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 5 Ways to Infuse Diversity and Inclusion Into Your Organization | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 403

This is not a side issue: it’s time to adopt a more systematic, coherent approach to D&I.

 What Is It Like to Be a Software Engineer? | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 652

I am fascinated by coding. Seriously, how does it even work? And what is it like to be the person behind the code — a software engineer?

 What Does It Take to Be a Professional Photographer? | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 761

What does it take to become a professional photographer (and maybe even get your photos noticed by Beyoncé)?

 How To Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 227

Research shows that negativity causes us to shut down, stop communicating, and cease being helpful to others. But thriving—the mental state in which people feel a sense of vitality and learning — blunts negativity’s toxic effects.

 I Want to Play Video Games for a Living | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 586

Can you make a career out of playing video games? Short answer: Yes.

 Becoming Forever Employable | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 214

How can people stay viable and valuable throughout their careers?

 Make the Most of Relocating: The Costs | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 324

Despite the great potential of relocating for work, geographic moves present several possible drawbacks. (2 of 3)

  Understanding Inclusion: The Value of Real Inclusion at Work | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 131

Diversity does not always translate to inclusivity. How to ensure that your efforts are making your employees feel like they belong. (2 of 3)

 How to Have Hybrid Meetings That Work for Everyone | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 381

As workplaces take tentative steps towards a new normal, social psychologist Heidi Grant shares best practices for interacting when some are in the office and some are remote.

 Understanding Inclusion: Why Belonging At Work Matters | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 144

Many diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace fall short of helping employees feel like they belong — and why this matters. (1 of 3)

 Make the Most of Relocating: Maximizing Your Move | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 344

Six ways to take full advantage of the benefits of relocation. (3 of 3)

 Understanding Inclusion: 4 Ways to Cultivate Belonging At Work | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 209

Real inclusion means your employees feel included, involved and accepted at work. (3 of 3)

 Can We Measure Bitcoin’s Impact on the Environment? | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 576

Today, Bitcoin consumes as much energy as a small country. This certainly sounds alarming — but the reality is a little more complicated, says Nic Carter, whose firm invests in public blockchain startups.

 How Crises Created Opportunities For Good Leadership | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 388

In these unprecedented times, corporate leaders’ principles are being put to the test. The best, says former Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, are rising to the challenge.

 This Feels Impossible | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 632

2020 was a rough year. And the start of 2021 doesn't feel like it's getting any easier. So how do you stay focused at work?


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