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Faith. Business. Fun. - The Podcast by Marlee Ward show

Faith. Business. Fun. - The Podcast by Marlee WardJoin Now to Follow

There is an overwhelming amount of business and marketing training available to micro (digital) entrepreneurs, all designed to solve the same old problems the same old way (using cookie-cutter systems, tactics, & tips). Sometimes it’s helpful. Often it’s frustrating. The training I offer is designed to do the opposite. It’s designed to solve “the same old problems,” in a completely NEW way. It’s always helpful. It’s never frustrating. And…it will transform both your life and your business forever. Because that is what happens when faith, business, and fun intersect. :) On this show, you’ll find Bible-based inspiration and insight sprinkled with a whole lot of fun for daily living as an entrepreneur. Ultimately, these insights will help you find an entirely new way of reaching your maximum potential in your business and life. Join me? Go ahead and subscribe so you never miss a weekly episode or YOUR "word for the week!"

By Marlee Ward

Creative Leader Roundtable show

Creative Leader RoundtableJoin Now to Follow

Creative Leader Roundtable features discussions with creative leaders about how they help their teams do brilliant work.

By AccidentalCreative.com - Todd Henry

The Key To Retirement - Your source for financial planning advice show

The Key To Retirement - Your source for financial planning adviceJoin Now to Follow

Unlocking the financial planning secrets to retiring well.

By Scott Plaskett, CFP & Catherine Plaskett, CFP

AICPA Insights show

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AICPA Insights is the official blog for the American Institute of CPAs. AICPA Insights features posts from AICPA staff on a variety of topics affecting the accounting profession, the Institute and its members.

By AICPA Insights

Money Time show

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With a slowing economy, uncertainty on Wall Street, and an increasingly powerful government, many of us are uncertain of our financial future. This podcast, brought to you by Becomingyourownbank.com, brings insight and sheds light on how to create wealth in a difficult economy. We go in depth on many ideas including Infinite Banking, Arbitrage, and Immediate Legacy.

By Becomingyourownbank.com

The Superman Fan Podcast show

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Superman Fan Podcast is currently featuring the silver age of Superman stories found in Action Comics, Superman, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane and World's Finest Comics.

By Billy Hogan

knit obsession with zknits show

knit obsession with zknitsJoin Now to Follow

a knitting podcast with an obsessed knitter...

By zknits

Replacement Level Podcast show

Replacement Level PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Baseball content for Baseball nerds

By Ross Carey

MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials Podcast show

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Now you can properly understand what’s going on in the stock market, the financial industry, and the economy… and also become a smarter investor. MoneyWeek is the UK’s best-selling investment and finance magazine. In these short videos, MoneyWeek’s deputy editor, Tim Bennett, explains a wide variety of investment and finance topics in a clear, simple and engaging way. <p> In some videos Tim covers issues in the news e.g. the state of the banks, what the Chancellor and the Bank of England are doing, how multinational companies avoid paying tax. Others give a view on the markets e.g. three reasons to sell Apple. And others cover general investment themes e.g. how to properly understand pensions, how to value an income stock, and five key dates every shareholder should know. </p> Whether you’re an active investor, a student of finance, or simply someone who wants to understand more about the financial markets and the economy, Tim’s videos will help you grasp ideas that you’ve never had properly explained to you before. Here are a few comments from people who have watched Tim’s videos on YouTube: "If 10% of the population had his grasp of markets and how they work the economy would be in much, much better shape." "I could not have asked for a better or clearer explanation! Thanks." "Damn, you did a good of explaining that simply." "Great video as usual, I'd recommend all of these to anyone” For more investment advice, updates and tips, do visit the MoneyWeek website: www.moneyweek.com

By MoneyWeek Magazine

Toasted Cake Podcast show

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Toasted Cake is: * 1 crispy-gooey fantasy &amp; science fiction flash story podcast every Monday * dark, twisted, frosting-covered stories hand-picked &amp; read by me * THE best way to prepare cake, in case you hadn't guessed * an idiosyncratic 2012 podcasting venture from Tina Connolly.

By Tina Connolly