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Extinct? - from the Bigfoot Report show

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Michael Merchant, Damian Bravo, Ro Sahebi discuss all the latest news, gossip and bs about Bigfoot, sasquatch, the Yeti, skunk ape, bigfoot sightings, Finding Bigfoot, bigfoot videos, yowie, Melba Ketchum, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, hirsuitii, orang pendek, hoaxes, dna, Patterson Gimlin, tracking, everything


Green Tech Today (Video HI) show

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Green Tech Today is the essential show for the eco-minded geek. Brought to you by the TWiT network and hosted by Becky Worley and Dr. Kiki, Green Tech Today covers the technology, news, gadgets, and innovation fueling the green movement! "Green Tech Today" is fun, informative, and full of ideas! Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Des étoiles plein les yeux show

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À l'occasion de l'Année Mondiale de l'Astronomie (AMA09), le CNRS produit, en partenariat avec le CNES, une collection de podcasts vidéo, "Des étoiles plein les yeux", à regarder en baladodiffusion. Composée d'une vingtaine de films courts, cette collection permet de comprendre tout l'intérêt de la recherche spatiale. Elle dévoile des aspects du Cosmos que nous n'imaginions même pas : Sommes-nous seuls dans l'Univers ? Ira-t-on peupler un jour la Lune ? Quels sont les objectifs de missions comme Mars Express ou Cassini-Huygens ? Un astéroïde risque-t-il d'annihiler toute vie sur notre planète ? A-t-on percé les mystères des trous noirs et de l'énergie noire ? Jusqu'au 13 novembre 2009, chaque semaine, un nouveau podcast vidéo est à découvrir et à télécharger sur le site Internet de l'INSU-CNRS.

By Paul De Brem et Olivier Le Bihan, CNRS Images

Our Undiscovered Universe: Null Physics show

Our Undiscovered Universe: Null PhysicsJoin Now to Follow

Our Undiscovered Universe: An Introduction to Null Physics and its scientific applications through discussions and interviews with Scientist Terence Witt.


CiTR -- Radio Freethinkers show

CiTR -- Radio FreethinkersJoin Now to Follow

Join Don as he explore the world with a skeptical eye. It's the show that applies skepticism and critical thinking to everyday issues. The place where reason and reality cross swords with politics, religion, economics and of course science. Join us each week, subscribe to our podcast and get ready to be skeptical.

By CiTR 101.9 Vancouver

Fifty Second Physics with Professor Jim Al-Khalili show

Fifty Second Physics with Professor Jim Al-KhaliliJoin Now to Follow

Professor Jim Al-Khalili (University of Surrey) introduces some key concepts in physics, each in 50 seconds.

By Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Slice of SciFi: Sirius-XM Radio Show, Online Edition show

Slice of SciFi: Sirius-XM Radio Show, Online EditionJoin Now to Follow

Science Fiction TV & Movie News, Interviews & more: News about science fiction TV, movies and more from Michael, Brian, Sam, Summer and the news team. If it's on TV or in the movies, and has spaceships, long swords, vampires or zombies, we are probably talking about it!

By Michael, Brian, Sam and a cast of dozens

The Agroinnovations Podcast show

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Podcast focusing on issues related to permaculture, organic, water conservation, appropriate technology, open source, and relocalization.

By The Agroinnovations Podcast

Popular Science Radio show

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POPULAR SCIENCE RADIO brings you all the newest discoveries and emerging technologies, cutting-edge innovations in science and technology each week. Presented in an interactive, entertaining and easy to understand forum with host, Alan Taylor. Broadcast weekly from out Los Angeles studio and "on the road", Popular Science Radio brings you behind the scenes coverage from technical and scientific events around the country. Get the latest on time travel, warp factors, reprogramming your mind, artificial intelligence, and the current innovations in automobiles, gadgets, food science, technology, health and lots more. Join host Alan Taylor with an exciting a mix of scientific experts, bold inventors, tech geeks, dreamers, innovators, tinkerers, thinkers and celebrity guests. This is your source to uncover scientific and the technical treasures on nationally syndicated radio, podcasts, and more.

By Entertainment Right Now

The Gestalt Gardener show

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Each week gardening expert Felder Rushing talks with professionals and amateurs alike about all aspects of gardening and shares stories. He also takes calls with any garden-related questions or stories.

By Mississippi Public Broadcasting