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Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast show

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Welcome to Shonen Jump, the home for FREE manga, featuring the most popular series in the world! You can read heavy-hitters like My Hero Academia, One Piece, The Promised Neverland and more on the SAME DAY they come out in Japan! And you can read it how you want to—on iOS, Android or in any web browser.

By Weekly Shonen Jump

Pop Culture Leftovers show

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Every week Pop Culture Leftovers brings you the latest news in geek related movies, television shows and comic books. We cover all the major geek movies like Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Superman the Man of Steel, Spider-man, X-Men. We cover all the major comic books from Saga, Guardians of the Galaxy, Shadowman, The Rocketeer, The Indestructible Hulk, The Flash, Planet of the Apes and many others.. And we definitely cover the hottest television shows out there such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, Defiance, Falling Skies, Comic Book Men and many, many more.

By Brian Frederick: Movie Reviewer, Comic Book Critic, Television Fanatic

Hey Watch This! show

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Each week, Paul Goebel (The King of TV) and David Bax each pick a TV show to watch and then discuss in detail. With a critical and comedic take on every episode, they give their keen insight into the world of television.The show also features a weekly trivia contest and fascinating stories from the lives of the two hosts.

By Paul Goebel & David Bax

The Photo Brigade Podcast show

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The Photo Brigade blog's podcast series, photographers talking to photographers about the business of photography. Hosted by New York photographer Robert Caplin with a new guest each episode!

By Robert Caplin

Glasscaster: Hot Glass Talk in a High-Tech World show

Glasscaster: Hot Glass Talk in a High-Tech WorldJoin Now to Follow

Join your host, Marcie Davis, in her international glass adventures, bringing you events, interviews and information collected from the glass industry worldwide.

By Marcie Davis

The Scotch And Comics Podcast show

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Scotch And Comics is the place where I get to combine two of the greatest things that man can lay claim to: Scotch whisky and comic books. Drink, read, rant, rinse, repeat.

By Devin R Bruce

The Podcast of Oa: A Green Lantern Podcast show

The Podcast of Oa: A Green Lantern PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Join hosts Myron Rumsey and his co-hosts William Giancoli or Phil Bova as they talk about the DC Comics characters in the Green Lantern universe. The Podcast of Oa is the official podcast of Green Lantern fan website The Blog of Oa ( featuring discussion on the beloved DC Comics characters that can be enjoyed by Green Lantern fans of all ages If you love the Green Lantern mythology you'll enjoy the in-depth analysis and humor as they discuss every facet of DC Comic's cosmic universe and are periodically joined by comic creators and other who have brought the Green Lantern universe to life.

By Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli / Phil Bova

The LPV Show show

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“the spirit of la pura vida, or the love of life for its own sake…” – Garrison Keillor. The LPV Show is a podcast about photography and photo books. Photographs on the Brain editor Bryan Formhals hosts conversations with photographers about their work and photo books from their personal collections. Look as you listen by following

By Bryan Formhals

Make It Then Tell Everybody show

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Make It Then Tell Everybody is a show dedicated to finding out how comic artists and illustrators do what they do, hosted by Dan Berry.

By Dan Berry

Bookbinding Now show

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Bookbinding Now is a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday. Bookbinding Now is hosted by Susan Mills in conjunction with Full Tilt.

By Susan Mills