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#notmyhome show

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Ehrliche Gespräche mit Menschen, für die Kirche kein "zuhause" ist. Ein offener Austausch über persönlichen Erfahrungen mit der Kirche. | Eine PodcastSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel | Staffel 1 ist jetzt verfügbar!

By Jonas Goebel

Predigten Jonas Goebel show

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Moin, mein Name ist Jonas. Ich bin Pastor in der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche in Norddeutschland. In diesem Podcast findest du alle meine Predigten. Zu den einzelnen PredigtSerien findest du auch jeweils entsprechende Podcast-Feeds.

By Jonas Goebel


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Die Bibel in Kürze in deinem Alltag – das ist „VITA MIT C – Deine tägliche Bibeldosis“. | Eine PodcastSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel

By Jonas Goebel

Eine vorhimmlische WG show

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Meine Freundin und ich haben zwei neue Mitbewohner im Pastorat: Martin Luther und Jesus. Ich berichte regelmäßig aus unserem WG-Leben! | Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel |

By Jonas Goebel

Glaube&Wissenschaft show

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Glaube&Wissenschaft - verträgt sich das? Und wenn ja, wie? Oder wenn nein, warum nicht? Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel.

By Jonas Goebel

ПОРА show

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ПОРА — подкаст, который давно пора было сделать. Два ведущих, гость, генератор случайных слов. Оставляем без внимания регалии, бэкграунд, другие побрякушки. Личность как самостоятельная ценность. Разговор как живой организм. С чистого листа и куда приведет. 〰-18+



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A podcast for humans with the attention span of a goldfish! MICRO BREAK is a weekly podcast that dives into the history of famous people, places, and things. From Elvis Presley, to the birth of the internet, your host, Michael J Maione will take you down memory lane each and every week. History can be boring, but Michael's witty and wacky personality keeps things lighthearted and fun! Most episodes are under 15 minutes and a new one is released every week. So are you ready to take a MICRO BREAK? Subscribe today and be educated and entertained!

By Michael J Maione

Wondering Women show

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Ever wonder about the stories of women around you? We wanted to create an intentional space for women to share the wisdom they have gained through their life experiences. Tune in to be in awe of some Wonder Women in our midst.

By Kahu, Linea and Amy

Alchemized Glory Collective show

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Alchemized Glory Collective explores how listening to the guidance within can lead to exponential growth and cultivation of inner wisdom and knowing. By talking with experts and practitioners, the Alchemized Glory Collective serves as an open container and community for exploration of wellness and lifestyle topics including conscious entrepreneurship, inner guidance, mental health, relationships, careers, and everything in between. Frequently, guests on the Alchemized Glory Collective have had no prior blueprint, representing a community of first-generation immigrant kids, those navigating unchartered spaces and territories, those waking up to spiritual enlightenment and using the knowledge of All that Is propel their work and life purpose. The Alchemized Glory Collective honors these innovators and pioneers, recognizing these luminaries as living miracle and template architects. Join us, every week as we navigate life and grow together. Please send inquiries and questions to: Connect with us on IG and FB: @AlchemizedGloryCo. #AlchemizedGloryPod #AGCPodcast With Blessings & Ease!

By Shanique | Wellness + Inner Guidance Podcast

Urban Nirvana show

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Stories from your average urban guy who is trying to find peace in the times of chaos.

By Deepak Chhabria