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Let’s Talk with Scoggs show

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Let’s Talk with Scoggs explores growth, understanding, and perspective. Each week you’ll meet a new guest to learn what they’re working on, what lessons they’ve learned along the way, and we will tackle your advice questions.

By idobi Network

김선생의 사생활라디오 show

김선생의 사생활라디오Join Now to Follow

경력 5년 이상 리스너를 위한 팟캐스트계의 고급반 - 사생활라디오

By 한량김선생

New Latino Podcast  show

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New Latino Podcast, is a podcast with myself Alfred Robles and co host Steph we’re both first generation Latino/American, Steph is Guatemalan /American and I’m Mexican/American. We touch on breaking Latino habits and creating new habits also we talk a lot about cats “we both have cats” and Vegan food “ I don’t eat red meat Steph doesn’t eat meat” and the troubles with liking cats and not eating meet in the Latino community “our families” we talk relationship stuff as well. Thank you

By New Latinos Podcast

Momnesia show

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A podcast for moms where we share the stories we want to remember and the ones we wish we could forget.

By Sarah Scharbrough McLaughlin and Julie Short

The Weekly Eudemon show

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Widely-published author, speaker, and lawyer, Eric Scheske, offers weekly commentary on a host of matters, ranging from current events to philosophy to religion.

By Eric Scheske

Simple on Purpose | Intentional Living and Parenting   show

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When the clutter, motherhood, relationships, and life seem too overwhelming. When you have resentment and frustration every day – this is a sign you have been living on auto-pilot- letting life happen to you instead of living it ON PURPOSE. I’ve been there. Three kids under 4 and I decided to declutter my home and realized I was living my whole life on autopilot. I wanted more. I wanted to take action, be more present, have more fun! Enjoy my kids! I’m Shawna, You might know me as your Nerdy Girlfriend. I am a Certified Coach Practitioner, a Transformational Life Coach, and am currently a Counsellor in Training. I use the Enneagram, Faith and CBT as tools in my life coaching approach. I teach moms around the world the tools they need to set values and vision for the 9 areas of their lives so they can take the right steps towards living life ON PURPOSE. Find my books, course and blog at

By Shawna Scafe

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz show

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Welcome to Pretty Basic, a weekly podcast hosted by two, twenty-something year old best friends and digital creators, Alisha Marie & Remi Cruz. Each week they welcome listeners into their daily life for a special helping of the tea you're not getting from their wildly popular YouTube channels. From fun lighthearted conversations about dating to sharing their tips on how to feel more confident - each week you'll be left wanting more "content, baby, content." New episodes every Wednesday!

By Ramble

Jereshia Said show

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Having the courage to start your own business and launch your coaching program online can be tough. Look, it may not be easy but it can simple. In each episode, we take a deep dive into one core growth strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what’s required to ethically design, launch, and scale your coaching program. All you have to do is listen to what Jereshia Said.

By Jereshia Hawk

Still Standing with Michael Caputo show

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It's Politics You Can't Put Down! Former Trump Advisor, Michael Caputo hosts a weekly iTunes podcast & YouTube series, providing conservative commentary on the biggest news stories and pop culture. Plus, interviews with pollsters, journalists - uncovering what's really going down from Washington to the Kremlin.

By Michael Caputo

Why Tho show

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Welcome to Why Tho, we’re your hosts, Tiffany Bluhm and Ashley Abercrombie. We land somewhere in between Mother Teresa and Biggie Smalls, and we’re just wondering: Why tho? We all have questions, from our existential crisis curiosities, to our hey girl, why your eyebrows look so good tho, and we want to tackle all of these conversations with you. Thanks for joining us! Remember to subscribe and comment, it helps others to find the show. To learn more about Tiffany's writing, speaking or books, visit To learn more about Ashley's writing, speaking, or books, visit

By Tiffany Bluhm and Ashley Abercrombie