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Free Form Freakout show

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Free Form Freakout produces bi-monthly podcasts that focus on a wide range of underground and experimental music from the past and present, with a particular focus on current micro-label activity from around the globe. The show includes artist and label features, in-depth interviews, and in-studio performances and guests.

Global Underground show

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An explosive journey from what’s bubbling in the underground to hot alternative sounds.

Sacred Dub Podcast show

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Contemporary dub and ambient music with a focus on the work of Bill Laswell. Regularly includes work by Laswell, Pete Namlook, Mick Harris and more.

Rythmic Music Radio Show show

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Rythmic Music is a South African House record label established by H Justini, Deepslick, Linda and Chujo in 2010. After struggling to get deals while knocking on doors. The guys decided to build their DOOR. With a few releases on Afrodesiamp3, the guys are still establishing themselves as a brand. The company does not only promote thier music but also hosts events that feature other DJs and artists outside of the label. The weekly podcast also showcases unreleased House music only from South Africa. The company is more than just a business to the guys, it is a home, a passion and a way of giving back to the community. With every show and every release the company is yet to grow. www.rythmicmusic.com

Higher-Music.com Podcast show

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Listen to an ambient transmission of space-music featuring independent artists distributing their music via a creative commons license. The Higher-Music podcast will meet all of your beatless, amorphous, nebulous and ethereal musical needs. This podcast can be interactive wall paper, if you let it be.

Everything is Going to the Beat with Ari Kyle show

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Tune in for mixes of great electronic dance music and some of my original tracks in the near future!

By Ari Kyle

Using what is not (ripples in the quantum field) show

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triphop,psychedelic dance.produced and processed through a laptop.I love female vocals.I love dance and breakbeat music!Composing is so sweet!Hopefully it's inspiring,hopefully it will make people move.Be good.A great man compared the universe to a vast net woven of a countless variety of brilliant jewels,each with a countless number of facets.Each jewel reflects in itself every other jewel in the net and is,in fact ,one with every other jewel.

●•♪ ATML  ●•♪ show

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ฟังเพลงเพราะๆทั้ง Pop,Rock,Indie and Easy listening... สำหรับคนทุกๆคนที่รักเสียงเพลง ดำเนินรายการโดย นิค หรือ 'Smarties'. **อย่าลืมสนับสนุนศิลปินไทยด้วยการซื้อTape หรือ cd ของพวกเค้านะครับ** **Support the artists, please buy their Cd**

By Smarties Nik Thomas

The Fevered Brain Of RadioMike show

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RadioMike has been doing his radio show for over five years. Now it's a podcast. stop in and listen and see what you've been missing.

Podcast of MySpace Musicians show

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A podcast that includes all those band on MySpace that were skipped over for the release of the MySpace CD.