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Summary: MP3 audio narration of The Federalist Papers. Originally published 1787-1788, these essays serve as a primary source for interpreting the United States Constitution. Thomas Jefferson called the Federalist Papers the "best commentary on the principles of government ever written".

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 The Washington Herald July 13, 1912 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:49

• Elephant in a Rage Nearly Kills Keeper • Children Cause Reconciliation • Ninety-Five Funerals Held in a Day; Hearse Supply Exhausted • Pie of Pioneers Will Soon Be a Crusty Relic of the Past • Jeweler's Clerk Says He Stole Watches So He Could Get Married • Treatment Continued • Metal Corset Stops Bullet • The Nervous Wreck (poem) • Pension Increase Depends Upon Finding Long Lost Bible • Why We Have No Paris • Wears Stick in His Buttonhole; Souvenir of Hotel Flagstaff • Aviators to Take Part in War Game • Morning's Morning Absinthe a Dream After October 1

 The Washington Herald July 12, 1912 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:29

• Ancient and Honorable Artillerymen March Through London Streets • English Strikers and Police Battle in Streets of London • Be Kind to Your Horses • The Centenary of Gas • Julius Ceasar by George Fitch • Battle of Fort Stevens Fought 48 Years Ago • Boxer Honey Melody is Down and Out • Makes New Air Record • Capital Banks May Adopt Famous Finger Print System

 The Washington Herald July 11, 1912 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:30

• Cruelty to Fleas Investigated by SPCA in Asbury Park, N. J. • The Abolition of Hell Fire • A Life's Occupation • Wants Buffalo Coins • Montana by George Fitch • Dry Party Finds All Others Bad • Woman Fights Bulldog to Save Kitten's Life • Camera Decides Winner of Race

 The Washington Herald July 10, 1912 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 14:37

• Hotel Bars Jap • Angler Carried Off by Turtle • Stabbed in Lung by His Own Rib • West Virginia Sheriff Calls for Militia to Subdue Striking Miners • Fireflies Cause Panic When They Invade Powder Mill • Attempts Suicide in Same Old Way • Suckers Trail T. R.; So Do Dips • Sulzer Wants World Peace • Adee Back in Capital • Danger in Raw Foods • Police Captain in Chase After Handbag Thief Falls Into Street Hole • Profanity by George Fitch


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