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Grade A Nation show

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Grade A Nation is an easily digestible podcast with no filler. Think of it as theater of the mind...and sometimes of the absurd! Topics are discussed with a quirky blend of humor and honesty. Hear from the interesting personalities of the day at their most unfiltered with compelling interviews. The podcast for folks that don't want to be pandered to or have their time wasted. A program presented by Grade A USA and hosted by Chris Thomas.

By Grade A USA

The Art of Photography :: Off Camera show

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The Art of Photography :: Off Camera is a weekly audio show about photography. Hosted by Ted Forbes and Jared Schneider this is an audio show where we discuss the process of image making, photography, video, cameras, lenses and all things photography related. Subscribe now for the best photography podcast period!

By Ted Forbes

Out of Chicago Podcast show

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Join host Chris Smith as he interviews photographers from Chicago and the Midwest, shares tips and locations for shooting the city, and helps you improve your city photography. The Out of Chicago Photography Podcast is part of the Out of Chicago site at Chris is also the author of The Photographer's Guide to Chicago and the upcoming Photographer's Guide to Chicago app for the iPhone and iPad.

By Out of Chicago Podcast

Imagined Lives of Unknown People show

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Eight internationally acclaimed authors have invented imaginary biographies and character sketches based on fourteen unidentified portraits. Who are these men and women, why were they painted, and why do they now find themselves in the Collection of the National Portrait Gallery? With fictional letters, diaries, mini-biographies and memoirs, Imagined Lives creates vivid stories about these unknown sitters from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Courtesy of the National Trust.

By National Portrait Gallery, London

Acting without the Drama show

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Acting without the Drama delves into the practical ways that actors can approach the craft of acting in order to create magic in their performances.

By Acting without the Drama

Around the World in 80s Movies show

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Join film writer Vince Leo of as he takes a look back at the classics, cult films, foreign cinema and obscurities of one of the great decades for film lovers, the 1980s.

By Vince Leo

Cinescapism show

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A podcast by two friends about the movies they love

By Kendra Bean and Anthony Uzarowski

Projections – National Review » Podcasts show

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no show description found

By National Review

SWITCHCast: the week's film reviews, news and interviews show

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A weekly podcast featuring film reviews, trailers, news, interviews and comps from the team at SWITCH.

By Charliedavid Page, Jess Fenton, Daniel Lammin, Brent Davidson, Jake Watt and Chris Edwards

Rachel Watches Star Trek show

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Rachel and Chris Lackey are a married couple living in Yorkshire, England. Chris loves Star Trek. Rachel has never watched it. Until now.<br> <br> This is a podcast where Rachel and Chris talk about each episode of the original Star Trek Series, from the original pilot, getting her outsider’s perspective on one of the most influential Sci-fi shows of all time.<br> <br> Chris<br> <br> I can not remember a world without Star Trek. My dad had me watching it when I was really little. He tells me I would cry when Kirk and Spock would fight. I still do.<br> <br> I love all Star Trek. TNG, DS9, Voyager, even Enterprise, I love them. I love the new movies, I love the animated Filmation series. I just love Star Trek.<br> <br> Rachel<br> <br> For as long as I can remember, I have not watched Star Trek. I was brought up not watching it, by parents with very clear views on what aspects of 1960s culture were acceptable. Star Trek was not for us. Plays, history and soul music were for us, Star Trek was for science-y types and I never considered watching it, even for a second.<br> <br> Not much changed when I got together with Mr Star Trek 9 years ago, nor when I married him in 2010. My only concession was watching (and enjoying) the film Star Trek (2009) but I would never watch the TV show. Or so I thought.

By Chris Lackey