Learn more at http://americanconversation.us Special thanks to the Talk Radio News Service http://talkradionews.com, SumAll http://sumall.com, and Callisto.fmhttp://callisto.fm. Download Audio: American Conversation, EP 2 – In The Belly Of The #RNC Beast

 American Conversation, EP 1 - Behind the Scenes at the RNC | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:35

Learn More at http://talkradionews.com and http://americanconversation.us Hello world, this is KoPoint’s American Conversation. American Conversation is a blog and podcast designed to take you behind-the-scenes at the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. We’re a team of fully-credentialed seasoned reporters and tech entrepreneurs and our mission is to help bring the public closer to the political process by providing thoughtful, non-partisan coverage of the campaign. While we will break some news, our editorial mandate is tell the stories often neglected by traditional media. Our team will use the social web to share stories, photos, and video that evoke the sights, smells, and sounds of a political convention. We are also committed to telling the human stories that weave through the American political narrative. We will interview, have coffee with, and genuinely connect with our hosts in Tampa and Charlotte. Our social media accounts will carry live coverage and full reports will always be posted to this site. This is my fifth national campaign, and second presidential campaign. I could not be more excited to cover this imoportant election with such wonderful people! Thanks for listening. Now: bring on the Monstering! - Dan

 Behind The Scenes At The RNC | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3:04

Back on the campaign trail, Dan Patterson reports for the Talk Radio News Service http://talkradionews.com and American Conversation http://americanconversation.us behind-the-scenes at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

 Underwriting Post: Audio Fills Your Life | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:26

Editor's Note: KoPoint offers long-term underwriting sponsors the opportunity to participate in audio interviews and blog posts that are tightly related to the product vertical. These posts are clearly marked as underwriting, though the content is relevant, sincere, and organic . We hope you enjoy the podcast and post. The following is a sponsored audio and blog post by Michael Sitarzewski, co-founder of Callisto.fm, a media measurement platform. Audio fills your life. Every waking hour of your life is filled with audio. Whether you acknowledge it or not, your ears are constantly taking in the sounds of your environment. It’s the hum of the city, the chatter in a coffee shop, or the barking dog next door as you try to focus on your latest blog post. It’s normal to see people with headphones as you walk the streets, or enjoy that Americano in your favorite shop. If I’m one of those you see, there’s a 95% chance that a podcast is filling my ears and brain. Podcasts, to me, are a conscious choice to fill my ears with informational audio. The latest Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast helps me understand how entrepreneurs think, and how the execute. The Dave Ramsey Show is an hour long daily podcast - where the meat of the show is listeners calling seeking advice. Of course there’s Leo Laporte’s TWiT network - shows filled with hours and hours of technical detail presented in a fun, roundtable format. If you love startups as I do, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention Mixergy. Whether I’m working on the laptop, driving, mowing my grass, or shopping in the grocery store, there is a podcast in my ears most of the time. When I tell this story, common feedback is that some people can’t “listen to podcasts and work.” They prefer music instead because they can “ignore” the music and still have something to fill the quiet. To each their own, though I’d encourage you to try my way. My choice is to make the background noise of my life full of useful data. Even if I’m not focused entirely on the podcast content (passive listening), my brain is able to pick out keywords in the audio stream. If something piques my interest, I’ll switch my full attention to the podcast. Then, when the time has passed, it’s back to passive listening. This works so well for my use case, that I decided in 2009 to build a podcast portal to help other people do the same thing. At Podcamp Boulder, I reserved 30 minutes to chat about the idea. It was a simple site that could help others discover podcasts. If you’re like most, there are a few shows that you listen to religiously. Outside of that, you’ll dabble with shows here and there as friends suggest them, but for the most part you’ve got your list. YourTuner (the original Callisto.fm) solved this problem by playing podcasts in streams of related shows. If you chose the “business” channel, you get podcasts from multiple creators about business. Same with travel, language, or any of the 64 other categories iTunes provides. Think Pandora for podcasts. Two and a half years later, it became pretty clear that while the media creators themselves were excited, and we had some great ones, consumers weren’t going to listen to podcasts on a website. In the next post, I’ll talk about how Callisto.fm’s analytics “feature” inspired a pivot, and how we’re taking podcast analytics to every media industry.

 KoPoint Comics, EP 015 - SD Comic Con Roundup | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:40

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/MhC5X9 Editor's Note: This episode was recorded on the roof of our beloved Manhattan studio. Sadly, take-one was lost as our recording device (read: iPhone) over heated. The show, however, must go on! @JustJon and I moved to the shade, grabbed a new phone, and recored take-two. Hope you enjoy it! - DHP It's that time of year again for San Diego Comic Con, and after some technical issues, Dan and Jon take a look at all the big comic book and movie announcements coming out of SDCC. From Neil Gaiman's return to Sandman to Marvel Now!, they review San Diego from New York. Here are a few of the big headlines from this year's #SDCC: Neil Gaiman and DC Comics Announce a Prequel to Sandman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GndnR7oSYYk&feature=youtu.be Eisner Award Winners Announced Tr!ckster, the Indie Alternative to Comic Con, Grows! Comixology and Fantagraphics team up on 'Love and Rockets'  Comixology Dominates Digital at Comic Con New 'The Walking Dead' Trailer Jim Lee breaks down DC Zero issues and The New 52 Axel Alonso talks about Marvel Now More news: BoingBoing's San Diego Comic Con Roundup Bonus: The KoPoint Comic Book Show quick review of The Amazing Spider-Man movie! Does Spider-Man swing? Dan and Jon give their take on the latest take on the web spinner. Jon: Boo Dan: Yay! Did you love or hate the new Spider-Man movie? Vote Yes, No, Don't Care on the KoPoint Urtak - >>  As always, subit future topics to the KoPoint Reddit.

 MYN Rants, EP 002 – Competitive Eating | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:32

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/OBs7Mt In a culture rife with ridiculous spectacles and flamboyant excess to distract us from how screwed up things really are, what could be more American than contests for stuffing your face with food until you puke? Satirist and provacateur Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff takes his carving knife to the world of professional competitive eating and tears off a big chunk to gnaw on. Learn more about Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff at Word Sushi. More Rants coming soon from KoPoint. Get MYN's latest Amazon Bestselling book FATAL SUNSET: Deadly Vacations

 AND: Tech News and Geek Culture, EP 013 - Yahoo's Hacked Passwords | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:07

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/OfhWx5 Gina Smith of A New Domain joins KoPoint's Dan Patterson to explain Yahoo's password hacking incident. Gina's summary from A New Domain: With news that a hacking group nabbed and posted more than 450K Yahoo Voice and email passwords here, anyone with a Yahoo account has got to be hitting that site to see if he or she was a victim. I know I did. Here’s what I saw. Updated: Yahoo has released a statement saying it is working on the breach and that other email sites, including Hotmail, are likely compromised, too. Due to high traffic on this group’s site — as you see, it calls itself the d33ds group — the page is going up and down. I caught part of it in a cut and paste. In part, it reads: We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call … not as a threat … There have been many security holes exploited in webservers belonging to Yahoo … that have caused far greater damage than our disclosure (today). Please do not take (the posting) lightly. The subdomain and vulnerable parameters have not been posted to avoid further damage …

 KoPoint News, EP 015 - Climate Change | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:48

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/Nx9j4g The summer is white hot, and temperature records crumble as this weeks' conversation about climate change heats up! Co-hosts Marc Lizoain and Dan Patterson boil thew week's essential headlines. Kofight Headlines: Montana's massive and under-reported fire - Listener Ajbeltz submitted story Spain's continued economic collapse - The Guardian NL 8, AL 0; and: does Justin Verlander stink? - MLB.com Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure jump 383% in 2011 - Federal Report [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpq75lWyjUo] Talking Point, our weekly discussion story: Fear Of Climate Change May Finally Trump Partisan Politics - The Huffington Post NOAA Study Finds That Climate Change May Result in More Heat Waves - Minnesota Public Radio Answer the Urtak question, Climate Change is Real - Yes, No, Don't Care ->> Moyo, the shape of KoPoint: New shows! This week we've launched two new shows, and more TK soon! The new KoPoint website will launch August 1st! Marc, Dan, and Charles Hope will be attending the DNC and RNC in little over a month. Hosts: Marc Lizoain - Founder; Urtak Dan Patterson - Founder, Editor; KoPoint Recorded live-to-tape at KoPoint's New York City studio. Submit and vote for the top stories of the week on the KoPoint Reddit.

 Pacific Coast Hellway, EP 001 - Boys and Girls | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:06

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/NLLkwI Disclaimer: not for delicate sensibilities, and certainly not safe for work. Remember, it's not PC, it's PCH! Hosts: Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff Mike Yusi Ah, women... Mark and Mike discuss the fairer sex and probably alienate half the planet in the process. Nonetheless, the boys love for women shows in their own special way as this classic episode of PCH is dedicated to, well, you guessed it, women... including a new song from the boys and a discussion over the true meaning of holidays and buying flowers for your lady.

 Beer Diplomacy, EP 105 - Anger Management | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:04

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/MiKNRw Originally recorded on July 9, 2012 at KoPoint Studios in NYC Hosted by: Hagan Blount | Engineered by: Dan Patterson This week, Hagan guest hosts because Stuart has a chip on his shoulder due to, in his opinion, the lack of debatable news.   Guest Kelly Hadous provides level headed and intelligent commentary on topics including Higgs-Boson, the electability of this year's presidential candidates, and more.  There was surely tension in the room, but lets hope it provides for an entertaining show.  Let us know what you think! Please submit future topic recommendations to the KoPoint Reddit. To learn more about Kelly's company visit Win The Room. Editor's Note: Beer Diplomacy will be on a brief summer hiatus until September 2012. 

 MYN Rants, EP 001 - Healthcare Schmealthcare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:11

Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/MgZt5c Health Care... the most divisive issue in this nation since "less filling" vs. "tastes great". And now, we enter into this new Uncivil war between the haves and have-nots, all because the politicos and pundits have thrown us more spin than Venus Williams' tophand. But there's one foe of health care, one phony smug bastard who deserves to be taken out to the woodshed today. You know who I'm talking about...Boehner, I hardly know her... or so the old saying goes. I mean, what is up with our Cheeto-hued Representative from the 8th District of Ohio anyway? Learn more about Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff at Word Sushi. More Rants coming soon from KoPoint.

 Beer Diplomacy, EP 104 - As A PuertoRican Jew From Queens, Yes! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:45

Recorded on July 2, 2012 at KoPoint Studios in NYC Hosted by Stuart Tracte | Engineered by Dan Patterson This week, guests Julie Alexandria & Rex Sorgatz discuss a wide range of topics including the TomKat divorce, Obamacare, strippers & Republicans, The Newsroom, and more!  Check out all of the topics here. As always, subit future topics to the KoPoint Reddit. Download Audio: Beer Diplomacy, EP 104 - Shatner Pants

 KoPoint Comics, EP 014 - Young Adult Summer Reads | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:08

Full Post: http://kpnt.co/RtSqZn This week the KoPoint Comic Book Show beats the summer heat by talking about some of our favorite young adult novels. While co-host Jeff Newelt is on assignment this week, KoPoint's Jon Lazar and Dan Patterson are joined by Harper Collins / Greenwillow young adult book editor Martha Mihalick for a spirited conversation about great summer novels!

 AND: Tech News and Geek Culture, EP 012 - Google I/O | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:00

Full Post: http://kpnt.co/LK4Uxa Loren Feldman, 1938 News, and Dan Patterson, KoPoint, run through the headlines of Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference. Where previous I/O events have focused more heavily on developer needs, 'fit and finish' seemed to be dominant theme of the 2012 event. With the release of Google+ last year, Google announced an initiative to integration their disparate products. This year's I/O demonstrated the new-found product unity, as well as evolved Google's hardware hobby to full-blown strategy.

 KoPoint News, EP 014 - Drones | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:49

Journalist, attorney, and former CIA agent Jack Rice join co-hosts Marc Lizoain and Dan Patterson for a lively discussion about the cultural and legal implications of the United State's use of drones. The team also roll through the week's headlines, including a coup in Paraguay and the political echos of the Supreme Court's ruling on health care. Hosts: Marc Lizoain and Dan Patterson Guest: Jack Rice Post URL: http://kpnt.co/LRZ7jT This episode was recorded live to tape. Kofight! stories pulled from the KoPoint Subreddt: Paramilitary Coup in Paraguay - The Guardian Health Care and John Roberts' Big Moment - Politico What is 'Fast and Furious' - Business Insider Milkshakes and Money - NBC Local How Winamp Disappeared in to Obscurity - Gizmodo Talking Point – KoPoint’s weekly topical discussion - Drones: Answer the weekly Urtak question: Drones help keep Americans safe? Yes, No, Don't Care ->> CIA Won't Comment on Obama Drone Use - Wired Texas College Hacks Government Drone - RT The Problem with Civilian Use of Drones - Computer World Carter Attacks Obama Administration over Drone Use - The Independent Details Emerge on Rand Paul's 'Drone Bill' - Ars Technica Moyo – news from the network: New KoPoint website in two weeks or so, big thanks to Callisto.fm. A new Urtak Wordpress plugin will soon be available. We're gearing up to cover the presidential conventions - more TK soon! Submit your stories and follow the links discussed on other KoPoint shows: subscribe to the KoPoint subreddit.


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