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IRSHA - Channelings from Ascended Masters show

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Monthly Channelings and meditations through IRSHA - an integrated flow of frequencies transmitting intelligence and information from Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood of Light, read by Elmarilla Bailey.

Ghostly Talk show

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Ghostly Talk is an internet talk show about the paranormal. It is broadcast live over the internet on Sunday nights from 7pm to 9pm Eastern time at, archives since mid-2002 are available for download, and recent shows are available as podcasts.

Hypnosis for Wealth and Health show

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Hypnosis for Wealth and Health with Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto will show you and teach you a step by step system for changing your life for the better with Hypnosis. You will learn how to attract wealth and health in your life and be happier then you ever thought possible.

Past Life Regression Podcast with Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto show

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Past Life Regression Podcast with Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto. Learn about your Past Life and what those past lives are doing to your present life. Dr. Ron will take you step by step through your lives and help you discover who you really are.

Abuse Recovery Soul Strategies show

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The experience of being abused creates a legacy of spiritual brokenness, dysfunction, and confusion. Learn practical and effective spiritual tools to move beyond abuse. Open your mind and heart to a new understanding of Christ as a fellow abuse survivor. Learn what commonality with God can mean to your personal journey towards spiritual health.

By Sallie Culbreth

Cosmic Podcast show

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This podcast is meant to put you in touch with the truth that already lies within you. Your life is your unique spiritual blueprint and it is up to you to decide how you will shape it. You have your own power and nothing can ever diminish that. Psychic reader, life coach and spiritual teacher Ines discusses topics of interest to us all. Soul mates, crystal children, how to find the best psychic for you and other similar topics are covered. Ines is a a guide on your path--helping you see all the different paths you can take, but it is up to you to decide which way you will walk.

If You Could Know: Psychic Readings Podcast show

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Wendy Wallace, a psychic counselor, offers a glimpse into what it is like to get a psychic reading. Each podcast features a new caller each week. Listen as Wendy helps each person find the clarity and insight they are looking for. What would you change if you knew what the future holds? Listen and find out.

Self Help With Momentum show

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Self Help With Momentum is a personal development podcast with Michael Cheney from who will help you to improve your self and achieve success in your life

Podcast #1: Embracing Change in the Face of a Health Crisis show

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In this first episode, I relate my response to being diagnosed with diabetes to my earlier discussion of “New Rules, New Results” and the “Change-A-Habit” Challenge. Could this 16 minute recording be just what you need to take a powerful stance in favor of your own well-being? Please check it out and drop me a comment when you’re through listening.

I Am: A Course in Miracles (ACIM) show

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The New Series of a ITune hit, Now with an feminine energy. "A Course in Miracles" is a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment which leads to awakening. "ACIM" is done at your own time, where ever you are. Enlightenment is best described as a change a perspective of everything you think you know and see. Awakening is a release from the Dream in witch we think we sleep. The Course (and many other things) are here to remove blocks witch keep us from viewing truth. Truth is beyond what we see now. We Search for Truth in everything, We search for Love, Happiness and peace were it is not. It is not in these blocks, where we look... it is beyond what you and ego think you know. I am here to help you understand A Course in Miracles, as I also am trying to do, here with you.--- This is a course in miracles... It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:Nothing real can be threatened.Nothing unreal exists.Herein lies the peace of God ... ... The Following is only for search enhancement ... A Course in Miracles, ACIM, I am, Almighty, A Course, in Miracles, The Miracle Course, Law of attraction, Law, the Secret, Secrets, the hidden Secret, the new God, the hidden God, the hidden Power, Light and Love, Blessings, Church, Science of Mind, love, true, love , EFT, E=MC2, Emotional Freedom Technique, attraction, Health, meditation, kids, therapies, Therapy, joy, help, school, Chakras, Chinese Medicine, Accupressure, Acupuncture, relationships, animals, health, healing, peace, fun, joy, Reiki, loving, love, enlightenment, forgiveness, Angles, therapy of the Soul, sexy, funn, podcasting, politics, history, justice, Quantum, Physics, Science, Mind, outdoors, Hybrid, how to, Plants, Time, loose Weight, OBE, NDE, Out of Body Experiences, Parallel universes, Unconditional, Oprah, food, Energy Healing, A Guide, Spiritual Enlightenment, Eckhart Theta, Sports, Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment, Zen Garden, faith, belief, worship, creed; sect, church, cult, denomination, system of belief, set of beliefs, beliefs, principles, articles of faith, ideology, credo, doctrine, teaching, dogma, tenets, canons, Meditation, zen, peace, harmony, Pray, prey, Oasis, Hay House, News, new, Radio, Buddha, Christian, rah, Chrishna Interview, Psycic, psychic, Tricks, Amazing, Nataral, Great, Positive Affirmations, OMan, Oprah, Tags, Being Positive, attraction, Law, in, American, Affirmations, Time, therapy, heal, paranormal, A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle, positive, healing, spirtual, of, Weight, kids, Miracle, how, funny, Paranormal, Therapy, meditation, christian, Course, child, positive, feeling, clairvoyant, christ, joy, law, Spirituality, spiritual, peace, fascinating, help, Creator, health, pease, jessus, Shows, cair, Health, TV, joy, Therapy, psychic, psychics, psychic's, psychic abilities, Clarvoiency, Crystals, Clairvoyan Clearaudient t, , debatable, Fun, Positive, God, night, Weddings, fun, love, love, energy, diffrent, church, help, attraction, Kingdom of Heaven, classes, Natural, green, Hybrid, Practicing the Power of Now, Essential Teachings, Meditations, and, Exercises, Amazing, peace, Great, Animals, food, love, love, to, funn, America, A hope, War, Freedom, history, justice, Claims, ACMI, IACM, ACIMA, paranormal, Peace of God abilities, clairvoyance, faith, religion, religious belief, religious persuasion, church, denomination, sect, highly, Parapsychology, explores, this, possibility, evidence, paranormal, phenomena, accepted, scientific, community, Clairsentience, feeling, touching, Clairaudience, hearing, listening, Claircognizance, knowing, Clairgustance, tasting, Clairvoyance, learning, podcasting, loose, care, USA, the principle, of, conscious, life, body, or, mediating, between, body, soul, incorporeal, part, of, humans, present, in, spirit, thoug

By Rev. Devan Divine