Support is Sexy Podcast with Elayne Fluker | Interviews with Successful Women Entrepreneurs 5 Days a Week! show

Support is Sexy Podcast with Elayne Fluker | Interviews with Successful Women Entrepreneurs 5 Days a Week!

Summary: Hosted by media entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach Elayne Fluker, the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast features candid interviews with successful women entrepreneurs, around the world, who get real and share inspiring true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys -- where they started, when they struggled, and how they still made it happen. 5 days a week, every Monday through Friday, each episode of SUPPORT IS SEXY will give you actionable strategies for success, tips for building your support network, pitfalls to avoid and important lessons learned that will motivate you to take your business, and your life, to the next level! Elayne Fluker is a media entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach, who was a journalist for more than 20 years before launching her own media brand. She is also founder of Chic Rebellion Media, a communications company that creates video, digital, television and podcast content to help women share their stories, and founder of -- a podcast booking service for women entrepreneurs. Join Elayne and her guests every weekday and get inspired! Remember: Having it all does not mean doing it all alone. And nothing is more powerful than women supporting women. Visit for more, and thank you for listening!

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  • Artist: Elayne Fluker: Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Media Coach and Consultant
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 525: It All Starts with Your Intention | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 09:49

Whatever you're thinking or dreaming about creating in your business or your life right at this very moment, it all starts with intention. On this episode, I share how intention helped lead me to one of the greatest adventures of my life, and how it continues to guide my steps. 

 524: Insider Secrets to Success for Your Etsy Business with Hello World Paper Co. Founder Kelly Parker Smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:15

Kelly Parker Smith started Hello World Paper Co. in 2009 on Etsy by designing hand stamped cards. while she was still a full-time, third-grade teacher. Today, Kelly has sold nearly $1 million dollars on Etsy alone and consults other brands on how to share the same success. What was the key to her success? On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Kelly shares insider tips to growing your business on Etsy, including marketing must-haves, common mistakes, and more.

 523: Legal Lessons for Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs from Attorney Jackie Stoughton of Jade & Oak | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:44

On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, attorney Jackie Stoughton of Jade & Oak shares common oversights online entrepreneurs make when it comes to legal advice, what you need to know about GDPR, and how to protect yourself and your business.

 522: Confidence Coach Amy Smith Tells How to Stand Up for Yourself without Being a _____ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:00

Amy E. Smith is a certified confidence coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Founder of, Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Amy shares how to set healthy boundaries and stand up for yourself without being a _______, plus, the best way to be a supportive friend.

 521: Media Coach Katrina Cravy Shares the Must H.A.V.E. for Nailing Your Next Interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:05

With more than 20 years of media experience, Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist Katrina Cravy has now started her own company to help entrepreneurs attract the media and train executives to be their best on camera. Her book, On-Air – Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity promises to make you think like the media and transform the way you market your business to any audience.

 520: It's Time to Streeeeetch (and Have Faith While Doing It!) | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 08:18

As you continue to grow as an entrepreneur, there are going to be many, many moments where you're faced with the opportunity to really streeeetch and try something that takes you outside of your comfort zone. And if you don't choose to do it, there will be times that you are pushed to do it. Don't fight it, embrace it -- and have faith while you're doing it.

 519: Why You Need Support Even If You're the "Strong" One | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:55

In today's REWIND, we hear a powerful reminder from Miss Jessie's co-founder and CEO Miko Branch, who was originally episode 223 of the Support is Sexy podcast in May 2017. Miko speaks openly about the suicide of her sister and co-founder, Titi Branch, in 2014, and the importance of getting support as "successful women" who seem to have it all.

 518: How to Bounce Back from Rock Bottom with Gratitude | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:10

In today's REWIND, we hear from comedian and actress Kim Coles -- who was originally episode 295 of the Support is Sexy podcast in August 2017. In this episode, Kim speaks openly about going from television superstar to struggling, financially strained actress, and how she bounced back from a deep depression with the help of intentional gratitude. 

 517: Guard Your Energy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:07

In today's REWIND, author and celebrity doula and birthing expert Latham Thomas -- also known as Glow Maven -- reminds all of us, who are pregnant with new ideas and new beginnings the importance of guarding our energy. Heather was originally featured on episode 302 of the Support is Sexy podcast in September 2017.

 516: Are You REALLY Stuck? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:33

In today's REWIND, author and serial entrepreneur Heather Havenwood shares a powerful message she received during a low point in her entrepreneurial journey where she felt stuck: You're not a tree; you can move. Sometimes, we're the only obstacle that hold us back from moving on with our lives after a failure or disappointment. So ask yourself: Are you really stuck? Heather was originally featured on episode 356 of the Support is Sexy podcast in November 2017.

 515: How to Stand By Your Values and Know Which Opportunities to Let Pass By | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:33

In today's REWIND, actress-writer-producer-director-mommy-feminist Reagan Gomez not only talks about how survive in Hollywood without anyone else’s permission, but the importance of knowing your values and which opportunities should get you on the freeway, and which ones shouldn't. (You'll learn exactly what she means when you hear this episode.) Reagan was originally featured on episode 152 of the Support is Sexy podcast in January 2017.

 514: How to Find Your Way as an Entrepreneur When All Seems Lost | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:58

In today's REWIND, Harlem's Fashion Row Founder Brandice Daniel openly shares what it's like during those early days of entrepreneurship, when you don't know which way to go and you find yourself -- as she did -- walking aimlessly through the aisles of the local Walmart in tears. (Boy, can I relate!) Brandice originally appeared on episode 108 of the Support is Sexy podcast in November 2016. I hope her story inspires you to keep going today. Clarity could be just around the corner -- in the next aisle. ;

 513: How to Redefine Your Relationships in Love, Career and Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:21

In today's REWIND, we learn how to go hard and go home with a powerful message about redefining love with author and relationships coach, Charreah K. Jackson -- who was originally episode 123 of the Support is Sexy podcast in December 2016.

 512: How to Embrace Your Mess, Live a Big Life and be a Badass Babe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:44

In today's REWIND, we read between the lines with veteran magazine editor and The Big Life author Ann Shoket about how to embrace your mess, live a big life and be a badass babe. (Yep, it's possible!) Ann was originally episode 244 of the Support is Sexy podcast in June 2017.

 511: Why You Win By Being Your True Self | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:51

In today's REWIND, we get a powerful message from our guest, blogger and NY Times bestselling author of I'm Judging You, Luvvie Ajayi -- who was originally episode 290 of the Support is Sexy podcast in August 2017. In this episode Luvvie shares the power of vision and persistence, and why you win by being your true self.


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