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Intelligent Science, Intelligent Design show

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"The Universe Next Door" Podcast on Intelligent Design and Apologetics presented by the C.S. Lewis Society

By Dr. Tom Woodward

Scicast show

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Um quilo de ciência, quatro colheres de cultura pop, açúcar, games, farinha, literatura, cinema e tudo que há de bom. Misture bem e antes de levar ao forno tempere com essência de espírito de porco. Entendeu? Pois tente, você vai se surpreender.

By #SciCast Team

Embedded show

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Embedded is the show for people who love gadgets. Making them, breaking them, and everything in between. Weekly interviews with engineers, educators, and enthusiasts.

By Logical Elegance

Scripture On Creation show

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Scripture on Creation is a Q&A format radio program discussing Biblical and scientific perspectives on Creation, as well as other scientific current events.

By Dr. Ben Scripture

The Urban Chicken Podcast  - The Urbanite's Podcast Resource for Keeping Backyard Chickens show

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The Urban Chicken Podcast is a weekly resource for the suburban/urban dweller who wants to enjoy all of the benefits of living in the city while carving out a small slice of bucolic bliss in their own backyards with a small flock of hens. Jen Pitino, the host, will discuss topics pertinent to the backyard chicken-keeper and also feature regular guests on the show who are experts in various areas of raising chickens. The show is a balance of practical information for the hobbyist dealing with the day-to-day issues of owning chickens (e.g. coop building, brooding chicks, predators, illnesses/injuries, feed, eggs, etc.) and fun and interesting poultry facts providing plenty of intrigue to entertain all chicken enthusiasts. If you love owning chickens (or at least love the idea of someday owning some backyard hens) then listen to The Urban Chicken Podcast every Wednesday to revel in your interest as a chicken fancier!

By Jen Pitino: Urban Chicken-keeper & Backyard Chicken Enthusiast

Kaiju 101 show

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The Science of Monsters. Where monsters meet reality.

By Kaiju 101

MOOC Podcast: Intro to Anatomy and Physiology with Doc C show

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Lecture audio from this course in Anatomy and Physiology is presented to you by Dr. Gerald Cizadlo of the College of St. Scholastica. These lectures will be of interest to students,those planning careers in science and medicine,and current practitioners in the field. Enrollment in the next free and open online course associated with this podcast is open now with the next offering of the course slated to begin on May 20, 2013. For more information or to enroll, go to Please note: The content and opinions expressed here belong to the author and are not necessarily endorsed by The College of St. Scholastica.

By Dr. Gerald Cizadlo

What is Global Health? (WiGH?) show

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WiGH? brings together the voices of prominent scientists, activists, and student leaders from diverse fields to conceptualize interdisciplinary solutions to major problems in scientific research and public health. We also explore the philosophical underbelly of these provocative issues; our guests share stories and anecdotes, and we ask them to reflect on their moral convictions. We try to personalize science and public health through intimate conversation and by asking: “What is Global Health?” Hosted and produced by The Journal of Global Health team at Columbia University.

By The Journal of Global Health at Columbia University

Minnesota Starwatch show

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Minnesota Starwatch takes you on a monthly tour of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere with particular attention to transient events such as eclipses, meteor showers, comets and much more

By University of Minnesota - Dept. of Astronomy

Canine Nation show

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Better living with our dogs through modern training methods based on behavioural science — Positvely rewarding for both you AND your dog!

By Eric Brad