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Pursuit Athletic Performance Podcast show

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Coach Al Lyman is an expert endurance sports and strength coach who is passionate about helping others reach their goals and dreams, and loves to share everything he’s learned in his over 35 years as a competitive runner and triathlete. Dr. Kurt Strecker is a passionate “Renaissance” sports physician with experience in all aspects of prehababilitative and rehabilitative training, working daily with athletes of every age and ability level. Together, they are the experts behind Pursuit Athletic Performance, a unique, cutting-edge sports training company dedicated to helping athletes get faster and stronger! The goal of PAPTalk is to share honest, effective training tips and information from the nuances of triathlon, to the rigors of ultrarunning. We help clear up confusion about daily nutrition and fueling for sport, and will help you get your mental game in the most powerful place possible. We want YOU to train, race, and live to your ultimate potential.

By Coach Al Lyman and Dr. Kurt Strecker

Forgive Yourself & Love Your Body show

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FREE HYPNOSIS Video that shows you how to Forgive Yourself & Love Your Body from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan

Faithful Wellness with Krissy and Eric show

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Krissy and Eric with special guests, discuss health and wellness all coming from their perspective of a Christian faith in God. They share natural wellness practices they follow each week including essential oils, eating, exercise, weight loss strategies and much much more! Krissy is a singer and songwriter who was inspired to seek preventative health alternatives to her health care while being healed of Lyme Disease. Her husband, Eric is a music producer, composer and entrepreneur who always has had a passion for fitness and wellness. They live in Nashville, TN together with their three children. They are evangelical Christians with a passion for faith, family and wellness.

By Krissy and Eric: Restoring Family Health Naturally

The Mike Dolce Show show

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#1 bestselling author and world renowned weight loss coach Mike Dolce shares his thoughts from topics ranging from losing baby weight to bench pressing twice your body weight. He also answers your questions and brings you behind the scenes of his world-class training camps.

By Mike Dolce

Convergence. House Music. Trance. Electro. Deep House. show

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A transcendental journey through the world of house music and it's derivatives. Genres represented include deep house, trance, commercial, tech-house, acid house, and house of every other flavor.

By dj_t6

The Robert Scott Bell Show show

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The Bobert Scott Bell Show with Robert Scott Bell and Don Naylor

By Robert Scott Bell

Dar's Fitness Cardio Kick Premium Page show

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This is a weekly Video Podcast providing Cardio Kickboxing instructors with great choreography they can use to make their classes EXPLODE with excitement!


John Morgan Hypnosis Seminars show

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See America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan explain the phenomenon of Hypnosis in easy to understand, everyday language. See clips from his Amazing Hypnosis DVDs - LOSE WEIGHT & KEEP IT OFF and STOP SMOKING FOREVER! Order online at

By John Morgan

Fit Mind, Fit Body show

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Fit Mind, Fit Body is a series of weekly podcasts that will strengthen and nourish not only your body but your mind as well. Hosted by leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness expert Yuri Elkaim, owner of Total Wellness Consulting.

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

Make Changes Rapidly show

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How you can make RAPID changes with Hypnosis. Hosted by America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

By John Morgan