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Happiness Between Tails by da-AL show

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Tales + Tails: Books + Culture + Compassion = Happiness Between Tails HBT speaks to & from the heart, to connect lovers — of pets, authors, reading — & of my still-unreleased novels. Listeners engage as I learn the art of podcasting for when my books are serialized as their own podcasts. My novels, “Flamenco + the Sitting Cat” & “Tango + the Sitting Cat,” are my love letters to all who fear they're too odd, too damaged, too old, too whatever to find love & happiness with or without a partner. • • Like what you hear?

By da-AL

Star Trek: Dimensions Podcast – Giant Gnome Productions show

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Star Trek Audio Drama From Giant Gnome Productions. After the USS Churchill is destroyed, its crew is forced to travel to the mirror universe. "In space, even the bravest sometimes face their worst nightmares...nothing has prepared us for the enemy we fight now: Ourselves. In the Mirror Universe, up is down...good is evil...and we... are just trying to survive." - Captain Francis Reeves

By Giant Gnome Productions

Librivox: Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The by Twain, Mark show

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (published 1876) is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, especially Becky Thatcher, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. One of the most famous incidents in the book describes how Tom persuades his friends to do a boring, hateful chore for him: whitewashing (i.e., painting) a fence. This was the first novel to be written on a typewriter. (Summary from Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

Prompety Prompt show

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Join Letty Butler and Stephen Mellor (also known as Dave) for a brand new game show that shines the spotlight on new and existing writers, via the medium of chatting, creative prompts and live writing challenges. We have two different studio guests every episode - novelists, poets, spoken word artists, script and screenwriters. And you can play along at home - send us your work and it might just end up on the show! Here on ‘Prompety Prompt’ we don’t just talk about a writer’s life. The highs and lows and all the bits in-between. We don’t just promote our guests, their work and unearth their top writing tips - we challenge them to write live, in response to a series of creative prompts. The prompt can be anything. From a word, a sentence, a picture, anything that gets the creative juices flying. The first challenge is a pre-prepared prompt. Guests get one week to write a 200 word piece which they’ll share on the show. Round two is a completely unseen prompt, which they’ll hear for the very first time live on the show. We give them three minutes to craft a response. Last but not least, comes the grand finale; exactly the same as round two, but with only one minute to come up with the goods. If it sounds fun, that’s because it is! You can find out more on our website: PS: If you’re a writer and would like to appear on the show, drop us an email We’re always on the hunt for new guests and would love to hear from you.

By Letty Butler & Stephen Mellor

Exhibitions at the Dhalgren Gallery show

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Since 1996, date of its first exhibition “Vanités” with the artist Tony Soulié, the Dhalgren Gallery focuses on contemporary art of international relevance. The gallery represents an international pool of emerging artists who work in the media of painting, photography, film, video art, artists’ books and installation. The activities of the gallery include external curated projects, co-operations with other galleries and institutions and publication activities since its creation.

By Dhalgren Gallery

Nobilis Erotica show

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This is a weekly podcast of erotic short stories, excerpts, and serials, usually with a science fiction slant.````

By Nobilis Reed

Moonlight Audio Theatre show

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Your Portal to the Best in Modern Audio Drama Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Special Features.

By Moonlight Audio Theatre

Do you want to start your own web designing setup but need a little assistance?  show

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We suggest you not stress and log in to our <a href="">Web Design Lane</a> podcast starting from January 09, 2022. Start the new year and new resolutions and learn the basics of web designing start-up techniques. We are ruling the internet with our infinite web designs provided to the e-world. Now we are ready to share the secrets with the web designing aspirants.

By Daniel Scott

Elevated with Mara show

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After struggling with her weight her entire life, four-time Emmy Award winning journalist and TV personality Mara Schiavocampo finally discovered the keys to living a healthier, happier life, losing 90 pounds along the way, and gaining a new understanding of how the mind, body, and spirit work together. Now, in this podcast, she takes a look at all things health, wellness, nutrition and spirituality with top experts and regular people.

By OG Podcast Network