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MOOC Podcast: Intro to Anatomy and Physiology with Doc C show

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Lecture audio from this course in Anatomy and Physiology is presented to you by Dr. Gerald Cizadlo of the College of St. Scholastica. These lectures will be of interest to students,those planning careers in science and medicine,and current practitioners in the field. Enrollment in the next free and open online course associated with this podcast is open now with the next offering of the course slated to begin on May 20, 2013. For more information or to enroll, go to Please note: The content and opinions expressed here belong to the author and are not necessarily endorsed by The College of St. Scholastica.

By Dr. Gerald Cizadlo

Naturejobs Podcast show

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Welcome to Naturejobs podcasts. Our series of free audio shows features interviews and advice from experts in the field and highlights diverse career issues relevant to today's scientists. Naturejobs podcasts can be delivered directly to your desktop by subscribing to our free RSS feed. Simply click here and copy and paste the URL into your media player.

By Nature Publishing Group

The Toothsoup Science Pod show

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Every week, Dr Phill English takes a new discovery in science and breaks it down into its components. Why is it important? How did they do it? What future applications might it have? At the same time, the basics behind each discovery are discussed using analogies and language that anyone can understand.

By Phill English

What is Global Health? (WiGH?) show

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WiGH? brings together the voices of prominent scientists, activists, and student leaders from diverse fields to conceptualize interdisciplinary solutions to major problems in scientific research and public health. We also explore the philosophical underbelly of these provocative issues; our guests share stories and anecdotes, and we ask them to reflect on their moral convictions. We try to personalize science and public health through intimate conversation and by asking: “What is Global Health?” Hosted and produced by The Journal of Global Health team at Columbia University.

By The Journal of Global Health at Columbia University

Minnesota Starwatch show

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Minnesota Starwatch takes you on a monthly tour of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere with particular attention to transient events such as eclipses, meteor showers, comets and much more

By University of Minnesota - Dept. of Astronomy

Sea Grant and Lake Superior show

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The world's largest freshwater lake in surface size, Superior is a unique jewel of the Great Lakes system and is an area of both considerable economic activity and increasing environmental concern. Find out how Wisconsin Sea Grant has supported various initiatives to help foster and sustain the economic and environmental vitality of this freshwater ocean.

By University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

Canine Nation show

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Better living with our dogs through modern training methods based on behavioural science — Positvely rewarding for both you AND your dog!

By Eric Brad

Build Podcast show

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Build Podcast is a show about technology tools for design and development. Each episode, Sayanee will be creating a screencast that will take you through step-by-step in using one tool to build a little project, all in the fun spirit of hacking, creating and building stuff!

By Sayanee

The Vetpodcast - Veterinary Podcast show

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The Vetpodcast. A mixture of interesting animal health related topics and some shake your head in disbelief stories discussed by animal health experts from around the world. Brought to you by veterinarian Dr Bryan Gregor from New Zealand, if you are a pet owner, an animal lover or in the veterinary industry there will sure to be something for you! Visit us at for links to topics discussed or contact us via for topics you would like to discuss or just to say hi!!

By The Vetpodcast

과학이 빛나는 밤에 show

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초보 과학그림책 작가와 함께 하는 이야기 여행, 매월 초, 그리고 시시때때로 출발합니다.

By 밤지기