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 Radio Free Cybertron 722 – Brian can finally get his self-converting Optimus Prime | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:59

This week: Slag. Skids. A self-transforming Optimus Prime!?! Has the world gone mad?! News RFC News Desk 138 – MP Skids And Reboost Preorders, And Studio Series Slag Pictures Leaked Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Transformers Reveals Ben Yee's translation of the Takara-Tomy Super Megatron comic

 RFC News Desk 138 – MP Skids And Reboost Preorders, And Studio Series Slag Pictures Leaked | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:31

Preorders are live for both MP-53 Skids and MP-54 Reboost. The pair of Honda City Masterpieces have a Japanese SRP of ¥9,800 (or 10,780 including 10% sales tax in Japan), though it's not hard to find reputable retailers knocking the price down below that a bit. Preorders are also available officially from some US-based retailers, coming in at $90, which is roughly equivalent to the Japanese SRP. Both Masterpieces are set to be released simultaneously in late November. Between the two, Reboost seems the slightly better value, with additional weapons, the Diaclone-based scooter accessory, and a "holomatter avatar" mini figure to ride it. But compared to many Masterpieces of late, $90 almost feels like a bargain either way. Apparently by way of 4chan, we've had our first picture leak of Studio Series Slag over the last couple of days. The second Leader Class Dinobot is looking every bit as big and chunky as Grimlock, and carries on the same style of being heavily influenced by the G1 toy, but mixing in cartoon elements like the red head and light color thighs. Fans have been quick to point out this also makes it resemble the Canadian variant of G1 Slag, though this outcome is almost certainly coincidental. Slag comes with an exosuited Daniel Witwicky accessory figure, which much like Wheelie is a sit-on-the-shoulder display piece rather than being a useful partner action figure in its own right. We expect to learn about Slag officially next month, during a Fan First Friday announced for May during the recent Fan Fest stream. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuf...

 Radio Free Cybertron 721.5 – Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Happenings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:43

We're back to discuss what went down during the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, as well as Brian's experience in being part of the event.

 Radio Free Cybertron 721 – News! Huzzah! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:39:08

We have news! Galvatron, the Ark, a charming Australian kid! What a week!   News RFC News Desk 137 – Amazon Australia Leaks IGN Previews Kingdom Galvatron, Scorponok, And The Ark

 RFC News Desk 137 – Amazon Australia Leaks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8:00

Can't have a scheduled event without leaks! Amazon Australia has presumably stepped all over the Transformers portion of this Friday's Pulse Fest by posting a bunch of new product listings which we're guessing covers everything intended to be revealed - and probably more. All of the listings are effectively text placeholders with no pictures yet, but we do have names and rough ideas of the prices, though in Australian Dollars where Deluxes are around $30, Voyagers $45-50, and Leaders somewhere in the neighborhood of $90. Thanks to a further accidental posting by Hasbro Pulse, we have support for the idea that some of these are representing a Shattered Glass subline, as Pulse had an out of stock (and unpriced) listing for Shattered Glass Blurr appear this morning. It's believed that the listings on Amazon for Goldbug, Jetfire, and Megatron are part of the same group. "Figure Packs" are also a thing here, including listings for Sideswipe and Nightprowler, and "Galvatron Unicron". The Sideswipe pair is thought to be the long-awaited Earth-mode Sideswipe retool, coming with a redeco of Kingdom Cheetor as a cancelled Universe toy from 2004. Meanwhile, the Galvatron may be the rumored "reformatting scene" Galvatron redeco that was supposedly coming in addition to the toy-based Selects Galvatron. The Golden Disk collection adds Deluxe Jackpot, and Voyager Tigatron. Action Master Jackpot could be a reuse of Studio Series 86 Jazz, or potentially even the Earthrise or Siege Datsun-style body depending on what's available to use. Tigatron is a separate listing from Kingdom Tigatron, with the best guess being an orange redeco as a regular tiger, matching the early working deco for the original Beast Wars toy. Studio Series 86 comes along with a big mislead in the form of an entry for "King Starscream". Based on insider info, though, the Voyager coronation Starscream concept was replaced by Bumblebee Movie Thrust a while ago, so Amazon Australia's information is a little out of date. We do see listing for Gnaw, Wreck-Gar, and the Sweep reuse of Scourge's mold, though. Regular Kingdom only contributes a listing for an Autobot-aligned Core Class Fossilizer, which is supposedly to be a redeco of Vertebreak. But there is a listing for "Generations Prime Optimus Prime" which we don't really know what to make of. The immediate implication would seem to be something Transformers Prime, but other than that it's priced like a Leader, there's nothing to go on.

 Radio Free Cybertron 720 – Don’s Prediction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:30:16

This week: Black Zarak, not an April Fool's joke. Also: Masterpiece Skyfire. Yes, Skyfire. Not Jetfire. Also not an April Fool's joke. Someone pinch us. Wait, Black Zarak can do that. Excellent. News RFC News Desk 136 – Red Skids, Golden Disks, And Black Zarak! Optimus Prime Replica Helmet

 RFC News Desk 136 – Red Skids, Golden Disks, And Black Zarak! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8:38

We had our first look at the Masterpiece Skids testshot in provisional color. Which just means it's handpainted samples, so the exact details and finish may not be identical on a production unit later. But besides Skids looking nice, we got to see the first redeco of this Masterpiece, the brand new character Reboost. This is based on a Diaclone toy previously not utilized as a Transformers character. We presume Crosscut will probably follow along a little later, but at this point, we wouldn't mind seeing the whole Honda City robo assortment get some time in the Masterpiece spotlight! Along that same line, the Figure King article that showed us the color samples here contained references to other Masterpiece projects in development. This confirms that Raiden lives, after going radio silent since the end of 2019. Plus, an unexpected name has been thrown in the ring, as TakaraTomy seems to be working on a Masterpiece Skyfire! How big and expensive must that turn out to be if they try to get it in scale? The Golden Disk Collection appears to be one of the Kingdom sublines coming to Amazon this year. Listings were found on at least one international Amazon site referencing toys in this assortment. The simpler to understand is Terrorsaur, who had previously been conspicuously absent among the Kingdom Beast Wars updates. There's no indication at all about what mold or engineering this might be based on, or if indeed it is somehow a brand new Deluxe mold entirely. The other listing found was for "Ranger Puffer". To make a long story this appears to be a two pack of what we believe to be Road Ranger, a GoBots character represented in Transformers by a black and orange Huffer, and Puffer. Puffer is best described as "Mexican Pipes", which was in fact just a physically unchanged Huffer in Pipes-based deco, varying between forms of light or dark blue on white, depending if European origin or Mexican, or a third variant of dark blue on dark blue. By the nature of the characters, we're presuming this to be a two pack of the unmodified Kingdom Huffer mold, with a real Pipes retool coming in a regular Deluxe assortment later this year. Finally, the most shocking news is Hasbro adding a Titan Class toy to Generations Selects, in the form of Black Zarak! Moderately retooled from Scorponok (obviously), Black Zarak features modifications to the Headmaster units to make the larger head accurate to the Masterforce redesign, and giving the smaller head an eyepatch. This isn't entirely accurate to Masterforce, since Black Zarak's head no longer transformed, but this one of course will remain a functional jumbo Headmaster. The larger head robot's chest also has a prominent scar sculpted in. And of course Black Zarak comes with a huge spear for further accuracy. Now please just don't include gold plastic decay to push the accuracy any furth...

 Radio Free Cybertron 719 – It was Old Man Ferguson in a mask this whole time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:39:54

This week: Unicron is shipping and Don has scored! Congrats! Also: Brian decrees that Core Class Starscream is the best itty bitty little Transformer ever. News Twitter - New Soundwave May the force be with you Abominus slipped Amazon Shipping Kingdom Seacons before Unicron

 Radio Free Cybertron 718 – Waiting for Unicron | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:44

This week: Walmart Collector Con was a dud. But, hey, Galvatron looks awesome. News * RFC News Desk 134 – Beast Wars Reissues Revealed * RFC News Desk 135 – First Look At Netflix Voyagers Wave 3 * Transformers WFC Kingdom Galvatron First ‘Official’ Look * interview with Ben Montano

 RFC News Desk 135 – First Look At Netflix Voyagers Wave 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:57

Jtprime17 on TFW has dug up the first stock photos for Netflix WFC Voyager wave 3, featuring Optimus Primal and the Sparkless Seeker. Sparkless Seeker is based on the dead or sometimes undead generic seeker bodies seen during the Siege cartoon. Which yes, does mean it's the Siege seeker mold again, rather than the Earthrise redeco many had been expecting. Ironically, it seems like this one that is specifically a wrecked corpse appears the least damaged of any use of this mold to date! The seeker comes with redecos of Battlemasters Singe and Caliburst. Caliburst is a tiny bit more accurate to the G1 Targetmaster color layout than its previous release, but Singe has if anything only diverged farther. Meanwhile, Optimus Primal's differences are very hard to discern. The colors may be kind of metallic now? Maybe? or maybe the colors are just more saturated? Rattrap may also be redecoed in some way, but that's also unclear because some of the shots look just like the individual release version, while others are blatantly digitally recolored over, making some of the colors look darker. But it's impossible to tell if that's intentional or simply the result of a bad photoshop job. These two, plus several other Netflix wave 3 toys should go up for preorder on Monday the 15th during Walmart's collector con product launch event, to be fulfilled at a later, currently unspecified date. Or not. We all know how Walmart preorders go by now, right? Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 Radio Free Cybertron 717 – EveryoneBeforeDiecast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:34

This week: Unicron is coming, but Diecast isn't happy for some reason. News Walmart Collector Con Selects G2 Ramjet, and more Commander Class Rodimus

 RFC News Desk 134 – Beast Wars Reissues Revealed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:42

By way of IGN, the first official reveal has gone out for the Beast Wars reissue line that we first learned about through product listings on the Walmart app. Due out this summer are reissues of Beast Wars Ultra class Optimus Primal and Megatron, along with Cheetor and Rattrap. All four toys are in their original forms, and notably the Ultras do not feature the remolding that was done for the 10th anniversary rereleases. All four toys have at least minor deco tweaks, with Primal and Megatron having the most evident, with small color changes to appear a little more accurate to the TV show. These are not stated as being exclusive to Walmart, but they will be going up for preorder during Walmart's second Collector Con event on Monday, the 15th, which makes a good case for these being exclusives, in a continuation of Walmart's offerings of reissue and retro style Transformers products. That being the case, of course, means there's no reason to believe at all that Walmart will begin fulfillment or in-store stocking of these toys on the promised August 1st sale date, since they've proven notoriously bad about following through on that. However, the Netflix line, the retro Headmasters, and all of the G1 reissues past the first wave have proven that one way or the other, it's eventually easy enough to find all these things on store shelves, so if these are for you, it shouldn't be hard to get hold of them. Whether they'll be for you at their modern day price points might be another matter, though. IGN reports that Primal and Megatron will come in at $40 each, Cheetor will be priced as a modern Deluxe at $20, and... so will Rattrap. The Basic price point was always the most challenged when it came to coping with rising costs, so it's actually not hard to imagine Rattrap now costs nearly as much as Cheetor to make. But that still may be a hard sell in the store when the moment comes and it and the visibly larger Cheetor are hanging side by side. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 RFC News Desk 133 – G2 Ramjet, And Hasbro Didn’t Even Announce Rodimus Prime? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:00

Two notable official reveals happened today in Transformers. The one we knew to expect was Rodimus Prime, which was shown and listed for preorder by TakaraTomy, while what we expected to be a coordinated reveal by Hasbro never happened. Rodimus Prime is Commander class, features a large trailer battle platform, and has a small pile of blast effects... which are at least partly recycled from Sky Lynx, based on one of the stock photos. It's due out in August in Japan, which probably means we'll see it in the US a little earlier this summer as has been the case with the prior two Commanders. What Hasbro revealed today was Selects G2 Ramjet, the redeco most people have been expecting since we knew for sure the Earthrise coneheads were going to exist. That's due out later this summer, with most retailers putting it at August, soon after Transmutate. But Selects can be tricky, and it may well turn out that Ramjet will turn up first even though it was solicited later! Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 Radio Free Cybertron 716 – Is that Metalhawk? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:47:29

This week: Commander Class Rodimus looks pretty good, but we can wait. It's not like we don't already have too many toys to play with. News RFC News Desk 132 – Latest Leaks Shows Us Commander Class Rodimus Prime Masterpiece Skids Prototype First Look

 RFC News Desk 132 – Latest Leaks Shows Us Commander Class Rodimus Prime | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:15

A leaked Japanese preorder solicitation image this morning gave us the first look at Transformers Kingdom's Commander Class toy: Rodimus Prime! This low res image is incomplete, as it notably fails to depict the trailer battlestation that's been reported by the inside-info crowd as being part of the toy like the G1 version. But it does have an obscure extra accessory taken from the pages of IDW's ReGeneration One comic series: The Sword of Primus. Rodimus is a new, unique mold, though it looks like some broad strokes of engineering might be copied from Studio Series Hot Rod. The robot forms a full vehicle on its own without the trailer unit, as seen occasionally in the G1 cartoon. It's also been said that the Rodimus robot is about the height of Earthrise Optimus Prime, giving a good sense of the mass of this toy. How well the trailer and any other accessories might fill out the rest of the $80 price point remains to be seen. But it might not remain so for long. There's indications that a proper reveal for this is coming very soon, and it's not a huge leap to believe it might be just part of a bigger product debut event, which would take up for the absent Toy Fair presentation this year. That might be in the form of a Transformers Tuesday event as early as next week! Hopefully Hasbro will begin advertising that for us shortly if so! Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link


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