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Women's Leadership, Women's Career Development, Business Executive Coaching & Podcast by Sabrina Braham MA PPC

Summary: Since 1989, Women Business Leadership Skills and Career Development Executive Coaching Advice. Interviews with Successful Women CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Help You Influence People, Improve Performance, Get Promoted, Increase Earnings and Enhance Your Job/Life Balance

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 WLS 105 Strengths Based Leadership for Women During CoronaVirus | Sabrina Braham and Erin Passons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:25

It would be amazing to see yourself as an inspiring and influencing women’s leader. But how is that possible during Coronavirus? Do you want to learn the art of strengths based leadership for women? Do you want to polish your strengths rather than improving weaknesses? Do you want to know how you can mix your talents and strengths into one powerful tool? Do you wonder why your skilled employees are not taking your company to the next level? Listen to his episode of Women’s Leadership Success podcast podcast on strengths based Leadership For Women with Sabrina Braham and Erin Passons. This podcast will be a powerful tool for you to learn how you can utilize your strengths and apply them in your work, making you a remarkable women’s leader. The discussion is a revolutionary concept on the entire how’s and when’s on STRENGTH. Especially important  during these tough coronavirus times. How can you use your strengths to be a successful women's leader? Jennifer Lopez said, “Don’t push your weaknesses, play with your strengths."  Are you focusing on your weaknesses and trying to improve them?  Are you unsure if you have valuable talents or strengths that you can utilize effectively? Do you know about your strengths, but take them for granted?  Stop wasting your time trying to eliminate your weaknesses. Apply these tips for Strengths based Leadership for Women.  In this episode you will learn about your strengths, and how can you develop them to increase your impact and influence, and to effect change in organization. You will also discover how can you use your strengths to develop others. Erin Passon Interview on Strengths Based Leadership for Women   Erin Passon, a former Management Consultant at Gallup, is a certified Executive Coach and a certified MBTI practitioner and also the founder/President of Passon’s Consulting.  She’s also a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Organization Development Network (ODNet), and the founder of Strengths Network San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals in Southern California. She helps big and small companies and businesses stand out from the crowd.      Listen & Download Now Women’s Leadership Success 105 Summary: Strengths Based Leadership for Women Why is Strengths-based philosophy & culture so valuable? (4:35-7:18) Are you aware of the strengths and talents of the people in your organization? What are they? How can you maximize them in your culture? Strengths and Talents: Are they same? (7:20-8:26) Do you have a specific talent you are proud of? Do you have particular strengths? Have you ever considered if both of them are the same or if you can use both of them to become a successful women's leader? Strengths and its Impact! (12:18-14:39) How are our strength’s related to our relationships? Does it have anything to do with our performance or team effectiveness? How does it affect our communication or collaboration in business? Why it is so powerful when it comes to Strengths based leadership for women? Incorporating strengths-based leadership in your team approach will change your leadership outcomes. The impact of strength based leadership and workplace (14:40-16:11) By following strength based leadership for women you will become a more effective and inspiring leader. You will be amazed to know how certain leadership styles can make your organization stand out of the crowd. What are the common traits of great leaders? (14:40-17:53) They are different depending on their unique strengths.

 A Woman Leaders Guide to Grace | Sabrina Braham & John Baldoni | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:21

A Woman Leaders Guide to Grace to Advance Your Career & Leadership Do you want to learn the act of Grace? Do you want to inspire your colleagues by graciousness and kindness? Do you want to cultivate the Culture of Kindness and Grace In Your Company? Do you want to solve your problems in your work environment by practicing graciousness? You have got to listen to today’s podcast of Sabrina Braham and John Baldoni where they have enlightened some key points to understand what ‘Grace’ is and how you can work on a Woman Leaders Guide to Grace! This podcast will change your perspective towards your leadership practices and make you a better, kinder person.   Why grace and kindness an important leadership skill to learn? There’s a very wise saying, “Whenever life plants you, bloom with Grace”. Being gracious is an ability some people have it by default. The best thing about having grace is that it is contagious and it will spread like a beautiful fragrant blooming flower.  Learning how to practice grace in business culture will make you reach heights you have never imagined before. Not only you will feel energized, positive and determined towards your goals but you will have inner peace and mental satisfaction of your deeds. Isn’t it important to change our styles and thoughts towards others? Shouldn’t we make our acts contagious? Isn’t it easy to have a Woman Leaders Guide to Grace for a successful life?   John Baldani- Author of: Grace – a Leader’s Guide to a Better Us   John Baldoni- Author of: Grace - a Leader's Guide to a Better Us John Baldoni is an executive speaker (Inc.com Top 100 Speakers 2018), leadership educator and author of 14 inspiring books changing the perspectives of traditional leadership techniques and inspiring women leaders all around the globe.         Listen & Download Now Women’s Leadership 104 Highlights: Importance of Woman Leaders Guide to Grace Learn what GRACE actually is (1:25-3:19) Learn about the meaning of grace and how it can become a crucial thing to become a successful women leader! Relation of Grace to our businesses and work? (3:22-4:19) A game changer for your businesses and work! Know things you have never noticed before and how can they have a strong impact on your personality! The need of grace in our work and lives? (4:38-6:46) Do you want to live a happy, content and satisfied life? Do you want to know how can you breed grace in your lives and work? Amazing facts which will change your life are waiting for you!  How can you learn to reach out to one another (7:04-8:48) Understand how you can help others in a different way you have never worked on before! Do you want to inspire others by your charismatic leadership way? This is it!! Can you share a story of a leader that practiced Grace? (9:25-10:40) Inspiring story of a leader which will teach you how worthy you are when you practice grace! Want to know who is this famous leader? Learn what is Generosity? (12:57-14:11) Learn free tips on being generous and inspiring others to the extent that you can get things done from anyone in your company! Interesting, no? How to view problems as teachable moments?   (14:22-16:14) Do you rant or whine about your problems? Is it hard for you to solve issues at hand? How well do you tackle a situation in your business? Get to know about these questions now! What is respect as social currency? (18:16-19:13)

 Email Management for Women Leaders | Time Management Tips with Dianna Booher & Sabrina Braham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:23

   Want to save valuable lost time? Email Management for Women Leaders   Email  Management for Women Leaders Top Email Hacks Are you tired of spending hours replying to countless emails? Would you like to manage your email and time better? Do You want to master email management the way successful women leaders do? Then listen in today as my guest, Dianna Booher and I discuss the importance of email management for women leaders and shed light on how women leaders can save time and increase efficiency on emails. Why Top Women Leaders Manage Their Emails and Save Valuable Time More than half the time, the few 6-8 hours we spend at work daily is not enough to accomplish certain tasks we have mapped out for that day. Email management skills become crucial to  woman leaders as it helps to reduce overall work stress and gets things done faster. As a woman in leadership, getting a grip on your time management by focusing on the important things and delegating or outsourcing the rest is important. Effective email management in the workplace even goes as far as improving one’s productivity and overall quality of life. It can be achieved in many ways. This is what Dianna Booher and I focus on in this podcast.   Dianna Booher – Time & Email Management Expert Dianna is a master communicator and author with 48 books. Her entire life work is centered around all forms of communication. She travels the globe with various organizations, teaching great skills and sensitizing corporate bodies on the value of effective communication in the workplace and how to achieve it. Based in Dallas Fort Worth, Dianna has a research institute that works with different organizations to help them expand their influence to build a strong executive presence via effective communication skills. Dianna and Sabrina Braham are passionate about  helping women move up the corporate ladder through insightful communication skills, leadership and career development. Dianna Booher; Time Management Expert Listen & Download Now Women’s Leadership Podcast: Email Management for Women Leaders Show Highlights Discover surprising ways that people handle their email time management (3:35-5:25) A lot of people in the workplace are spending a lot of time on emails. Studies show that 42% of the workforce is spending three hours or more replying to emails. This statistic is actually a clear insight on how many professionals and leaders in the workplace are very disorganized about communication. Spending that much time every day on email is a major distraction and poses a huge problem in the work environment. Learn how to declutter your email for great results and better work experience. (7:50- 10:20) One of the easiest decluttering strategies for emails is not treating your inbox as a to-do list. It is easy to look at an email that needs your attention and make a mental note to get back to it the following day. So, you leave the email opened and move on to the next one. You do this to four emails in a row and before you know it, you are already confused as to what you were supposed to do with each email. That set of emails remain unattended to and just keep piling up in your inbox. It helps to make an actual note on your calendar and then delete the email to enable you to move to the next. Learn the importance of “changing the subject line” on your emails for better email management and communication (10:29-13:00) It is easy to look at the subject line of an email and think you have already attended to that when in fact there is a thread of new information you are yet to see. Also, this wastes a lot of time as you will have to go through a thread of say 15 emails to fin...

 Behavior Change for Women Leaders: Unlearn with Barry O’Reilly & Sabrina Braham | WLS 102 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:40

Behavior Change for Women Leaders (and Men) Are you afraid of making mistakes in business?  Are you ready to change your behavior to generate more success?  Are you curious about a different mindset that will impact your career advancement? Then listen in today as Sabrina Braham and Barry O’ Reilly shed more light on how behavioral changes can effect the progress of women in business. This podcast will share secrets that can help you “unlearn” certain behaviors for more success and discover useful ways to advance your career. Why is this Important? Plato once said that “human behavior flows from three main sources; desire, emotion, and knowledge”. This means that our behavior is largely hinged on the things we desire, how we feel and the things we know. It, therefore, goes without saying that our behavior towards our jobs and life as a whole goes a long way to determine the kind of output we get. As women in business, having the right behavior  and actions can take you a few steps higher on the corporate ladder. In order to achieve this, certain past behaviors have to be “unlearned” and new ones learned. This podcast will show you how a timely behavior change in business can positively effect career development for women.   Get to Know Barry O’ Reilly, Author of Unlearn; Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results Barry O’ Reilly is an entrepreneur, business advisor and author who focuses on sharing his knowledge of product development, innovation, culture transformation in the workplace and team design for better business relationships and environments. He works with thought leaders and teams from all over the globe to strategize on ways to keep businesses on the right path to consistent growth. He makes use of his knowledge of culture transformation to unlock the potentials of businesses. His book “Unlearn” focuses on shaping and reshaping the behavior of people in the workplace and helping them achieve great results without focusing on past successes.  Listen & Download Now WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP SHOW 102 HIGHLIGHTS: BEHAVIOR CHANGE FOR WOMEN LEADERS Find out what it means to “unlearn” (6:26-11:00) Holding on to old business models, behaviors, strategies, and even competencies that made you successful in the past doesn’t always work especially with the dynamic nature of the corporate world. Unlearning what does not work and then learning new things isn’t always easy, but it is the only way to move forward in business and is a crucial part of behavior change for women leaders. Learn about the different signals that indicate the need to unlearn (11:50- 14:30) Knowing and describing what success means to you or your project is the segue to determining what behavior or actions need to be unlearned. Avoiding challenges or exhausting strategies without getting results are usually indicators that a modus operandi or behavior towards your goal needs to be unlearned. What are the different steps for behavior change for women leaders? (14:46-27:33) It is important to know exactly the things you want to unlearn, identify all the challenges and also be focused on what you want to achieve. Taking note of past behaviors gives one a clear idea of what steps can be taken or behaviors learned for better outcomes. Then you implement tiny new behaviors for greater success. Learn the mindsets to change a behavior (29:35-31:10) Having a good idea of the behaviors that are not beneficial to your journey towards your goals and learning a system to take small but decisive steps to curb them, will disrupt toxic patterns and give a clearer and easier path to success.

 Communication Skills for Women | How to Speak Up to Have More Impact | Sabrina Braham MA MFT PCC | WLS 101 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:33

Do you want to learn better communication skills for women? Are you keen on improving your general communication skills? Do you want to learn how to communicate like the leader you are? Then listen in today as Sabrina Braham discusses the importance of effective communication in the workplace and gives deep insight into building strong communication skills for women. This is the final part of a 3-part series on “Communicating like a leader for women”  Why are Communication Skills for Women Important? Great communication skills is one of the major keys to a successful working relationship with your colleagues and employees. A study by leaders in partnership revealed that in the workplace, men tend to control the conversation 75% of the time. This shows that effective communication in business is something a lot of women employees or even those in leadership positions seem to struggle with. Sometimes, women unknowingly exhibit certain behaviors that may undermine their position and expertise in the work environment while communicating. Sabrina aims to show women how to pass the right message at all times through the communication skills training shared in this podcast.   Get to Know Sabrina Braham M.A  MFT PCC Sabrina is a certified mentor, and founder of Braham and Associates, a firm which focuses on consultation, training, assessment, and executive coaching for leadership development. She also helps women attain their career goals through team building, performance management and improvement, conflict resolution and change management. She is certified by the ICF and has over three decade’s worth of experience in leadership development, management consulting, mentor coaching and a host of other skills. She is passionate about seeing women succeed in their different career fields and dedicates her talent, skills, time and resources to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed. Listen & Download Now   Women’s Leadership 101 Highlights: Communication Skills for Women Leaders Why do Women Not Speak Up as much as Men? (3:44-5:00) Women have been trained or conditioned to be quiet or to listen more than they talk and this is strongly evident in social and religious gatherings and even in the workplace. Also, many times, women tend to remain quiet for fear of being misunderstood or just plain disregarded by their colleagues.  Learn How an Inability to Communicate like a Leader Can Negatively Impact Women in the Workplace (5:27-7:40) This silence or inability for women to speak up leads to stagnation in most of their careers. Being unable to get ideas out to the right people and just feeling afraid of how people might react to suggestions and contributions have kept many brilliant women quiet in corporate environments. This harms their career growth as they are ultimately seen as incompetent which could minimize their leadership development.  Find Out the Different Ways This Can Have an Impact on their Career (7:50-11:39) Not speaking up can affect women in leadership in various ways as discussed above. Developing a mindset that is ready to deal with criticism and learn from mistakes is one that will really help strengthen communication skills for women. Being too focused on perfection can stifle functional growth in the corporate world and also affect confidence for women. Having a clear idea of objectives and goals goes a long way to keep women on the right path regarding their contributions and ideas.  Learn about a Great System that can Help Women Overcome these Communication Blocks (11:40-25:00) Communication skills for women can be strengthened through a ...

 Leadership Relationships for Women Leaders | Sabrina Braham & Tim Warren | WLS100 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:35

Have You been wondering how you can create better leadership relationships? Want to learn how deepening relationships can make for better career development? Need new and insightful management skills that can boost your career? Want to know how deepening relationships can affect and favor women’s leadership in the workplace? Then listen in today as Sabrina Braham sheds light on the importance of deepening leadership relationships and how this can affect career development and leadership success for women.  This is part 2 of a 3-part series on “Communicating Like a Leader for Women” (WLS 99 – 101) Why Are Leadership Relationships Important?   The value of deep and strong relationships in the workplace cannot be over stressed. While it exposes you to a variety of business opportunities, it also makes you the go-to option on everyone’s list for top corporate opportunities. While skill is important, it is also crucial for the success of your career that you learn how to create deeper leadership relationships to help take you to the next level. This and more is why this podcast is very important. Get to Know Sabrina Braham M.A M.F.T PCC Sabrina is a certified mentor, and founder of Braham and Associates, a firm which focuses on consultation, training, assessment, and executive coaching for leadership development. She also helps women attain their career goals through team building, performance management and improvement, conflict resolution and change management. She is certified by the ICF and has decade’s worth of experience in leadership development, management consulting, mentor coaching and a host of other skills. She is passionate about seeing women succeed in their different career fields and dedicates her talent, skills, time and resources to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed. Sabrina Braham M.A. MFT. PCC   In Women’s Leadership Success Podcast episodes 99 – 101, Sabrina is interviewed by her husband and executive producer “Tourism Tim” Warren so Sabrina can share her “Communication, Career and Leadership Development Tips” WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP SUCCESS SHOW 100 HIGHLIGHTS   Learn Why Deepening Relationships is Important in Order to Communicate like a Leader (6:40-9:15) Deepening leadership relationships goes beyond mere networking strategies. It is easy to network with 100 people at conferences; however, most times this usually leads to no progress to your career. On the other hand, a deeper working relationship with 5 people can bring a lot of business and career development opportunities to your doorstep. Deepening relationships takes more time but the results are always worth it.   Learn Key Steps You Can Take to Deepen Leadership Relationships (9:16-12:56) Self-awareness is really the first step to deepen relationships and this covers a good knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. This can help you understand what others bring to the table, what is unique about them and how this information can help you deepen your relationship with them towards better leadership and faster career development.   How You Can Deepen Leadership Relationships with Your Superiors at Work (13:00-15:56) It is easy to ask your superiors or people you look up to for advice or tips on what to do to improve your skills or fill your gaps. By just giving them reports and updates on what you did with their advice goes a long way to tell them that you are proactive about your career development and will help deepen your leadership relationship with them.   Get Insight on How to Continually Deepen these Leadership Relationships with Ease (15:60-20:16) Asking your superiors for assignments or tasks that can test your new knowledge is ...

 Leadership Listening Skills with Sabrina Braham | WLS 99 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:26

Ever thought about how effective communication skills can impact your business? Are you less confident about your leadership listening skills? Do you want to learn how to communicate like a true leader? Then listen in today as Sabrina Braham shares the tenets of effective leadership communication skills and how these skills can create a huge impact on your career and business in no time. Why is this Important? As a leader, you definitely want to ensure that you and your entire team are on the same page at all times regarding all business decisions. Effective leadership listening skills is the way to ensure that this goal is always achieved. Also, great listening skills on your part is a sure way to improve employee engagement in the workplace and get things done a lot faster. If you have been struggling with listening and communicating like a leader, then, this podcast will definitely come in handy. Let’s Get to Know Sabrina Braham Sabrina Braham, MA, MFC, PCC, is an author, founder of Women’s Leadership Success Radio Podcast and the Women’s Leadership Success Academy and also a Professional Certified Executive Coach. For over 28 years, she has worked with CEO’S, business owners and thought leaders, developing strategies to help maximize their business’ potentials. She specializes in women’s leadership development, management consulting, executive coaching, assessments and trainings, team building, etc., and conflict resolution in teams or between employees through emotional intelligence training. WLS99 LEADERSHIP LISTENING SKILLS PODCAST SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Learn Why There is So Much Focus on Leadership Listening Skills Training for Women Leadership listening skills are very foundational to all leadership positions and not having it can cause such a strain on women in business. It can impede growth and promotions, and doesn’t help your professional relationships in the workplace. Get insight on the True Impact of Leadership Listening Skills for Women Through a Real Life Story About a Client (6:25 -13:00) This real life story offers in-depth insight into the different ways leadership listening skills can impact your career and take you to the next level. It sheds light on the importance of deepening professional relationships through effective listening for career development. Find Out the Best Way to Deepen Professional Relationships Through Great Listening Skills (15:00-16:20) Great listening skills is a good way to deepen relationships in the work place. It helps one feel felt while communicating with colleagues and superiors and also sets a great foundation for better communications in future and trust. Find Out Great Tips on How One Can Develop Deeper Listening Skills For Career Development (18:00- 22:00) Practicing tips like listening without interrupting, deeper listening, asking questions will definitely help solidify one’s listening skills and create positive results. Get first-hand insight into Sabrina’s Listening Tips Sabrina shares amazing leadership power tips to help all women in leadership positions to listen and communicate more effectively. Leadership listening skills is a very important tool for women to yield in the workplace. For the purposes of women’s leadership and career development, it is important that you take time to listen to this podcast on communication skills training for women and use the nuggets shared to your own advantage.

 Leadership Communication Skills with Sabrina Braham and David Hiatt | WLS 98 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:11

Are You Curious about the Impact of Leadership Communication skills in the workplace? Do you want to learn how to communicate better with your colleagues and superiors? Would you want to learn how great communication skills can take you to the top of your career? Then listen in today as my guest, David Hiatt, an author with over 27 years of sales and leadership training experience shares some insight on leadership communication skills and how women in business can use it to their advantage. Leadership Communication Skills Expert, David Hiatt Why It’s So Important Leadership communication skills is one of the bedrocks of any thriving business. As a woman at the top of her career or working towards career advancement, your communication skills are one of the things that determine whether or not you will get and maintain leadership roles. Effective communication skills for women goes beyond the usual back and forth between colleagues at work, it focuses on the ability to pass information and express ideas with clarity among customers, stakeholders, partners and the general public. Leadership communication skills is one of the hardest business skills to master as it is really easy to say but hard to execute. This podcast takes you right into the value of leadership communication skills and how it can boost women’s leadership in the workplace and also help in pushing their various career advancement strategies. Let’s Get to Know David Haitt David Hiatt is an author with a BA and Masters in communications studies. He owned and successfully operated a Sandler Training Center for about ten years before he was recruited to handle trainings on a national and international level. He is extremely passionate about leadership communication skills and dedicates his time to helping others on their career advancement journey via effective communication skills. He is a recent author of a great book called “From the Board Room to the Living Room” 1. Find out the characteristics and example of a poor interaction and learn great insight on how to improve your leadership communication skills Bad communication is usually due to poor listening skills coupled with everything else. If you learn to listen intentionally, there’s a high chance you will communicate a lot better. 2. Learn about Empathy and its significance in Leadership Communication Skills It is easy to downplay the importance of empathy in everyday communication. However, it is the key to being a great listener as it gives insight on the person’s situation and helps you communicate a lot better. 3. Learn how strategies such as awareness and engagement questions help in everyday business communications Everyone has a different style of communication and this goes a long way to affect our daily interactions with people and in the workplace. Communicating the wrong way might give others a wrong impression of your character and this is why it is crucial that these strategies are learned and mastered. 4. Find out why it is always great to take time to think and get a clear perspective of a response before offering it in a conversation When it comes to women’s leadership, it is always important for us to take a minute and figure out the right response in conversations. This way, we are able to make use of our logic in business communications rather than our emotions 5. Learn why a mutual agreement is important 6. Find out what the most significant leadership communication skills is 7. Learn what it means for outcomes of all communications to be down to choice 8. Get access to great tips on leadership communication skills and how to use them in everyday women management and career advancement For us women, effective leadership communication skills are very important to the success of our careers.

 How To Get Women On Boards | BOARD-SEEKER: Your Guidebook for Women into the Corporate Boardroom | WLS 97 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:58

Ever wondered why women have so many challenges getting on boards in the corporate world? How do companies benefit with having women on boards? Do you want to know how being on a board can radically enhance your career and connections? Then take some time to listen as my guest, Mr. Ralph Ward shares great insight on the concept of women’s leadership and how to get women on boards. This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies that can help put more women on more leadership boards and help them make giant strides in their careers. How to get women on boards expert Ralph Ward Why is Getting Women on Boards a Necessary Conversation? Even though boardroom diversity is gradually increasing, women still remain grossly underrepresented on leadership boards in the workplace. Delloite carried out an assessment of about 6000 companies in 49 countries and found out that the percentage of board seats held by women is only 12%. This number is quite measly considering the fact that women are becoming more qualified and accomplished in the corporate world. So one would wonder why there are so few women on boards today. This episode of Women in Leadership podcast will focus on the challenges women face in trying to get leadership roles in the workplace and how to ensure more women get on boards.   Listen & Download Now HOW TO GET WOMEN ON BOARDS SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: WLS #97 Sometimes, women do not feel the need for a leadership role in the workplace. They just don’t see any reasons why they should be on a board. Learn some great reasons why you should be on a board today and how it can impact the women in your environment positively. Get good insight on what makes a person "boardable" today Learn about an outreach portfolio, what it is and how it helps put women on boards What are the great ways to gain allies and partners that can help get you on a board? Reasons why it is crucial that your boss is onboard Learn how to decide which non-profit board is the best for you to be on Be exposed to the different professional and interpersonal characteristics boards want their members to exhibit Learn about the different challenges that come with getting women on boards Get to know who a board mentor is and how you can get a great one Learn great networking tips to get you on that board! Why today more than ever getting more women are boards is actually better. For women to make a real impact in the corporate world, they have to be in the right positions to do so. The time for women to be on more boards is now! To get more insight on how you can get started, listen now. What Questions or Comments do You Have About Getting Women on Boards? Please post them below in the comments box and me or Ralph will get back to you.

 The Achievers Guide To Self-Discovery & Living Large To a Fresh & Exciting Future | Women’s Leadership Success #96 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:40

Hello current and future women leaders: Do you ever feel afraid - or hesitant to be yourself at work? Would you like a special “achievers guide” to help change that? Great! Then you need to listen to this show. What my special guest and I share with this achievers guide is going to help you use your greatest gifts, strengths and talents to do the work that energizes you and makes an impact on those around you.   Although many people may be dissatisfied with important aspects of their lives – careers, relationships, financial circumstances, and health – they are often unclear over what changes they need to or want to make in order to be more effective or change direction.  Attempts at self-help are frequently stymied by limiting beliefs carried over from early life experiences. The good news is you can change these "limiting "false Beliefs" and we are going to show you today.   About the Guest Author Elizabeth B. Crook the author of Live Large:  The Achiever's Guide To What's Next. She is also been the CEO of Orchard Advisors for the past twenty-plus years, Elizabeth Crook has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs think and act strategically to grow their companies and find greater personal satisfaction.  Crook knows how to inspire people to gain a fresh sense of what they can accomplish in their lives, think about themselves with compassion, develop a sense of humor about their challenges, and ultimately take action.  Listen & Download Now Women’s Leadership Success # 96 | Achievers Guide Highlights How to stop being afraid or hesitant to show your talents Discover your know-hows Learn the importance of the right questions Find out when is the best time to have a new beginning What to do if you are afraid of making a mistake? What do Mister Rogers, and RBG Ruth Bader Ginsberg have in common? How does reflective time help your career? How does the achievers guide uncover your limiting beliefs Why waiting is the wrong move “Live Large is an invitation, a challenge, an imperative, even a dare to embrace the entirety of who we are, and to create a life of potency and inspiration.  It captures the celebratory feeling of affirmation that we are using our greatest gifts and talents to do work that energizes us and makes an impact.  When we are living large, we get to throw our arms in the air and feel excited and inspired about what we do.”  Elizabeth B Crook   What are Your Next Steps to Improve Your Leadership? I appreciate you listing today and I want to ask you 2 quick questions:       Sabrina Has 2 Important Leadership Questions for You The first question is: Do you have false beliefs or resistances that may be holding you back in your career or business? You are not alone. Join me in my next free webinar Nov. 8 where you will learn how to “Activate Your Leadership Building Super Powers© We’ll address 5 top false belief’s many women have and what you can do to change them. Just sign up on the right hand side bar on WomensLeadershipSuccess.com My 2nd question is:  Are you highly motivated? Do you want to accelerate your career & leadership now? Then one on one coaching with me is your best choice. I will help you explore the possibilities of who you can become and how to determine your Path To A new Exciting and profitable Future. Contact me at  Sabrina@sabrinabraham.com

 Women Leaders in Tech and Business | Nevertheless She Persisted Pratima Gluckman | WLS 95 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:11

Are you curious about the challenges that women leaders in tech face and how they overcome them? Have you been wondering how to rise above the crippling stereotypes that exist in the industry and showcase yourself as a highly talented woman who is an expert in her field? Do you want to learn about the different steps you can take to assert yourself as a professional in your career? Would you like to learn how to overcome the crippling gender bias that exists in the industry? Then take some time to listen today as Pratima Gluckman, an engineer, author of Nevertheless, She Persisted and a woman leader in tech talks to us about her newly published book and how she overcame the crippling stereotypes in the tech industry to rise to the top of her technology career. Here’s Some Interesting Facts About Women Leaders in Tech Positions for females in the tech workforce are growing at a large rate of 238% faster than those for males. However, only about 7% of capital funding offered by the United States goes to companies with female CEOs. There’s Definitely a Career Development for Women Problem For women leaders in tech, there are certain challenges with getting ahead in their chosen field. It is not always easy to get rid of the barriers and gender bias that exist in this field especially as the number of women leaders in tech are not as high as that of men. However, there is certainly a light at the end of this tunnel as a lot of women leaders in tech are rising up to occupy leadership roles and cement their positions as experts in the industry. This and more is what my guest and I tackle on today’s podcast. Listen & Download Now Why is Women's Leadership in Business So Important? This podcast takes you right into the highly relatable struggles of women in the high tech industry and how they can turn it into a success story. It gives clear insight and a tested game plan which highlights the importance of women leaders in tech and how we can assert ourselves as thought leaders and experts in our different companies. Women in the tech industry are constantly faced with trying to prove their credibility to their male counterparts and this sort of makes us riddled with the imposter syndrome and the feeling that we don’t belong here. Also there is the fact that a lot of women have more mentors than sponsors and this makes it harder for us to break through these barriers.   Nevertheless, She Persisted, Women’s Leadership Success Radio #95 Highlights Often, women are not paid equally to men, are not treated as fairly in the workplace, and are overlooked for promotion and leadership roles. How can women overcome these stereotypes? Learn how to work and thrive in a male-dominated industry. What are some other obstacles that women in the tech industry face? What is imposter syndrome and how can women overcome it? Why is it important for women to have sponsors in the work place? How can women get more of these sponsors? Learn how to build your credibility and align yourself with the right forces in the industry Gender bias has eaten deep into the very fabric of the tech work place. What insights can be used to tackle this issue? Why women in the work place are viewed as aggressive while men are viewed as strong? Top advice to women leaders in tech to set them apart from the crowd   Are you committed to expanding and deepening your leadership and career talent? Would you like to know how to leverage yourself for greater success? For quite a while I have been putting together a unique pr...

 The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide | WLS 94 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:18

Do you ever wonder why is there such a large gender divide of women in senior management positions? Are you curious about the underlying reasons that women aren’t making it up to the higher levels? Do you want to know the two most important attributes to help you advance your career? Would you like to know the career development strategies successful women use to overcome self-imposed limitations? Then join me today with women's leadership, emotional intelligence and the gender divide expert and Author Dr. Shawn Andrews to learn how you can break the glass ceiling to advance your career, leadership and life. Here’s some important facts on women in the workforce: Women make up about 52% US labor force. We also know that women make up most professional occupations, such as attorneys and physicians. When you look at education, 60% of bachelor’s degrees in both the US and in Europe are obtained by women.  But here is the problem.  There are more women than men in the workforce and women have the professional degrees. Women are getting the experience and have the education to back them up.  So it would be a natural assumption to think that would translate into leadership and women climbing the corporate ladder. Unfortunately that is simply not the case. If you look at the number of female CEOs at our S&P 500 companies, it equals 5.2%. That translates into 26 female CEOs.   This is an unacceptable gender divide that my guest expert and I want to help change. Gender Divide & Women Leadership Expert Dr. Shawn Andrews Dr. Shawn Andrews is and expert on how to overcome the gender divide.  She’s a keynote speaker, an organizational consultant and the founder and CEO of Andrews Research International.  She serves as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School where she teaches courses on organizational behavior, women in leadership, diversity in organizations, leadership and ethics.  She was a 2017 diversity and inclusion columnist for Training Industry Magazine and is the author of the new book, The Power of Perception:  Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Gender Divide.   Listen & Download Now Leadership and the Gender Divide: Women’s Leadership # 94 Highlights What are the top informal network barriers that most women do not have access to that hold women back? Why is gender bias and gender stereotypes such a big gender divide, and still pervasive across all industries globally? What is “agentic leader behavior,” and what that means is that we tend to associate leader traits with male traits.  When you think of a leader, what comes to mind?  You don’t hear empathetic, great team player, great communicator, or great at relationships. Why don’t we associate female characteristics with leader characteristics? Learn about “role congruity theory,” and how we make assumptions that people have to act in certain ways to be successful in a certain role. Top advice to women in a profession that’s male dominated to overcome gender divides, barriers and misperceptions. What to do if you are stuck doing office housework. Work-life balance, family choices and breadwinner/caregiver issues.  The dangers and pitfalls of being superwoman The candid conversations couples are not having with each other that ruin careers The hidden benefits of a male sponsor. Difference between transactional and transformational leadership?  How can women navigate through assumptions and unconscious gender bias to get promoted?  Secrets to key relationship building   How to Activate Your Career Building Super Powers! Are you committed to expanding and deepening your leadership and ca...

 The One Percent Edge | How Business Women Leaders Can Gain Advantage and Build Sustainable Success | Womens Leadership Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:54

How Business Women Leaders Can Gain Advantage and Build Sustainable Success? We all know change is one thing that’s constant in life, but how much effect does change really have? How important is it? How can you evolve to change and use change to keep business sustainable? Today we are going talk about how small changes can make a big difference and establish a sustainable business with entrepreneur Susan Solovic. Susan is a business woman herself, a business contributor to ABC News and other leading networks, and an award-winning serial entrepreneur. Susan is here with us to explore and help us understand how change gives that 1% edge to business women, help them move ahead in business, and how to make small changes for sustainable success. Being a serial entrepreneur, who else can better explain how to sustain as a business and coach on women's leadership? Right? “You don’t want to stay in the status quo.  You want to be in the status grow,” Susan Solovic Why Become Outdated and Extinct? Susan says many companies want to stick with what has worked for them in the past and follow them. This means, they’re looking back, instead of forward and that’s one of the key reasons they’re failing. Basically, they’re too engrossed with their operations and afraid to make changes. As a result, they’re following old styles and methods, failing to see how things are changing around them. Don’t Stay in “Status Quo” Instead be in “Status Grow” In her words, “You don’t want to stay in the status quo.  You want to be in the status grow,” We’ve all see numerous companies, even fortune 500 companies closing down their operations recently. It is not that they don’t have products that are in demand anymore; the truth is they have stopped being innovative. So, the first thing she addresses is the edge business women need for sustainability. Listen & Download Now How Business Women Leaders Can Gain Advantage and Build Sustainable Success? Business Women Innovation = Sustainability We all think innovation is a drastic change and a completely new concept or product. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Innovation is the edge that brings sustainability. Being on the lookout for changing trends and keeping oneself updated is the key to sustain in business. Does that mean the change is about how we look at things? It is. She’s quick to add that innovation doesn’t have to be destructive or something big, rather, even small and simple changes that will let us stay current. In her book for business women (and men), she says even with best products or concept, without the right people, management and infrastructure it will not  succeed. She says it is important to understand that there’s no need to make an impact to sustain as a business women, just adapt to stay ahead of competitors. When you want to evaluate and determine if the business is going in the right direction, ask yourself how do you do it? She says, everything should be questioned. She says the entrepreneur should feel proud about the achievement, but it is important to leave ego or other feelings at the doorstep and critically evaluate if everything is right. She says it is important to ask questions, small or big, absolutely everything should be evaluated and questioned: Do I have the right people? Do I have the right people? Are my products / services current? These are just a few suggestions to give you an idea. No Room for Ego She says it is equally important to ask tough questions. Examples include: Is the technology I am using current or outdated? Who is my competition? I have thought that myself when I started coaching in corporations and business women. I have always wondered how they would find time to strategize and t...

 Brave Leadership: How to Unleash Your Most Confident, Powerful, and Authentic Self | Sabrina Braham & Kimberly Davis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What is Brave Leadership? Are you a manager or leader? Do you believe that how you think limits the results you get in your organization? Here’s the shocking truth. Over 90% of leaders have no self-awareness of how they “think about things”, (beliefs, assumptions, cultural, etc.)  radically impacts the results they get from themselves – and their team. If managers want engaged, excited and loyal employees, they must care enough to walk in their shoes and experience the work they do and their personal challenges, and see leadership through their eyes.  When you have empathetic concern (covered in this Brave Leadership interview) it breaks down barriers, facilitates change, creates trust, and makes relationships work. Are you ready to challenge outdated assumptions and offer yourself a fresh new perspective to be confident, powerful and your authentic self? This is brave leadership shared by our guest Kimberly Davis. Kimberly Davis, Author of Brave Leadership Kimberly Davis’ is the author of BRAVE LEADERSHIP which provides tools to help leaders get out of their own way so they can bring their true selves to whatever situation arises. Her life has taken many forms, forging a circuitous path that has given her more than 25 years’ experience in front of groups and audiences of all sizes.  Her rich career includes work as a professional actress; designing and leading cross-cultural workshops throughout Japan; “Customer Experience Programs” in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Hong Kong; and employee engagement/leadership development workshops for a multitude of Fortune 500’s throughout the US. including companies such as GE, Merck, and Pepsico. Listen to this interview on now to find out how you can increase your brave leadership impact. Listen & Download Now “If you want to be a brave leader, it is critical to get clear about your Super Objective and take consistent, mindful action to achieve it in every situation you face – especially when the stakes feel high,” Kimberly Davis   Brave Leadership Highlights; Women's Leadership Success #92: Ten top traits of brave leadership Why ‘respect’ comes before ‘trust’ Learn the power of empathy in action A different way of thinking about brave leadership and influence Discover what confined thinking is and how to change it Find out what “your barriers to grace,” are. How to increase your impact as a woman Discover super objectives and how to you put them into action Easy tips to increase your confidence for career development Be seen as genuine, worthy of trust, reliable, and believable “Confidence is knowing that we can count on ourselves because we’ve experienced ourselves succeeding.” Kimberly Davis.   What Are Your To Questions and Comments on Brave Leadership? Please post them in the comments window below.

 Career Development Advice from a CEO Mom | Karyn Schoenbart & Sabrina Braham MA PCC | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:27

What if every time you asked your mother for something or had to figure out a problem growing up, she taught you as if she was training you to be a CEO? And in the process you received excellent career development advice, that you used later on as an adult. Needless to say you would have saved years of struggle and wrong turns in your career if you had had a mom like that. Career Development Advice from a CEO Mom Now here’s the good news. Our guest is that CEO mom and she is here to give you great career development advice. She will share lessons on everything from effective first impressions and workplace politics to relationship development, skill building and other skills that will propel your career faster and further than you thought possible. This will help you if you are a newbie or a seasoned professional. Karyn Schoenbart who is the chief executive officer of The NPD Group, a global provider of information and advisory services to many of the world’s leading brands.  The CEO Connection named Karen one of the top 25 most influential women of the Mid-Market.     Karyn is the author of Mom B.A. and an expert on career development advice. Listen & Download Now   Women's Leadership Success 91: Career Development Advice Show Highlights Your #1 career development advice; how to earn your competitive advantage Why the first impression is so critical. How to prepare for a meeting or job interview if you are a newbie Networking as a stepping stone to deeper relationships Taking the time to connect How do you navigate working with a bad boss How to make the most of a good boss Maximize your brand by speaking up When should you speak up at a meeting? Career development advice on the difference between a manager and a leader Learning to delegate Sabrina 14 Masterful Communication Tips to be a Great Leader Here are 14 top communication tips from almost 100 top leaders guaranteed to help you be a better leader and advance your career and get promoted.   Want leadership and career development advice? What are your top questions and comments? Write them below and I will get back to you soon or cover it in a future episode of Women's Leadership Success Radio.


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