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Most Americans are bad at American History. This isn't exactly shocking information or a well guarded secret. I just want to do something about it. So I'm starting a conversation. I'm going to be re-educating myself on the things my history classes up to this point either whitewashed, missed, or just plain got wrong. I'll be looking to crack some jokes and have some laughs along the way as well. I'm just your average American college student hailing from Tennessee (one of the worst states for public education) so this will be just as much a learning experience for me as it could potentially be for anyone else. If you'd like to be on the show or if my information is wrong and needs to be corrected, PLEASE email me at

By David Saunders

Sikh History show

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Welcome to the Sikh History podcast. This podcast series provides a fascinating look into the sparkling lives of the Sikhs from the 15th century to the present times, transporting us back to the times of our ancestors. This podcast provides a historic context to the evolution of the Sikh religion, our values, our thoughts, our principles and our ethics and the reasons for our phenomenal successes as a strong knit worldwide community. The history of the Sikhs starts in 1469 AD with the birth of Guru Nanak and can be divided into 3 major eras. We have the period of 1469 to about 1707 – which is characterized by the physical presence of the 10 Gurus. During this period, the rock solid foundation of Sikhism was laid. Sikh teachings were revolutionary in that they stressed on Ek Onkar, the monotheistic aspect of God, the equality of all men and women and advocacy for a casteless society, and the Sikh way of life that can be summarized as Naam Japna, or remembering God in our actions, the importance of Kirt Karni, or earning an honest living, and Vand Chakna, the practice of sharing with fellow humanity. The second period of Sikh history is between 1707 and 1839 – from the short lived period of Banda Singh Bahadur to the end of the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. This era tested the resolve of the Sikhs to survive as an independent community, distinct from the prevailing society and its norms. The third era comprises the lives of Sikhs since 1840 to the modern day, with a look at the partition of the Punjab between India and Pakistan in 1947, the Indian state sponsored anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984 and the emigration of Sikhs from the Punjab to all corners of the world, forming a truly global community, bound by a common history and the love of the Guru Granth Sahib. Based on Panth Prakash by Rattan Singh Bhangoo, History of the Sikhs by Khushwant Singh, The Sikh Moral Tradition by Nripinder Singh and other books by Grewal, Macauliffe and Cunningham and inspired by the Sikh History lectures of Amrik Singh etc.

By Sikh History

Real Food, Real Farms show

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Cassie Parsons is a farmer and chef. Natalie Veres is a farmer and bread baker. Together, they celebrate and share what they discover in their daily travels as they work with fellow farmers and food crafters here in North Carolina and beyond.

By Cassie Parsons

GeekyGoon show

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Clayton Allen reveals his views on money, technology and life. This podcast is for the aspiring entrepreneur, the business minded and urban culture. Geeky Goon is dedicated to change through economic development. Clayton talks about building passive income and making choices that will enable you to live the life you want. Clayton's views on life have been shaped by his experiences in the inner city and he loves to share!

By Clayton Allen

The Regency Kuwait show

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The Regency is well known across Kuwait and the entire Gulf region for its extensive conference and banqueting facilities totaling over 8,000sq m. Over a dozen of meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology including high speed wifi. The hotel’s versatility means it is prized for large-scale weddings, high level conferences and social events. Visit our website for more information! Visit:

By The Regency Kuwait

Organize DIY Podcast show

Organize DIY PodcastJoin Now to Follow is the premier organizing website exclusively for the “do it yourselfer” – everyday people, becoming more organized and having fun doing it. Our podcast is a great resource for organizing tips, tricks and information. Trying to get organized or to get more accomplished within your work day? Have you been searching for organizing information and organizing information? Becoming more organized is the answer to these questions and the information we share within our online Organize DIY community will take the guess work out of the process for you. Join now, it's free, to have exclusive access to organizing information, inspiration, ideas, and solutions not found in other sections of our website.

By Dana Mitchell: Professional Organizer and Time Management & Productivity Consultant

WFIU-FM: WFIU: Moment of Indiana History Podcast show

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Weekly 2-minute program on Indiana History produced by WFIU Public Media in association with the Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations.

By WFIU Public Media (

Inside Appalachia show

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Each week, Inside Appalachia travels along misty mountain roads into a world steeped in splendor and struggle. With sounds and voices from across the region, host Jessica Lilly guides you on a tour of stories that are often untold or, even worse, misunderstood by the wider public. With complicated connections to controversial topics, Appalachia and her seemingly ordinary people will challenge stereotypes with their extraordinary stories.

By West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Short Story Guy Podcast: Current Event and Modern Fiction Stories show

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The Short Story Guy Podcast is the audio version of, the current event and modern-day fiction and nonfiction publication. The show features relevant short stories that help you keep up with today's news, follow modern issues, and be entertained by daily occurrences. "Today's stories are worth telling." The show's host is Jose Cervantes. Learn more at

By Jose Cervantes: Writer, Editor for Short Story Guy Publication

March Madness show

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Anything to do sports This Podcast was created using

By HaterNation