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Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

Summary: The Original Transformers Internet Radio Show and one of the world's first (if not THE first) podcasts. We've been online since 1999. We discuss topics from around the Transformers world, bring you the news worth talking about, provide insight and commentary. We are the official podcast of

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 Radio Free Cybertron 753 – No news is shoe news | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:05

This week: Shoes you can't buy, a soundtrack you don't want, and a toy you should not take out of the box. News Selects Artfire hitting Gamestop Transformers Jurassic Park Collaboration back on Amazon Transformers x Adidas Optimus Prime and Megatron Running Shoes Revealed! Transformers: Devastation soundtrack now available for streaming and digital download!

 Radio Free Cybertron 752 – Massey on Steroids | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:23:09

This week: We promise to catch up on Cyberverse by the end of the year, really. We also discuss the Bee Movie Studio Series Wave, the return of Toy Fair, vintage Tigatron, and more! News Rise of The Beasts Delayed To Summer 2023 Hasbro to present at Toy Fair 2022 at the Javits Center Transformers Tuesday: The Bee Movie Studio Series Wave Vintage Tigatron Stock Photos

 Radio Free Cybertron 751 – Two Things That Are Off Topic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:48

This week: Kingdom Blaster, and insights from the roundtable with the Transformers Legacy design team.

 Radio Free Cybertron 750 – Now with O-Rings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

TFCon, Hasbro Pulsecon, Legacy, two new HasLab projects. No wonder it's a double-sized episode! News *  RFC News Desk 153 – Pulsecon 2021 Recap

 RFC News Desk 153 – Pulsecon 2021 Recap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:17

Pulsecon brought us our first look at wave 1 of Transformers Legacy, following the IGN preview of Skids and Bulkhead last week. Not all of the toys were shown, but the entire wave was teased during the course of the stream. Hasbro published the stock photos for the toy reveals, which include Transformers Prime Arcee, Kickback, Drag Strip (part 1 of 5 for the new Menasor), and Leader Laser Optimus Prime. The poster style art shown during the stream hints at the remaining toys in wave 1, with Core Class Hot Rod, Thundercracker, and Iguanus (purple monster on the right) plus the G2 redeco of Core Class Megatron. Also shown is Blaster, who while technically now a Kingdom toy and due in Voyager wave 5, will reship alongside Bulkhead in Legacy wave 1. Preorders for the revealed toys for this wave are open in the usual places, though Pulse had mostly or entirely sold out within the first hour. The ETA for the preorders currently is around July of next year. It feels unlikely that it will actually be that long before the new line starts, and this is probably just allowing for a safety margin against the current shipping crisis. Nothing new was revealed for Kingdom or Studio Series, but an additional, Pulse Premium-only stream was subsequently scheduled for 10/27 with i...

 Radio Free Cybertron 749 – Really this time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:31

This week: Transformers Legacy is here, almost! Part of it is, anyway. We should have more after Hasbro PulseCon! The News Official First Look At Transformers Generations Legacy Figures

 Radio Free Cybertron 748 – Caffeine and our 22nd Anniversary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:41

It's our 22nd anniversary! Do you know what that means...? It means: Speculation on MPG Raiden's size! Info on reissue Tigatron! Sounds from Don's chair! Wow! News Rumor: Possible Size Of Masterpiece Raiden Confirmed?  (TFW) Overwhelming Victory Over Unicron Reissue Beast Wars Tigatron Coming Soon (TFW) Transformers Hall of Fame 2021 Voting Begins (Facebook)

 Radio Free Cybertron 747 – Masterpiece Trainbots?! Look at the track record! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week: We get our first real look at Shouki, the Trainbot. And feelings are mixed. Also, Don is on fire this week. Not literally, he's just turbocharged on fast internet. News Star Saber on HasLab RFC News Desk 151 – Golden Disk Collection Terrorsaur RFC News Desk 152 – Masterpiece Shouki First Look

 RFC News Desk 152 – Masterpiece Shouki First Look | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:08

Before the official opening of preorders, TAGhobby jumped the line a bit and released the first info and clean stock photos for Masterpiece Shouki, the first entry in the Trainbots team. Coming with a hurtful ¥18,000 list price, Shouki seems to favor a realistic, and almost impossibly clean-looking train mode, with some small sacrifice of substantial backpack on the otherwise very animation-inspired robot mode. Shouki is the first representative of the MPG subline, which seems meant to give a home to combiners (G is for Gattai!) and large characters (G is for Giant!) which otherwise have gone unutilized in Masterpiece previously. As a team of six, the eventual Raiden looks due to cost solidly in the $1000 neighborhood once completed. (G is for Gah!) This cost mmay end up spread out over an extended period, as we've had no hint yet of Kaen or any of the other five Trainbots being in any advanced state of development yet. While $160 twice or maybe three times per year might not sound so bad, remember that with everything getting steadily more expensive, odds are the longer it takes to finish the team, the higher and higher that final total will go. Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 Radio Free Cybertron 746 – Rage Quitting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week: It's Transformers Tuesday ALL Week. Except for Friday. News Star Saber on HasLab RFC News Desk 150 – Mutant Tigatron Heralds Victory Over Unicron RFC News Desk 149 – Two Days of Transformers Tuesdays Modern Icons Soundwave Helmet

 RFC News Desk 151 – Golden Disk Collection Terrorsaur | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5:30

Surprising no one at all, we had the fourth of four reveals for the Amazon exclusive Golden Disk Collection, the eagerly-anticipated Terrorsaur. This toy is an extensive remodeling of Kingdom Airazor, which as far as we can tell right now only shares forearms and lower legs with the bird version of this engineering. Essentially it's an all new toy. I go in to further detail on everything that's new in the podcast episode, so be sure to listen to that to find out more! Terrorsaur is supposed to include a Golden Disk, a duplicate of one of Titan Class The Ark's Golden Disk accessories. But there's a disagreement between the product copy and stock photos as to which one it might be, so we'll have to wait and see. Terrorsaur went up for preorder at $22.99, and quickly sold out on Hasbro Pulse just in time for Amazon to finally open their listing for preorders. As of this writing, it was still available to order, with a provisional ship date of March 2022, just like the rest of the subline. You can click here to preorder from Amazon now! (affiliate link) Thanks to all of our Patrons who are making this possible! Join our Patreon and let's make awesome stuff happen! Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 RFC News Desk 150 – Mutant Tigatron Heralds Victory Over Unicron | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4:57

It looks very much like Amazon and Hasbro will be blowing through the entire Golden Disk Collection's reveals basically all at once. Our third reveal in a row is Mutant Tigatron, a redeco and retool of the still as-yet not officially acknowledged Voyager Kingdom Tigatron. This version of the toy is in orange like a common tiger, and more or less matches the card art for the original Tigatron toy, which presented the character in orange rather than the white the toy would ultimately be released in. This Tigatron sticks close to the design work of Kingdom Cheetor, at a larger scale and with some added complexity thanks to a little more budget flexibility. Like Shadow Panther did for the Cheetor mold, Mutant Tigatron comes with a robot head based on the Mutant Head of the original Cheetor mold family. Mutant Tigatron is up for preorder on Amazon for $31.49, with a release date in March of 2022, but in practice will probably ship sooner than that. Click here to preorder Mutant Tigatron! (affiliate link) Following up on more of yesterday's news, Haslab Victory Saber passed its minimum backer threshold, going from just under 9600 backers yesterday afternoon to nearly 12000 today. Looks like TakaraTomy Mall opening up orders to Japan may have helped a bit! From here we'll be looking towards hitting the stretch goals, but with more than 10 days remaining, hitting at least the first added tier of 14000 seems likely. Please support RFC by using our Amazon referral link. Canadian fans: please use this referral link. UK fans: Please use this referral link

 RFC News Desk 149 – Two Days of Transformers Tuesdays | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6:00

After knowing about it through Amazon Australia's extremely early publishing of product listings months ago, plus a photo of some production samples just recently, the proper debut of Amazon's Golden Disk Collection exclusive subline has begun this week! Monday saw the reveal off the two pack of Road Ranger and Puffer, retools of Kingdom Huffer and Pipes, respectively. Road Ranger was originally a GoBot, and was first repurposed as a Transformer in a now hideously expensive eHobby multipack with several other likewise adapted characters. Puffer is the fan name for varieties of G1 Minibot Huffer in Pipes colors, which were sold in Europe and Mexico. The name is now canonized thanks to some Star Trek Voyager logic with Puffer being Huffer and Pipes fused together in the next best thing to a transporter accident. This set is still available to preorder on Amazon as of this posting, at $41.99 with a ship date in March of 2022 - but likely to actually be much sooner than that, given manufacturing seems to have happened already. Click here to preorder from Amazon (affiliate link) On the actual Transformers Tuesday, we lucked out and got a second Golden Disk reveal, giving us our very first look at Jackpot! Redecoed from Studio Series 86 Jazz, Jackpot features a new head and redeco of Battlemaster Pteraxadon as Action Master Partner Sights. Jackpot is up for preorder at $22.99, also due to ship in March. Click here to preorder from Amazon! (affiliate link) The remaining two toys for this subline are Tigatron and Terrorsaur, and right now we're just waiting to see if the whole bunch goes up this week, or if the reveals slow down a little from here. Finally, TakaraTomy finally began taking backers for the Haslab Victory Saber campaign. Their support period ends on October 10th, meaning Japanese fans will have less than two weeks to either decide or figure out how to budget for backing the project. While Takara's numbers probably won't be tallied until the end or very close to it, this afternoon had Victory Saber sitting at over 9500 backers, making prospects look very good for at least the minimum backer number to be rea...

 Radio Free Cybertron 745 – Weird Thumbs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week: Leaked Transformers Legacy and other store exclusives, as well as 24/7 coverage of Victory Saber. News Star Saber on HasLab Prototype Photos of HasLab Victory Saber from Dallas Fan Expo JT Prime does it again  

 Radio Free Cybertron 744 – Convoy Buttons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week: Draculus says that he wants to Puffer your Road Ranger. Wait, can I use that as the episode description? News Star Saber on HasLab RFC News Desk 148 – Draculus Revealed And The Fall Toy Season Begins Puffer and Road Ranger


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