FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience show

FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience

Summary: Fly with AAWA "SOUNDSCAPES”... Now, global travelers on AMBIENT WORLDS Airways can communicate freely, discussing music that envelops the listener... When sound expands far beyond traditional “pop” music... AMBIENT WORLDS features more than Chill Out, Electronica, Classical, World and Jazz Fusion, transcending traditional genres, embracing new realms of creativity, transporting the spirit to audio soundscapes that inspire imagery, emotion, invigoration, passion and meditation.````ASTRANOVA your number 1 station for Cosmic World Fusion from Outstanding Artists around the Globe. Mind Travel to Exotic Destinations with ASTRANOVA. Dedicated to Quality Originality and Creativity.``````AMBIENT WORLDS amazing WORLD FUSION of listeners includes subscribers in over 100 countries...NOW, Astranova’s Ambient Worlds Airways launches SOUNDSCAPES, where travelers around the globe can interact with fellow audio explorers, leave comments, reviews or images about the shows, music and artists featured...Unique pre-release mixes of artists in the Astranova network will be available to UNIVERSAL PASSPORT holders!``

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 FUSION WORLDS - AAWA 008 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:36

ALGERIA, Gombri Khalid - AWML mix - Visit ALGERIA with FUSION WORLDS - Perhaps your safest form of Remote Viewing, this track features Noth African Gombri-Bass, Ney Flute and traditional skin drums and percussion in a funk-filled groove that transcends world jazz fusion genres. Go to AWML - Ambient Worlds Music Library for the full Hi-Fidelity version on ARABIAN ADVENTURES!!! Feeding BritCaster.com

 AAWA 007 - Midnight World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:24

Visit Vincent James incredible “Midnight World” for Machine Love! Now available for download or licensing through AWML on the “URBAN CONNECTION” Machine Love's influences include psychedelic, lounge, jazz, funk, and rock artists such as Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, Visit Venus, Air, Pink Floyd, Piero Piccioni , Cocteau Twins, Herbie Hancock, Porcupine Tree, Armando Trovaioli , Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Lesiman and Miles Davis. Here's what some reviewers have said: "...their imagination seems to know no bounds... they have a fantastic collection of ambient music...and every one is a gem of a production and flowing with creative ideas... I think these guy's are amazing writers of ambient music...." -- X-eption Radio "...Awesome music...lushly orchestrated tracks that ply a smooth mid-tempo groove. Floating ambient interludes take some of the cuts into New Age territory, but the rambunctiously funky beats bring them back down to earth..." -- Listen.com "This is just straight-up 'Booty-music', kinda like updated porno-funk...but better" -- ElectronicScene Members Vincent James: All Except, Tad Ro: Guitar, Belinda Blair: Vocals, Jim Hedges: Guitar Artist URL http://www.garageband.com/artist/machinelove http://www.machinelove.com

 AAWA 6 - N. Y. Connection on AWML | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:18

Just Released : URBAN CONNECTION from Ambient Worlds Music Library - Start the Journey here with Wizard & Tee’s classic Trip Hop : New York Connection! Cover Photography: Taylan Kaba / Linz, Austria NEW YORK CONNECTION : What listeners think: funky beat the dreamy beginning, kicks out a smooth like butta beat. The sequencer sounds great over the drums. The feel of the keys is just right for this track. The mood is very up beat, like you wanna move. The production for the song is done well : great funky track. Extra Credit: Drums, Mood, Originality. - Musifuger from Alpharetta, Georgia, USA Great atmosphere! The build up in the intro is very sweet, I really like the way the flute adds to the groove and the percussion is really sweet, really tight. The keyboards are nice, they have a very contemporary chill feel to them that's really engaging. Mood-wise I can totally imagine a smoky lounge while a huge band plays on a tiny stage, suits and fedoras under dim lights. Extra Credit: Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Melody, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track. - marastorment funky, groovy Nice intro, I love the synthline. The keyboard sounds are original and good quality. The drums are cool too, nice drumsounds. the mood is a nice moving, funky groove. I like the production, very good mix balance and good overall sound quality. - cubist from Brussels, Flanders, Belgium Jammin' Punchy beats, I like that. The production is phat and effective. Fantastic jazz licks! - doublechan Good stuff... Definitely something to have available in the disc changer for a party. Well done! Extra Credit: Production, Mood, Originality. - Rick_LaCapo from Upland, California, USA Brave band. Wonderful track, this song is one of the best I've heard in this style. Great job on the melody. Great job on the effort. Extra Credit: Mood, Originality. - dustfungus from Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA Herbie Hancock feel It's very modern and yet old-school like. I enjoy the rhythm and the attention to detail on the little intangible components of the song. I really enjoy the jazzy aspects of this piece, the horns, the older rap in the background, and the noise that ensues. The keys grab that old-school flare. A+ to the production. Someone was obviously up late at night on this one. I enjoy the long fade out which brings me back to a very modern world of sound. The song bounced back and forth between eras seemlessly. Excellent job. I will listen to more of your material. Extra Credit: Drums, Production, Beat, Mood, Originality. - ejsmith22 from Denver, Colorado, USA Relaxed... really relaxed mood here. Keyboards are clean and well played. Production hits 5 stars... well. theres loads of stuff floating around. somebodys been putting hes heart into this, thats good. I just wish best of luck. - Alleyfoo from Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland I love the synth at the beginning of the track. it had a sense of motion but a very simple melody. The beat was nice and fat when it kicked in. Great production, very professional. Extra Credit: Drums, Production. - Human_Weather from Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA drive you start out real quiet and then build it up to a really interesting tune. Your sound shows variety and groove. The mood is uplifting, the Keyboard as everything else are in Harmony with each other, the production level is there... Very nice work! Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production. - Upavas1 from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Professional production, great composition This is very well produced, sounds very professional. I love all the sounds, and how they are arranged. The panning is off the hook. This one goes into my playlist for sure, i would use it a DJ set in an instant as well. It reminds me of some Ninja Tune or Tummy Touch stuff. Extra Credit: Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production. - dr_shakes from Jersey City, New Jersey, USA This mother isa... I lov

 AAWA 5 - Le Voyage Dans La Lune COVER PHOTOGRAPHY By YUICHI TAKASAKA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:12

ASTRANOVA’s latest release! "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" By: Corrado Rossi is an amazing tour de force! With an elegant fusion of Jazz, Electronica, Classical and Ethnic Music, Italian Pianist Corrado Rossi's first ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS release is an impressive blend of World Fusion. Mr. Rossi's remarkable grasp of melody and harmony is obvious on this outstanding addition to the unique ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS label. With superb collaborations from Italy's number one ambient jazz fusion band, The Wimshursts Machine, as well as Indian Sarod virtuoso, Bhargav Mistry on "Flying East", Corrado Rossi's "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" explores exciting new realms within the dynamic World Fusion genre, while retaining a romantic, relaxing European identity. As portrayed by the spiritually uplifting cover imagery of award-winning Canadian photographer, Yuichi Takasaka, "Le Voyage..." transports the listener far beyond earthly confines with magnificent cosmological observations on "Eclipse", "Exosphere", "Message From Earth" and "Aldebaran". "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" truly exemplifies the expansive, uplifting creativity that defines ASTRANOVA's AMBIENT WORLDS Airways... Click here to Link To AAWA’s 1st VIDEO Podcast on U-Tube: Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways 004 - Zero Digital "G" Video Production: Tree Go Mee Ro Productions - http://www.trigomiro.com Video Editing: Augusto Chiarle Photographic Imagery: MEMSI All this & Much More... on the next Journey on AMBIENT WORLDS: "INVISIBLE CLOISTER" by: SLEEPWALKER coming soon on "Ambient Worlds Journey 4" "CIMMERIA" by: The Wimshursts Machine coming soon on "Ambient Worlds Journey 4" "SERENDIPITY" by: Scott Hill & Jezz Woodroffe from "QUASAR" "HEAT (is Not Made of Tiny Hot Things)" by: Mystikos Quintet from "HEAT" "Zero Digital Gravity" by: Alien Music Club from "Zero Digital Gravity" "Passages Through Time" by: Scott Hill from "Tribal Gathering" "NEUTRON STAR" by: PASCO from "Guardian Angel" "ANDALUCIA" by: Mediterranea from "Snakecharmer"

 AAWA 4 - Zero Digital "G" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:10:07

Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways 004 - Zero Digital "G" AMBIENT WORLDS, ASTRANOVA is celebrating new releases from Alien Music Club, Mystikos Quintet and QUASAR On this whirlwind tour, we will be experiencing Somnambulance with brilliant Bulgarian maestro, SLEEPWALKER, as we visit the mystical "INVISIBLE CLOISTER", where we pass thru a time space portal with TWM, to a land of barbarians in antediluvian earth...to "CIMMERIA"! Then, through pure "SERENDIPITY", we discover that "HEAT is Not Made of Tiny Hot Things" With the temperature rising steadily, we lift off to achieve "Zero Digital Gravity", where "Passages Through Time" can occur spontaneously... Next, with our sense of time distorted, we take "MY SOMA" to achieve equilibrium, while we watch the Sun dwindle to a distant point of light, as we are attracted my the massive magnetosphere of the "NEUTRON STAR"!

 NEBULAR SPACE SPONGE - AAWA Flight 003 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:59

AAWA Flight 003 is NOW boarding! LIFT OFF with Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways! As our Globe is warming, and sea level rises, in the future, we will need a "SPACE SPONGE" to absorb the excess water, so let's travel into "THE VOIDE" with Super -Swedish Electronica Master, Dave Almgren... On "SoundscapeS" we preview the next AMBIENT WORLDS show... While the nations that surround the NORTH POLE vie to claim the Arctic for themselves, as the pack ice melts, we soar far above and beyond with DREAM VOYAGER, to imagine a future where the Arctic Ocean's rich ecology thrives on international collaboration for the preservation of the Planet... Ahhh, now that would be truly be a vision THROUGH the NEBULAE to an Enlightened World! PLEASE WELCOME OUR AMAZING NEW TEST PILOTS: Dave Almgren’s The VOIDE from Stockholm, Sweden Si Oliver’s KALABI from Cheshire, United Kingdom Please feel free to comment - JOIN US on the JOURNEY! Best wishes from AMBIENT WORLDS! Alex C Featured Destinations on AAWA Flight 003: 1 NEBULON - Wizard & Mzungi 2 SPACE SPONGE - The Voide 3 THOUGH the NEBULAE - Dream Voyager 4 PASO FINO - Romaniacs 5 ZORRERO - Mediterranea 6 BURNING VIOLINS - Kalabi 7 ALGERIA - Scott Hill 8 FONTAINEBLEU - Dream Voyager

 MINDMELD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:16:45

AAWA flight 002 - MINDMELD, Featuring: EMERALD LAGOON from ISLAND HOLIDAY SILENCE - Hassan El Shafei Waterdrops - The Wimshursts Machine A Point To Nowhere - Oleg Somov CONTACT - Dream Voyager There's SO much excitement here @ AMBIENT WORLDS! The Brilliant MYSTIKOS QUINTET will soon be releasing a new LP on ASTRANOVA, and the remarkable talents of Hassan El Shafei from Cairo, Egypt and Oleg Somov from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan will be featured on the next AMBIENT WORLDS show! (Get a preview on SoundScapeS) Whatever you do, be SURE to catch the Electron X Summer Party! Also, we are pleased to announce the first show (JOURNEY) from our "home", ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS! Our new interactive podcast is entitled SOUNDSCAPES - Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways...SoundScapeS is the place to discover the latest innovative Compositions from Astranova's unique team of international artists... Latest releases from AMBIENT WORLDS include PASCO's Epic Electronic Masterpiece, "GUARDIAN ANGEL, Science Fiction Adventure", a Cosmic Homage to the bygone days of Radio Drama like "Buck Rogers" & "Flash Gordon", with an incredible 21st Century Soundtrack from the Anglo-Dutch PASCO Team... We are delighted to announce that AMBIENT WORLDS - JOURNEY 3, "ISLAND HOLIDAY" is available NOW in the iTune music store. Get Journey 3 and Chill out NOW! Get a preview of the latest ASTRAL releases and the new SPACE STATION 5 coming soon on AMBIENT WORLDS... A. A. W. A. SoundscapeS Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways Universal Passport coming soon on My Odeo Channel (odeo/5b8a8157fd50e49b)...Feel free to comment on any of the shows, music or artists featured below! Happy Journeys, Alex Catillo ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS

 Join Us On The Journey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:55

“AAWA : SOUNDSCAPES”... Now, global travelers on AMBIENT WORLDS can communicate freely, discussing music that envelops the listener... When sound expands far beyond traditional “pop” music... AMBIENT WORLDS transcends traditional genres, embracing new realms of creativity, transporting the spirit to audio soundscapes that inspire imagery, emotion, invigoration, passion and meditation. On Astranova’s Ambient Worlds Airways soundscapes we invite our fellow aural travelers around the world to truly Join Us On The Journey! On soundscapes, both listeners and artists can express in words or pictures thoughts and feelings about traveling with our unique Universal Passport. original Illustration Inspired by: “algeria, Gombri Dyskee” from “world horizons” Featured 3D ARtwork : KAL RAMZI / “algeria” London, UK


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