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I AM - the Gift of Music of Stanley El show

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The music is spontaneous - Gift from God, the "Great I AM." For those who are Seekers of Truth or on the Pathway of Light, you would appreciate this music, greatly. No credit can giving me except in remaining harmonious enough and grateful enough to be a vehicle for this tremendous blessing of music. Soothing music Peaceful music Quiet music New Age music Stanley El Music Contemplation Music Meditation Music A dedication to the Great Spiritual Hierarchy "I AM" so grateful!

The iPod Witch show

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A Pagan podcast full of information and fun!

The Firefly Chronicles show

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The Firelfly Chronicles is a collection of information on Wicca and Witchcraft. Lady Iris also presents stories and tidbits of interest to the pagan community.

Darker Side of the Moon show

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Now Full Moon Radio, along with Cinema Nocturna, introduces “The Darker Side of the Moon”, a listener’s guide to the creepy, the spooky and the unexplained. Launched on August 17th, 2006, Full Moon listeners now have the opportunity to delve deep into the shadowy secrets of the occult, science fiction, and dark comedy. From ghosts to horror films, this show proves to be a hit with fans of the paranormal.

New Age Today With Psychic Tiffany Johnson show

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Psychic Readings and More! Each week, Tiffany Johnson will help listeners open the door to New Age spirituality. Tiffany is a psychic, medium, intuitive, Reiki Master and hypno-therapist. For almost 20 years, Tiffany has worked and trained with well known psychics and healers to develop her Metaphysical knowledge and skills. A media favorite, she knows what an integral part of life and soul development readings can be. Through classes, readings and healings Tiffany works to enlighten others to spirit's / God's / Goddess's nature and beauty. THIS WEEK - This is the debut show of "New Age Today With Psychic Tiffany Johnson". Tiffany introduces herself and gives some background on her abilities. She also reads for some listeners that have sent questions via email.``

Personal Alchemy Now show

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Go beyond the hype & myth of the Secret/Law of Attraction, to embrace meaning & purpose in your creative efforts. By now, you've heard of or seen the DVD The Secret or heard of the Law of Attraction mindset everyone is talking about. One of the most important Keys To Creation that seems to be missing in these messages is how to move beyond creating only the material to embrace and create a wealth of meaning and purpose in your life. Join your Host George E. Green, The Creation Coach , as he explores the depths of our Creative Spirit with guests who have successfully brought their dreams, visions, ideas or products to life. Every show presents you with a new opportunity to learn and model each success as your own! What would you love to create today? Create it NOW!

By George E. Green

Bob Garner Audio Podcast show

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Religious Science Podcasts, Unity Church Podcasts, New Thought Podcasts - Living proof that what he says works, Bob Garner is a successful entrepreneur, author and international speaker who simplifies the, oftentimes, complex teachings of New Thought and helps his listeners change the way they think and create magic in their lives.````With a master's in religious studies, Bob combines the teachings of Religious Science and Unity Church with wisdom found in the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao teh Ching, as well as offerings from Buddhism and other religions and philosophies. ````These free spiritual audio podcasts are designed to amplify your own beliefs, not change them.

By Bob Garner

Healing Meditations And Hypnosis Podcast show

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This podcast contains self hypnosis recordings. These are all part of a website called Healing Meditations Downloads.

By Rachael Towne

Healing Heart and Spirit show

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This Podcast is a series for living is a true-live stories taken from Mahri's life showing how, using her 10 GUIDELINES FOR LIVING,she is able to stay on her course, headed toward her life purpose, which is to make a difference through her words and her music. Through sharing her stories, poetry and songs, Mahri assists others in finding their life purpose and developing their own Guidelines for living. “Healing Heart and Spirit” takes Mahri’s experiences, from any given day and shows the reader how, by living life in a purposeful way, they could possibly, develop their own connection to their life purpose and in so doing create a powerful way to increase success in all avenues of their life. Mahri likes to call this her recipe for bringing peace, love, joy and prosperity into her life – thus “Healing Heart and Spirit”.

Kingdom Encounter show

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Spiritual and Uplifting message from Evangelist Monica Wallace.

By Kingdom Encounter