Oral cancer from HPV and the vaccine, nutrition and cancer, Parkinson's disease mutation and more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: More about compounding pharmacies and the meningitis cases from fungal contamination in steroid products; More very bad effects of Triclosan, a common antibacterial agent, are discovered; Multivitamins are shown to reduce overall rate of cancers; Comments on regulating the quality of compounding pharmacy products; The risks with using bisphosphonates for osteoporosis; Preliminary studies support a modified form of aspirin for inhibiting growth of various types of cancer; Is granuloma annulare caused by a drug reaction? Magnesium is the doctor's best suggestion for helping leg cramps, but testing for peripheral artery disease is important; Changes in sexual practices has increased frequency of oral cancers from Human papillomavirus — the HPV vaccine can stop this! Explanation of cataract removal and lens replacement surgery; Creative research explains how a gene mutation associated with Parkinson's disease affects cell membranes and nerve functioning; Allergy to nickel in cell phones might explain rash on the face of a previous caller; Electrolyte imbalance is probably the cause of a woman's hand cramps