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Urbanism Speakeasy show

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Urbanism Speakeasy is the podcast about human-scale design, just the way the free market intended. We're interested in what makes great cities, towns, and villages. Common sense planning and design has been taboo for decades, thanks in large part to government intervention. We talk about technical issues in plain language for everyone to understand. No advanced degrees or new urbanism pedigree required.

By Andy Boenau: new urbanist, raconteur, freedom fighter

Creating Forever Love : Couples Advice for Amazing Relationships show

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Ready to learn about men and women? Ready to find love like you've never known it before? Even if you have a good husband or a good wife or you've done marriage counseling, I promise THiS is relationship advice that will inspire you in a brand new way. You'll find love comes ALIVE when you see your husbands and wives with a new understanding of how DIFFERENT they are from you, for a VERY good reason. Even if you're single, and you're more interested in dating advice than the marital relationship, I promise your time here will be well spent. What is a relationship where Forever Love exists for you?...This podcast will give you an incredible model of what's possible for your relationships, if you choose it. What else will you get? Woman to woman, mom to mom, you will hear yourself in the examples I share about what works and doesn't work in my parenting. As we learn about men and women, you'll see newly how to parent the young men and young women that are most important to you... your kids. Even if you're a dad and mom that study child development and have read all the books, you'll be shocked at how some of the couples advice we give will show you how to create peace among siblings and stop the suffering. Creating Forever Love is possible in whatever relationships are most important to you. There's something for everyone. Let's learn together. PS - I was SHOCKED by how much I learned about sex that I didn't know will be too.

By Jenny Angell | Relationship and Forever Love Enthusiast

Lost episodes show

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is a multi topic show about living with a purpose. The host, , brings the listener experts and laymen to talk about various topics such as stand-up comedy, entrepreneurship, urban farming, conspiracy theories, and healthy living all with the end of providing the listener with self help tools to navigate this reality. The world is changing and any one ideology or point of view is deficient to engage this world intelligently, and more importantly, having fun with it all. This Podcast was created using

By Lost Episodes

i-ItalyNY show

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Every week "i-Italy|NY" brings you the best of the Italian experience you can find in New York City, including food, culture, art, music, books, cinema, and performing arts. More on Join us on Channel 25 every Saturday (11:00pm) and Sunday (1:00pm).

By i-Italy

Podcasts – CT Food and Farm Photographer – Winter Caplanson show

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The Connecticut Food and Farm Radio Show, Podcast, and Blog shares the stories of the local food movement in our region... what we're cooking, growing, and making, and where we go from here!

Aspen Ideas to Go show

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Aspen Ideas to Go are 2-5 minute clips of thought provoking and inspirational ideas from various speakers over the years at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

By Aspen Ideas Festival

황상민의 집단 상담소 show

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딴지 라디오

By 딴지 라디오

The Veronica Mars Podcast show

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Welcome to The Veronica Mars Podcast! Starting back at Season 1 Episode 1, we will work our way back through the entire series and discuss plot points and character development in each episode of this amazing series. We will do our best to keep each episode as spoiler-free as possible for those of you watching the show for the first time. We will also share news updates on the exciting Kickstarter Campaign and The Veronica Mars Movie! We are thrilled to re-visit one of our favorite series of all time with other Veronica Mars fans. Please rate our show and subscribe on iTunes, and provide us with your feedback on each episode at Join us as we head back to Neptune, CA!

By The Veronica Mars Podcast

Let Freedom Think show

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Most Americans are bad at American History. This isn't exactly shocking information or a well guarded secret. I just want to do something about it. So I'm starting a conversation. I'm going to be re-educating myself on the things my history classes up to this point either whitewashed, missed, or just plain got wrong. I'll be looking to crack some jokes and have some laughs along the way as well. I'm just your average American college student hailing from Tennessee (one of the worst states for public education) so this will be just as much a learning experience for me as it could potentially be for anyone else. If you'd like to be on the show or if my information is wrong and needs to be corrected, PLEASE email me at

By David Saunders

Sikh History show

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Welcome to the Sikh History podcast. This podcast series provides a fascinating look into the sparkling lives of the Sikhs from the 15th century to the present times, transporting us back to the times of our ancestors. This podcast provides a historic context to the evolution of the Sikh religion, our values, our thoughts, our principles and our ethics and the reasons for our phenomenal successes as a strong knit worldwide community. The history of the Sikhs starts in 1469 AD with the birth of Guru Nanak and can be divided into 3 major eras. We have the period of 1469 to about 1707 – which is characterized by the physical presence of the 10 Gurus. During this period, the rock solid foundation of Sikhism was laid. Sikh teachings were revolutionary in that they stressed on Ek Onkar, the monotheistic aspect of God, the equality of all men and women and advocacy for a casteless society, and the Sikh way of life that can be summarized as Naam Japna, or remembering God in our actions, the importance of Kirt Karni, or earning an honest living, and Vand Chakna, the practice of sharing with fellow humanity. The second period of Sikh history is between 1707 and 1839 – from the short lived period of Banda Singh Bahadur to the end of the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. This era tested the resolve of the Sikhs to survive as an independent community, distinct from the prevailing society and its norms. The third era comprises the lives of Sikhs since 1840 to the modern day, with a look at the partition of the Punjab between India and Pakistan in 1947, the Indian state sponsored anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984 and the emigration of Sikhs from the Punjab to all corners of the world, forming a truly global community, bound by a common history and the love of the Guru Granth Sahib. Based on Panth Prakash by Rattan Singh Bhangoo, History of the Sikhs by Khushwant Singh, The Sikh Moral Tradition by Nripinder Singh and other books by Grewal, Macauliffe and Cunningham and inspired by the Sikh History lectures of Amrik Singh etc.

By Sikh History