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Summary: The Original Transformers Internet Radio Show and one of the world's first (if not THE first) podcasts. We've been online since 1999. We discuss topics from around the Transformers world, bring you the news worth talking about, provide insight and commentary. We are the official podcast of

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 RFC News Desk 143 – Licensing Finds A Way: Jurassic Park Collaboration Revealed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:34

Transformers Tuesday this week was the reveal, at last, of "Project Park", the Jurassic Park Collaborative project! Featuring Tyrannocon Rex, a retool Kingdom Megatron, and JP93, a (seemingly smallish) Deluxe with a licensed Ford Explorer alt mode. While JP93 seems to be 100% new parts, the engineering appears to have similarities to Cyberverse Deluxe Prowl. The Jurassic Park crossover set is up on Amazon for $104.99 with release planned for November 1st. Click here to preorder now from Amazon (affiliate link). Other retailers will carry the set beginning in December. Meanwhile in other crossover news, Jtprime has dug up product copy for an Amazon truck Optimus Prime, which sounds like it will be Earthrise Optimus retooled to be a licensed Volvo cab-over-engine semi truck: There has always been more to Transformers robots - but now fans can experience how these larger-than-life characters unite with other characters, teams and people who also have this special quality thanks to the Transformers Collaborative. There's a lot more to Prime - a truckload more. Two worlds collide in this Transformers Amazon Prime Mash-Up Pack. A special delivery from Optimus Prime! The leader of the Autobots adopts a new mode and presents himself as the iconic Amazon Prime Truck. He believes that every sentient being (with a Prime Account) has a right to fast delivery. The figure can be transformed into a licensed Volvo Amazon Prime Truck in 37 steps and impresses with decor and details that are inspired by an Amazon Prime truck. It even includes 2 small Amazon Prime boxes that can be stored in the trailer. Ready to protect his shipments from all threats, Optimus Prime brings his ion blaster and a matrix of leadership that can be inserted into the character's chest. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. The VOLVO trademarks (word and device), other related trademarks, if applicable, and the Volvo designs are licensed by the AB Volvo Group. THE POWER OF TRANSFORMATION: There's more in Prime - a whole truckload more TRANSFORMERS-AMAZON PRIME MASH-UP: All sentient beings have a right to fast delivery. Here you can be sure that Optimus Prime will arrive on time (unless you are a Decepticon) INSPIRED BY AN AMAZON PRIME TRUCK: The Optimus Prime figure can be transformed into a licensed Volvo truck in 37 steps and impresses with a decor and details that are inspired by an Amazon Prime truck THIS OPTIMUS PRIME TOY COMES WITH GREAT ACCESSORIES: Contains an ion blaster, a matrix of leadership that fits in the chest and 2 small Amazon Prime packages that can be stored in the trailer PACKAGING IN THE AMAZON LOOK: The packaging is inspired by the Amazon Prime packages and shows the iconic black and blue Amazon Prime adhesive strips as details And finally, an update on Project Bat finds the listing originally seen on Amazon Australia now carries ...

 Radio Free Cybertron 732 – Baby Got Back (Rhinox’s Theme) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:24

This week: We hope you like beasts, and are open to non-union voice acting. Because we've got some news for you. News Beast Wars Kingdom screencaps Transformers Tuesday: Shattered Glass Goldbug, but no T-Wrecks yet Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Details from Ben Yee

 Radio Free Cybertron 731 – We all remember our first Rhinox | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:15

This week: Make sure you look both ways before crossing the street when Transformers Heavy Metal debuts. The News TFCon tickets on sale Bumblebee Thrust leaked Megatron “replica” helmet at Gamestop Transformers Heavy Metal AR Game Road Rage is a Target-exclusive  Takara Tomy Online Toy Show Deluxe Waspinator Leak?

 Radio Free Cybertron 730 – Now With More Battle Damage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:29

This week: Shattered Glass Bumblebee movie Soundwave. Okay. Siege Megatron, again. Sure. But let me tell you about this Nucleon Quest Convoy I got. News Transformers Premium Finish Wave 2 Revealed Takara Tweets MP-52 Starscream 2.0 Production Sample Photos Transformers Generations 2020 book Shogo Hasui interview translation Part 1 Cyberverse Roll N’ Change Figures BBTS Exclusive ThreeZero Transformers: Bumblebee DLX Shattered Glass Soundwave and Ravage is up for preorder ($249.99)  Pop! Retro Toys - Transformers: Soundwave with Tapes  DNA Designs Studio Series Grimlock upgrade set

 Radio Free Cybertron 729 – On assignment in Micronesia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:11

This week: Someone got the manifest on this ark wrong, the bird has been paired up with a car. Not sure how that's going to turn out. News Transformers Tuesday Reveals Sideswipe & Skywarp 2-Pack, And More! (Apparently official) in-hand pictures and video coverage of The Ark First leaked look at Kingdom Road Rage Beast Wars Megatron and Optimus Primal soft vinyl figures from Cutie1

 Radio Free Cybertron 728 – You bought how many!? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:55

We're getting a new 4K edition of TFTM, a deluxe Gnaw, a voyager Wreck-Gar, AND maybe the best Toyhax sticker set ever?! Well, this has been a pretty great week. The News May 2021 Fan First Friday Reveals G2 Optimus Prime from Toyhax

 Radio Free Cybertron 727 – Don’t derail, gotta stay on track | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:04:46

This week: A new Artfire! A new Wreck-gar! New RED figures are rumored! New RED figures? Okay. I guess two out of three ain't bad. News Wreck-Gar revealed Transformers Deck Building Game Updates Extremely Early Looks At Masterpiece Skyfire And Shouki Premium Finish Line Revealed – And Possible Future Figures? MPM-12 Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie) Officially Revealed Generations Selects Artfire Leaked Good thing Kilby just bought a G1 Artfire. More Leaks? Sure! RED Collection, Kingdom Gets Extended, And More!?

 Radio Free Cybertron 726 – The Old Diecast and the Sea | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:27:08

This week: A new deck-building game, new toys, and two Unicrons are better than one, it's double the pleasure and triple the fun. News * RFC News Desk 142 – Amazon Exclusive Mirage & Grimlock, Plus Premium Finish! * Transformers Deck-Building Game

 RFC News Desk 142 – Amazon Exclusive Mirage & Grimlock, Plus Premium Finish! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:25

Hasbro made the official reveal for the Amazon exclusive Battle Across Time Collection, giving us the very first look at the first set in the series: Maximal Grimlock and Autobot Mirage! These are reuses of Kingdom Dinobot and Siege Mirage, respectively. Grimlock is loosely based on the original Beast Wars Grimlock, though virtually every specific, identifying detail has been made different. Mirage is a heavy remodel to effect an "Earth mode" form, but sticks pretty close in appearance to Siege Mirage. Notably it lacks clear plastic which should be an overall positive. But it simultaneously seems to have lost the shoulder mounting points for the weapons with the minor engineering changes, which is definitely a negative. The set is up for preorder via Amazon for $52.99 with release planned for November. You can click our link to preorder and send some referral revenue back to us at no extra cost to you! In Demand Toys has leaked the first look at TakaraTomy's new Premium Finish line, from retailer solicitation images. The first two toys are a Bumblebee Movie Bumblebee, and Siege Optimus Prime. It seems like the purpose here is extensive use of paint to make the most screen-accurate figures possible. Bumblebee looks to have a very dull, worn finish to the car body panels to match the aged, neglected look from the movie. Siege Optimus goes for high accuracy to the Siege animated series, down to the green-tinted windows and lights. Does this indicate that we may be returning to the days of having unique Takara decos for Transformers? Probably not the way we would really want it, if at all. With only two toys being solicited to start, this is probably going to be a comparatively limited project, and is unlikely to "rescue" any Siege toys of their battle damage, which would be a leading wishlist item for many collectors. But that doesn't mean there aren't interesting possibilities for a series like this. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link.

 Radio Free Cybertron 725 – Chris Dodged a Bullet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:14

This week: Botbots Ruckus Rally, some Road Rage, and more crazy Covid-era trends in collecting. News RFC News Desk 141 – Leaks, Buzz, BotBots, And Jam BotBots Ruckus Rally artwork Target DPCIs: Kingdom Road Rage, Buzzworthy Bumblebee Power Charge Bumblebee and Deluxe Origins Bumblebee, and mystery listings for $50 Optimus Prime and Megatron figures, plus a new $40 assortment. Specific line unknown. Studio Series 2022 wave 1 data mining: Bumblebee Movie Deluxe Brawn, Wheeljack, and Ratchet, Voyager Soundwave; 86 Deluxe Perceptor, Voyager Junkion Junkyard, and Leader King Starscream. Project Jam. Not to be confused with JAM Project. Speculated to be Space Jam related, but one supposed insider indicated a Blaster tied into an unspecified band.

 RFC News Desk 141 – Leaks, Buzz, BotBots, And Jam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6:13

There was a lot of activity over the weekend, mostly involving retail system datamining that has pulled some interesting info for us. Mr.Chaos from TFW has shared information on the first wave of next product-year's Studio Series figures. We hope you like either the 86 movie, or the Bumblebee Movie...! Deluxe: Tra Gen Studio series Deluxe TF6 Brawn UPC: 195166158518 Tra Gen Studio series deluxe TF6 Ratchet UPC: 195166158532 Tra Gen studio series deluxe 86 Perceptor UPC: 195166158556 Tra Gen studio series deluxe TF6 Wheeljack UPC: 195166160016 Voyagers: Tra Gen Studio series voyager TF6 Soundwave UPC: 195166153438 Tra Gen Studio series voyager 86 Junkyard (Wreck Gar Re-tool) UPC: 195166158525 Leader: Tra Gen studio series leader 86 King Starscream cape UPC: 195166153421 LivingRangerKey, and UncagedOtaku came up with some Target system finds. Anticipated Kingdom Tracks retool Road Rage is confirmed to be a Target exclusive, much lime Runabout during Earthrise. Right now it seems the product listing doesn't tie Road Rage to Target's Red Card, which will probably be some small relief, but only until you realize that it's still a Target exclusive and that experience is rarely fun no matter what. Buzzworthy Bumblebee is somehow still a thing that's happening. Power Charge Bumblebee is being rereleased from the Bumblebee Movie line in Buzzworthy packaging, and a Generations Deluxe Origin Bumblebee is listed, but we don't have any solid indication of what that name might actually mean. Could Hasbro be further retooling the Earthrise Cliffjumper body to resemble Bumblebee's G1 Cybertronian form? There's also some mystery listings. An Optimus Prime and Megatron at $49.99 each, but without a line name attached. And a new assortment price point at $39.99 that also doesn't seem to be connected to anything specific. Jtprime found some official art for a new BotBots series, the Ruckus Rally. On the art you can see BotBot vehicles made from a slice of pizza, and a game controller. We don't know anything else about this series currently, including when or where it might show up. But it looks like BotBots is continuing to survive, and we're very glad to see it! Finally, another Collaborative figure has been uncovered: Project Jam. Nobody has stepped up to give any real hints about what this might be. Common conjecture is a Space Jam crossover, which isn't a huge leap. One supposed insider has been reported second hand as attributing this to a Blaster in collaboration with a band that wasn't specifically identified. With the Jam listing having a price equal to X-Spanse, that points to a leader-size figure. If the band thing is true, Titans Return Blaster sounds like a possible jumping off point, if its base mode were repurposed as a stage, and figures added to represent the band in question. But none of this should be taken as anything more than speculative. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this

 Radio Free Cybertron 724 – This is not an NFT | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:43

This week: News. Stuff. Glass Shattering. Price hikes. Toys. NFTs. The usual.   News RFC News Desk 140 – Shattered Glass Megatron And Rising Prices

 RFC News Desk 140 – Shattered Glass Megatron And Rising Prices | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:13

Hasbro managed to reveal the Megatron for their Shattered Glass subline before anyone could leak it! Amazing! SG Megatron is a redeco of Siege Megatron (because of course it is) with new parts to permit making a "spaceship" alternate mode. Megatron is up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse for $36.99, and is due to ship in October. In other news, Hasbro's about to raise prices on toys and games again, as a resulting of rising costs in materials and transportation. The increases reportedly could come as early as the second half of this year. No details are available about the specific impact this will have on any individual line, but my guess is, get ready for $25 Deluxes still at the current $15 level of overall quality. Original article at Reuters. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 Radio Free Cybertron 723 – You have to buy them in the Classified ads, you see | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:14

This week: The pains of retailer exclusives, Diecast's Unicron update, discussion of our Hasbro Q&A, and more! News RFC News Desk 139 – Hasbro Roundtable Interview Highlights

 RFC News Desk 139 – Hasbro Roundtable Interview Highlights | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:42

Last week, we were invited to join a roundtable interview with Ran Sun and Lenny Panzica from the Transformers team, along with representatives from several other sites. Over the course of about half an hour, we had the chance to pose questions related to the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest reveals, and talk and give direct feedback about the brand. With big thanks to our buddy Anthony at, we're able to bring you audio clips from the conference call, highlighting some interesting segments of the interview. There are also text format versions of these questions and answers below for easier reference, though in this case both the questions and answers will be paraphrased to some degree for clarity without losing the original meaning of the answer. We also had a couple of points come up that won't be included with the audio clips, but are worth documenting: Ben Yee ( asked about plans for Hasbro Pulse Premium, for bringing more incentives and exclusive perks for the paid members. Ran could not give any specific details on this, but did say that this is something that they also have on their minds and they're continuing to look for new ways to keep the value for the subscribers. In commenting on the current packaging styles, I specifically noted how impressed we were by the Shattered Glass subline's box design. In answering this, Lenny seemed to indirectly confirm that the Shattered Glass lineup would be online-only. He compared the Shattered Glass packages to other "e-commerce" packaging designs, which would seem to refer to things like Amazon's windowless-box exclusives. This does not say whether Shattered Glass will be specific solely to Pulse in the US, but it doesn't sound like it's headed for store shelves in any case. Anthony (Roarbots): How did it feel to develop the first new Titan ever since G1? Lenny: Necessary. As kids growing up, and now as fans as adults, it's one of the things in the Transformers world, where you expect everything to transform. We thought one thing we could bring to the universe which never really happened was, the Ark never transformed. The Ark isn't as big as the other Titans, but comes with more stuff, like Teletraan with three modes, and accessories and a lot of deco work. Anthony ( Will designs from the Kingdom promo poster that haven't made it out as toys during Kingdom be considered for use in future lines? And along that line, is the Weaponizer and Fossilizer play pattern here to stay, or is it done after Kingdom? Lenny: For the play pattern, it depends on the story we're telling and how the pattern fits, so if it makes sense to include, we will! Anthony ( One question I did have - Dracodon, what went behind the choice of green for that figure? Lenny: Mark and I were riffing on what we could do to update [Vertebreak]. see, the whole [photography] set is like a lava field, right? We were like, you know how in deep Russia there's these acid pits by the volcanic fields? What if he was fossilized and scanned a ...what is it... a Stygimoloch skeleton in one of those pits? And it came out and is literally like acid bones? Which is metal... it's a heavy metal acid bone thing. Rad. Phil (ASMZine): Pulse Fan fest, the Toy Fair presentation live stream, you've made a great effort to bring convention events for people when we can't really get to...


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