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 The Horror at Red Hook by H.P. Lovecraft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:53

Happy Halloween and welcome back to KoPoint's series of H.P. Lovecraft stories as read by anthropologist and friend of the show, Quentin Lewis. This is 'The Horror at Red Hook.' Learn more: http://kpnt.co/lovecraft_redhook_1 and http://kopoint.com -- -- -- From Quentin's original shownotes: "Halloween is fast approaching, and I've decided to do another reading of H.P. Lovecraft. Last year, I read "The Colour out of Space", as a kind of love letter to western Massachusetts, which I was getting ready to leave. This year, at the advice of dhp, I have decided to read Lovecraft's "The Horror at Red Hook", a story set in the Red Hook Neighborhood of Brooklyn. It'll be three parts, released over the next few weeks until halloween. Hope you enjoy it! Music for this episode: "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" by the Mountain Goats from the album Heretic Pride. "For Dinner..." by Slint from the album Spiderland."

 The Temple by H.P. Lovecraft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:13

The second episode in KoPoint's Halloween H.P. Lovecraft series. H.P. Lovecraft's terrifying tale 'The Temple' read by Quentin Lewis: "Happy Halloween! It's that time of year again, and continuing my tradition of revelling in H.P. Lovecraft's fantastical and horrific worlds every time October 31st rolls around, I've decided to read his short story "The Temple" this year. It's a great story, full of mystery and claustrophobic terror, not to mention WWI era sea combat for all you history buffs out there. If you want to revisit them, you can listen to my previous entries The Colour Out of Space and The Horror at Red Hook by clicking the titles. As with last year, music is provided by those legendary purveyors of post-rock, Slint from their 1991 album Spiderland. Enjoy everyone!" Learn more: http://kopoint.com and http://quentinlewis.com

 The Colour Out Of Space by H.P. Lovecraft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:50

H.P. Lovecraft's classic 'The Colour Out Of Space' read by Quentin Lewis: (Photo: Quentin Lewis at HP Lovecraft's Brooklyn home) "Halloween is fast approaching. As I've written before, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, and I always celebrate by pulling out my H.P. Lovecraft collections and nestling myself inside his tales of terror. This year, I thought I'd do one better. For a variety of reasons, I love his story "The Colour out of Space". Perhaps no other story of his is so tied to the landscape of western New England, where I currently reside, but not for long. Thus, in the spirit of celebrating Halloween, commemorating the place I love so much, and relishing the reading out loud of elaborate prose, I've decided to do a series of podcasts where I read the story. This is part one, probably of three--expect the rest in the next few weeks, as Halloween approaches. It's a great story, and I hope I do it justice." Read the full story: http://kpnt.co/the_colour_out_of_space Learn More: http://kpnt.co/lovecraft_space_1 Happy Halloween!

 Interviews Live From NYC Comic Con 2012 - KoPoint Comics, EP 16 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:03:06

Yes, Loyal Listeners, the spectacular KoPoint Comic Book Show podcast attended and reported from this year’s New York Comic Con. The KoPoint comic book team - including Jeff Newelt (in absentia), Jon Lazar, Megan Sass, Michele Reznik, and myself - buzzed the floor at booth 507 with our friends Hazarai http://hazarai.com and recorded a number of stellar interviews with comic book industry creators, publishers, and professionals. We asked each comic book guest three questions: - What’s the most important collectable in your collection, and why? - What book or graphic novel would you recommend to someone new to the medium? - What cool projects are you working on right now? Hazarai will soon publish individual audio and video clips from New York Comic Con. During the Con chaos, over the weekend I edited and processed the best of our interviews. These short clips are gathered together here in one epic episode. Hope you dig the show. Dan Patterson -- -- -- - Special thanks to http://hazarai.com, a social marketplace for all things geek & pop culture. - And to our new sponsor http://bonfyreapp.com, mobile 'cocktail party' conversation. - As well as our sponsor and media metrics partner http://Callisto.fm. Callisto.fm powers a powerful media measurement and engagement platform. - And our hosts, SumAll http://sumall.com. SumAll makes an essential social business analytic platform. Learn more at http://kopoint.com and subscribe (for free) on iTunes at http://kpnt.co/kopoint_itunes 0:04:18 Interview - Seth Kushner - http://sethkushner.com 0:10:20 Interview - Astro-Cons - http://www.astro-cons.com/ 0:15:39 Interview - Natalie Zutter - http://nataliezutter.tumblr.com 0:21:50 Interview - Matt Hawkins - https://www.facebook.com/Selfloathingnarcissist 0:34:17 Pod Prod - KoPoint House - http://kopoint.com 0:34:24 Interview - Ben McCool - http://therealbenmccool.blogspot.com/ 0:43:05 Interview - David Lloyd, Antonino Bifulco - http://lforlloyd.com 0:56:16 Interview - JT Waldman - http://jtwaldman.com/ 1:04:41 Pod Prod - KoPoint House 1:04:05 Interview - Kagan McLeod - http://kaganmcleod.com/ 1:10:04 Interview - Lauren Panepinto - http://orbitbooks.com and http://yenpress.net 1:18:20 Interview - Jennifer Hayden - http://www.goddesscomix.com 1:24:30 Interview - Danny Fingeroth - http://dannyfingeroth.com 1:38:20 Interview - David Hine - http://www.waitingfortrades.com 1:45:20 Interview - Cory Doctorow - http://craphound.net 1:56:29 Interview - Wayne Goldblatt - http://www.hazarai.com

 American Conversation, EP 12 – Debates Matter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:57

Two weeks ago, many commentators asked the question, "Do the presidential debates matter?" After the President's disappointing showing, and Governor Romney's subsequent resurrection in the polls, no one is asking that question any more. In this episode, Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain provide an immediate reaction to the Vice Presidential debate. The Biden vs Ryan spectacle was surprisingly entertaining, as Vice President Biden provided more comic relief than perhaps he intended. Did this debate change the race? Listen in, and enjoy Dan Patterson's malarkey and Marc Lizoain's usual bunch o' stuff. Learn more at http://americanconversation.us and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at http://kpnt.co/american_conversation_itunes

 American Conversation, EP 11 - Red State Reunion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:43

In this episode, KoPoint's American Conversation sees Red! Co-hosts Dan Patterson and Doc Stodden reunite in the Beautiful Black Hills of rural and Red South Dakota, the place where it all started, for the last September edition of American Conversation. In this episode, recorded live at the 2012 Spearfish Harvest Festival, Dan and Doc discuss the importance of small states in the election, debunking the idea that states with three or four electoral college votes really don't matter. They also discuss the rise of rural gentrification, noting the change of economic and social values in areas that the influx of outside money causes for small town America. And we finally make comment on the state of the race in late September 2012, as we enter the final full month of the campaign. Live music provided by Mary Temple, local Spearfish musician, on the Harvest Festival Stage. Subscribe For Free In iTunes

 American Conversation, EP 10 - Polling the Horserace | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:48

In this episode, recorded from the roof of the KoPoint studio in downtown Manhattan, co-hosts Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain can't contain their excitement about the upcoming presidential debates, the rebranding of Mr. Romney, and Mr. Obama's recent gaffes. Is Obama winning? Does Romney still have a chance? Why did our audio get cut off in the last thirty seconds of the episode? How can we even answer these questions? With the help of opinion polls! And that's why Dan and Marc spend the bulk of the show talking about polls, how they work, what they mean, and whether you should trust them. Election Day is six weeks away... This week's news: Debate Preview - The New York Times Romney Rebranding - MSNBC Obama's 60 Minutes Gaffes - Washington Post Thoughts on polling: Obama Pulls Ahead of Romney - Politico Battleground Poll - GWU with Politico Romney Winning With Middle-Class - Politico The Statistical State of the Presidential Race - FiveThirtyEight General Election Poll of Polls - Real Clear Politics Obama up 6 in Colorado,4 in Florida - Public Policy Polling Urtak, of course, is a quick and sticky polling platform specifically designed to produce rapid fire answers to topical questions.

 American Conversation, EP 9 - The Melodies Of Occupy Wall Street | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:54

In this episode Dan and Marc return to #Occupy Wall Street and the scene of their first collaboration: Lower Manhattan's famous Zuccotti Park (or Liberty Square, depending which side you're on). Precisely, a year after the first Occupation of Wall St., the cohosts discuss the movement's achievements and impact in that short time. George Martinez, a hip-hop and OWS electoral candidate shares his views on the movement that is building. One year is a short time, and the show concludes with an attempt to answer some questions. OWS: has it been a success? It is a failure? Will it be around next September? Listen, and find out! Highlights from this episode: An interview with the Honorable George Martinez recorded live in Zuccotti Park A quick audio summary from Dan recorded earlier on the afternoon of #S17 The music, chatter, a thumping drums of #OWS The daily #OWS organizational General Assembly call-and-response meeting Learn more at http://americanconversation.us

 American Conversation, EP 8 - Washington | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:58

In which KoPoint's American Conversation travels to Washington, D.C. KoPoint's Dan Patterson, TRNS Congressional Correspondent Justin Duckham, and friend-of-KoPoint / defense analyst Chris Poirier (opinions are his own, of course) sip coffee in the sun just off of Capitol Hill and talk protests, the economy, and the campaign. Learn more at http://americanconversation.us

 American Conversation, EP 7 – Getting Ready For Dirty And Wrapping The DNC | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:41

Concluding a few long, sleepless, and exciting weeks on the campaign trail, American Conversation co-hosts Marc and Dan record amidst the confetti from the balcony of the Democratic National Convention moments after President Obama concluded is Presidential nomination speech. We discuss Obama's acceptance speech, the influence of rhetoric on policy, and the optics of a dirty campaign. KoPoint's American Conversation will continue as a weekly discussion about politics and the the campaign through Election Day, 2012. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Special thanks to Talk Radio News, SumAll, and Callisto.fm Thanks, and stay tuned... - Dan Patterson

 American Conversation, EP 6 - Bounce | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:56

In this episode of the American Conversation, Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are joined by Ester Cross, Justin Duckham, Geoff Holtzman, and Benny Martinez of Talk Radio News. Recorded amongst the chaos of Talk Show Row on the practice courts of the of the Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the Charlotte Bobcats, the crew discussed Bill Clinton's virtuoso performance on Wednesday night, analyzed the importance of post-convention polling bounces, and compared their experience of the atmosphere at the RNC and the DNC. After two weeks of insanely hard work, the Talk Radio News guys are looking forward to going home, but not before the last and most important night of them all.

 Interview: Navy Spouse at the DNC - Downsizing the Military | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10:39

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Beasley, the spouse of a Navy officer recently 'downsized.' According to Mrs. Beasley, her husband - a sailor and 12-year veteran of the Navy - was recently released from his contract not for poor performance, but as part of a larger cost-cutting initiative. Mrs. Beasley said that the downsizing negated most of his service history and benefits. The story was first reported by the Navy Times, and was recently popularized by Lisa Wexler, a Metro New York-based talk radio host. Mrs. Wexler recently wrote for The Huffington Post: What is happening is that close to 3,000 enlisted men and women are being downsized from the navy. That's right -- downsized. Not fired due to performance, or transferred to another station. They have been given their walking papers in the middle of their stints and told to find something else to do. Go find another house, another job, another health plan. That's the thanks they get for signing on the dotted line, volunteering to sacrifice their lives for our country. That's the thanks they get for loaning their spouses out for months at a time, on duty that takes them away from the first day of kindergarten, birthdays, holidays and the day the dog died. According to Mrs. Wexler, Mrs. Beasley and her husband are one of over three thousand military families affected by the downsizing. The families have recently established a Facebook page to filed inquiries. At press time the office of the Navy was unavailable for comment.

 American Conversation, EP 5 - Sincerely Patronizing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:29

In this episode Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are joined by Lisa Wexler of WFAS Radio. Recording from that awkward space between the South Dakota and the Puerto Rico delegations on the floor of the DNC, the trio discuss their reactions to the first night's speeches. Lisa thinks that Michelle Obama's speech was phony, but like Julian Castro's and loved how Deval Patrick brought the Democrats back on offense. Marc wonders whether the DNC will pass by without policy proposals, and Dan keeps the conversation moving, as always. Download Audio: American Conversation, EP 5 - Sincerely Patronizing Special thanks to Talk Radio News, SumAll, and Callisto.fm

 American Conversation, EP 4 – A Googley DNC | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:34

After a long journey from Tampa to Charlotte, co-hosts Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are once again safely ensconced among the comforts of the DNC Google lounge. The dynamic duo are joined in this episode by Ester Cross of Talk Radio News, and the conversation begins with an assessment of the Occupy protest that took place on Sunday and a discussion of the state of the DNC itself. The show concludes with the question of what Obama and the Democrats must do to take full advantage of what Dan and Marc think was a huge missed opportunity by the Republicans. KoPoint's American Conversation: We Grow Stronger, They Get Wronger. Learn more at http://americanconversation.us. Special thanks to SumAll http://sumall.com, SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com, and Callisto.fm http://callisto.fm

 American Conversation, EP 3 – Empty Chair Balloon Fail | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:39

Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are joined in this conversation by Gabby Pfafflin of Talk Radio News and Noah Phillips. Recorded at the Tampa Bay Times Forum directly after Mitt Romney's speech accepting the Republican Party's presidential nomination. The crew give their reactions to the whole night's speeches (Sen. Marco Rubio, Clint Eastwood, an empty chair) and break down the hardcore GOP audience's response. Dan also had a harrowing experience involving balloons on the floor of the convention which he shares to the delight of all. Learn more at http://americanconversation.us Special thanks to the Talk Radio News Service http://talkradionews.com, SumAll http://sumall.com, and Callisto.fm http://callisto.fm. Download Audio: American Conversation, EP 3 – Empty Chair Balloon Fail 


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