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Hi everyone I am your host Missybeelondon. I live in London, UK. Here is where I will talk about many topics and trending news. Giving my opinions and feedback, With Humour. Enjoy FIND ME ON TWITTER To continue the conversations

By Missybeelondon

The Empty Promise Podcast show

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The Empty Promise Podcast is a (try)weekly conversational podcast in which two best friends discuss a weekly topic of interest – this ranges from conspiracy theories, stories of amazing human feats to film, television and book reviews - along with  news, anecdotes and random facts The podcast is 'try-weekly' becasue we try to have it ready each week. Its not always the case though, we are called the empty promise podcast after all, so dont hold it against us

By Empty Promise Podcast

Say It Southern show

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We are Sarah and Courtney, hosts of Say It Southern. We bring you the hearts and stories of the people creating the best of the South. Please join us as we explore the intersection of womanhood, work, and creativity. You will leave inspired, encouraged, and maybe even have a Southern accent. Come join us!

By Sarah Stone Smith and Courtney Goolsby

The Purposed Platform show

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Wife to a former MLB player, current foster + adoptive + bio momma, and communicator Katie Roberts not only shares her real-life stories, but dives deep into the beautiful, real, and raw stories of the women around her. Everyone has a story. Katie's mission, is to provide a platform for women to tell their stories with purpose. You can learn something from everyone, and you just might find, you're not alone in the battles you face. Explore with her the beauty of women telling their stories from an honest approach, with the purpose-- to inspire. What's your story? INSTAGRAM: @katiellisroberts WEBSITE:

By Katie Roberts

In the 'Verse Song Crafting show

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Browncoats and Geek musicians Marc Gunn and Mikey Mason rewatch pop culture shows to find themes and inspiration for crafting songs. Season 1 was all about Firefly. Season 2 will explore Doctor Who, Mandalorian, Dungeons & Dragons, Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street, the Big Damn Movie aka Serenity and a Firefly graphic novel, Shepherd's Tale.

By Marc Gunn, Mikey Mason

Sexy Pillows Podcast . Sleep With Me show

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Good Evening Darling, Quick question. Will you go to bed with me? I’d love it if you would… Let’s get ready for a delicious night’s sleep together. We’ll pillow talk. I’ll butter you up and remind you just how fantastic you are. We’ll stretch out our bodies, get comfy cozy, and do calming breathwork. I’ll read you a story. Then, we’ll drift off to Dreamland. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me. Until then... XoXo, Olivea Stay in touch! Visit Read 7 Steps to Sumptuous Slumber — now available at “The Sexy Pillows Podcast, hosted by the lovely Olivea Lei, is a sensual bedtime ritual. It’s a soothing antidote for anyone craving restful sleep and snugly lovin’. Olivea’s flirtatious way settles in like a cuddly hug. She wraps you in her warmth while she delivers effective nighttime strategies, which include stretching, meditation, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, hypnosis, and ASMR.” ~Dream Queen Arts

By Sleepy Olivea Lei

Let’s Talk with Scoggs show

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Let’s Talk with Scoggs explores growth, understanding, and perspective. Each week you’ll meet a new guest to learn what they’re working on, what lessons they’ve learned along the way, and we will tackle your advice questions.

By idobi Network

김선생의 사생활라디오 show

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경력 5년 이상 리스너를 위한 팟캐스트계의 고급반 - 사생활라디오

By 한량김선생

New Latino Podcast  show

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New Latino Podcast, is a podcast with myself Alfred Robles and co host Steph we’re both first generation Latino/American, Steph is Guatemalan /American and I’m Mexican/American. We touch on breaking Latino habits and creating new habits also we talk a lot about cats “we both have cats” and Vegan food “ I don’t eat red meat Steph doesn’t eat meat” and the troubles with liking cats and not eating meet in the Latino community “our families” we talk relationship stuff as well. Thank you

By New Latinos Podcast

Momnesia show

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A podcast for moms where we share the stories we want to remember and the ones we wish we could forget.

By Sarah Scharbrough McLaughlin and Julie Short