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Glaube&Wissenschaft show

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Glaube&Wissenschaft - verträgt sich das? Und wenn ja, wie? Oder wenn nein, warum nicht? Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel.

By Jonas Goebel


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The Human Attention Span has dropped to a staggering 8.25 seconds according to researchers. Now I can’t convey anything useful in under 8 seconds, but under 15 minutes, why not? This is Michael J Maione and you’ve just discovered MICRO BREAK. A podcast for humans with the attention span of a Goldfish. Where I share my thoughts, wisdom, and humor on a wide range of topics including, the 80s, 90s, social media, technology, current affairs and whatever else I think my listeners might benefit from. All delivered unscripted each and every week. Please Subscribe! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Michael J Maione

ПОРА show

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ПОРА — подкаст, который давно пора было сделать. Два ведущих, гость, генератор случайных слов. Оставляем без внимания регалии, бэкграунд, другие побрякушки. Личность как самостоятельная ценность. Разговор как живой организм. С чистого листа и куда приведет. 〰-18+


Zehan show

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<p>Zehan is a weekly podcast where <strong>Ayan Sharma</strong> recites his poems.</p>

By Ayan Sharma

Live By Action  show

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Follow Aris Blakk &amp; Samrai Blade's journey into experimenting (tips &amp; tricks) with Life &amp; Branding. Lets see growth through Living By Action.

By Aris Blakk &amp; Samrai Blade

Wondering Women show

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Every wonder about the stories of women around you? We wanted to create an intentional space for women to share the wisdom they have gained through their life experiences. Tune in to be in awe of some Wonder Women in our midst.

By Kahu, Linea and Amy

TherapyTrashTalk show

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Welcome to Therapy Trash Talk. A podcast where young adults have the opportunity to rant about important stuff, less important stuff, and generally stuff. The best form of therapy is being open and honest with yourself and others. Whether it's about something silly such as barbies or something serious such as trauma. This is a safe place where everyone gets to be themselves.

By Mimi

SoJourn: Explore Life’s Journeys show

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SoJourn is to live as a traveler passing through difficult experiences during our journey on earth. We hope to inspire the believer to continue to live a godly life by exploring and understanding their sojourns through following Jesus Christ.

By Daniel David

Aging Gay Millennial show

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The sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious, but always-gay podcast of a thirty-something-year-old navigating his life. CATEGORY IS: AGING GAY MILLENNIAL

By Brian Ferrado

Discussted show

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An Asian, a Gay, and a Trekkie walk into a bar. This is the podcast where no topic is too ridiculous. The answers to the universe? We've got 'em (unlikely). We hope you're as Discussted as we are.

By Brian Ferrado