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Lets Talk Trains show

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Freight, Passenger, Trolleys, Light Rail, Museums, as long as it is rail/train related, we talk about it!

By Lets Talk Trains

Under the Crossbones – The Pirate Podcast show

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Join comedian, musician, and pirate geek Phil Johnson as he explores the history and pop culture of pirates. Interviews with leading historians, actors, artists, writers, musicians, pirate festival organizers, and more. <br> <br> From Captain Charles Johnson’s “A General History of Pirates” to JM Barrie’s Captain Hook to Errol Flynn’s swashbuckling cinematic adventures to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean juggernaut, pirates have captured the world’s imagination for hundreds of years. <br> <br> This show dives deep into the pirate community to talk to the people that bring the stories and history to vibrant life. You’ll also find they us that history of criminals and cutthroats to make the world a better place through charity work and a sunny outlook on life.<br> <br> Whether you’re an old salt with your own cutlass or a someone who just thinks Johnny Depp looks cool with a braid in his hair, the colorful characters in Under the Crossbones are sure to take you away from your day to day and drag you kicking and screaming out to sea.

By Phil Johnson: Comedian, Musician, and Pirate Geek

Pinheadz Pinball PODcast show

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Pinball collectors, manufacturers &amp; players alike are known as PINHEADZ…their stories, experiences and opinions form the Pinheadz Podcast! Recorded in Australia’s national capital, the Pinheadz PODcast is a uniquely Australian look at the pinball industry – past, present &amp; future.

By Rod Cuddihy: Broadcaster, Pinball Collector &amp; Enthusiast

The Wisconsin Gardener Video Podcast show

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Hosted by Master Gardener Shelley Ryan, The Wisconsin Gardener on Wisconsin Public television explores beautiful gardens and inspires viewers to dig their hands in the soil. Watch helpful how-to segments, visit gardens throughout Wisconsin and enjoy delicious cooking demonstrations.

By Wisconsin Public Television

The Weekly Fly HD Sample Videos show

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The Weekly Fly provides downloadable professionally produced HD Fly Tying videos via Subscription, A la Carte, and DVD. This podcast provides free samples of some of our hundreds of patterns. For a full list of titles, go to http://www.shop.theweeklyfly.com .

By Henry Harrison

Walking Dead TV Podcast show

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The Walking Dead TV Podcast is a show dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead television series. Join five members of the HHWLOD family as we discuss the events of each week's new episode. Topics covered include: Show news including ratings, reviews and casting Interviews with show creators and cast. Past guests include Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton and Bear McCreary. Compare/contrast to the comics without spoiling future plot points E-mail comments@walkingdeadtv.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Voicemail 516-468-7912 - Follow us at @wdtvpodcast

By hhwlod.com

The Bad Dice Podcast - A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast show

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Bad Dice is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. We cover all aspects of the hobby from how to paint your little guys to how to crush your enemies. Ben Curry, host's the show and is joined by Mark Wildman and Steve Wren to discuss all things Warhammer Age of Sigmar related while trying to pass on some of our experiences from playing Games Workshop games. Check out the website www.baddice.co.uk or email us at bencurry@baddice.co.uk

By Ben Curry

Crash Test Kitchen show

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A cooking show by real people!

By Waz and Lenny

Dropped D show

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Extra Lives is a podcast about video games. Every two weeks, Aaron Robinson and Damien Wilkens come together to bring you some of the most entertaining (and often eccentric) discussions on current and classic gaming without the over-analytical news format of other shows. Join the Aussie and the American as they revisit some of the best and worst examples of gaming history, while at the same time keeping current with talk of the newest and upcoming titles on the horizon. They also like to make jokes about codpieces. We're sorry.

By Desmond Reddick and Damien Wilkens

The Green Lantern Corps Podcast show

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Hosts Ryan Read, Kuhan and their guests talk everything Green Lantern related, including comic books, figures, films. Filled with info and outrageous humor, the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast is one of the best. For fans of Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner, this is the podcast for you! Also featuring interviews with the comic book community's best creators, GLS offers everything. News, Reviews, Interviews, Fan Interaction and of course Humor by fans for fans. Jump on at any time and enjoy the show.