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OOP: The Poker Zoo show

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Podcast on poker, with a focus on the members and friends of The Back Room, the participant-driven poker study forum. Hosted by Chris M., aka Persuadeo. Visit us at <a href="http://www.persudeo.nl/">persuadeo.nl</a><br> <br> Join poker coach Persuadeo as he interviews members of TBR, current and former poker coaching students and people of interest in the poker community at large.

By OOP: The Poker Zoo

Outer Rim Podcast show

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A podcast that talks Star Wars Destiny and nothing else. We look into everything from deck building to rotation and strategies. We dig deep into tournament results to find why certain decks won and others suffered. Our Deck of the Week will be a feature to inform you of a deck one of our fellow Outer Rim guys likes at the moment and what cards make the deck roll. From fun casual to hardcore competitive, we cover all the bases of this amazing game.

By Outer Rim Smugglers

Sorry, I'm Booked show

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A podcast for the people. Book reviews have never been more entertaining.

By Cassidy Courtney

R1Gged show

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Monthly story arcs, all randomly generated and told on the fly.

By Feckless Momes

The Deal Guy Podcast show

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In his new podcast, The Deal Guy provides insights into the most frequently asked questions, like how to vacation for cheep, tactics for negotiating cable deals, maximizing credit card rewards, and more. For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com Link to survey: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4

By Studio71

Tabletop Voices show

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On Tabletop Voices, host James Introcaso talks with roleplaying game designers and influencers who are changing the way we play tabletop games.

By Dont Split The Podcast Network

No Instructions show

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Bob and Josh work A LOT at I Like To Make Stuff. The No Instructions podcast is a dedicated time for them to play with toys, build Lego sets and chat about life, kids and nerd culture. And of course, the show can often go in really random directions, because there are literally, No Instructions. So, put away your work, grab your favorite model kit, and have some designated play time.

By I Like to Make Stuff

Justuff League show

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Our weekly podcast will take you through the changing land of collectibles – antiques, toys, comic books, memorabilia, and fine art – what’s hot and what’s not – and how you can keep informed on the changing trends to make you successful. Whether this is your career or a passionate hobby, you’ll want to follow us as we take you through what you need to know to create your path to success. Join us – the Justuff League: -Travis Landry, Director of Pop Culture for Bruneau &amp; Co. Auctioneers &amp; Appraisal in the Collectibles Department of The Antiques RoadShow. - James Supp, Consulting Antiquarian, and also with The Antiques RoadShow - Kevin Bruneau, owner of Bruneau &amp; Co. Auctioneers

By RI Free Radio

The Succulent FAQ show

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Learn how to keep your succulents alive and healthy! You'll learn the essentials for succulent care plus answers to commonly asked questions about succulents. We'll cover everything from buying, planting, soil, watering, design and more!

By Cassidy Tuttle

Pipe and Tamper show

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An interview show detailing the hobby of tobacco pipe smoking. We chat about tobacco pipes, tobacco blends, pipe making and more. If you're a tobacco pipe enthusiast then welcome home.

By PaT Media