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Tantric Audio Drum and Bass Podcasts show

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www.torontotantricaudio.com a site for both the latest in Tech House and Drum and Bass music preformed by DJ Tantric and friends of Tantric Audio. Playing out of Toronto Canada, all sets are available for streaming or download as well as Podcast subscription. We can also be found at www.facebook.com/TantricAudio

By Tantric Audio, DJ Tantric

Luquado's Music Podcast show

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I like making music. But not everything I create will be on a CD. So instead of letting those homeless songs collect dust, I release 'em here, for you, for free. These songs are a variety of styles, and you're free to distribute them on your favorite file sharing network that hasn't been shut down yet. They're all copyright (c) me, blah blah blah, so leave the ID3 tags and filenames intact, but other than that, enjoy!

Staccato show

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Music that's less likely to get you sued.

Microtonal Podcasts show

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This is a blog designed for Podcasting New Music by contemporary composers. While I favor microtonal music on this website, I also post music by other composers as well. I believe that composers should spend ten minutes a day, every day, making music. You can skip composing on those days you don't eat. Listeners should also spend ten minutes a day listening to music that is totally different from what they usually hear. This site is a good source for that kind of different music.

Open Source Audio show

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A selection of copyright-free recordings from the Internet Archive, this time featuring Cannon's Jug Stompers, one of the great jug bands of the 1920s.

Radio Clash show

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Radio Clash from MutantPop.net - mixes and mashups, crazy covers, the eclectic and the electronic. News and events from the bootlegging/mashup scene. Not intended to be 100% work or school safe. Sporadic noise transmissions, 100hz tone, 30+ minutes. If you liked this, email me at radioclash@mutantpop.net or come and say hi at the MutantPop.net messageboard!

Avolta Radio Brazilian Grooves show

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Avolta Radio brings you the best in brazilian rare grooves from the 50s to the 80s. Each week a different theme, from samba soul to soap opera soundtracks and bossa nova to bossa jazz

Siren Rebellion show

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Drinking tequila at a biker bar and wearing silk at a business dinner: discussing sports, books, music and ten uses for duct tape all in one conversation. She's smart, witty and sexy - she's a Siren.

solipsisticNATION show

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Featuring the very best of all forms of electonica.


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6:Dirty Lifestyle Element. bringing you the newest music from Detroit and around the world.

By E.Spleece & 6dirty.com