Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals

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Summary: We’ve all heard the tangible benefits of goal setting. That it can give us purpose, that it has the benefit to alter the landscape of our lives. In that spirit here are six more awesome reasons to love goal setting – and, if you haven’t already – to consider using goals the next time you want to achieve something really cool. 1. It’s the road map for a life you choose to live. It should be radically empowering to be able to look at your life laid out in front of you, at your fingertips. It should be calming and oddly powerful to be gaze out at what you plan on achieving in the future. Some people have crystal balls or psychic lines; you have your goal setting plan. 2. Your goals provide you with a resounding sense of focus. When you are in the ‘zone’, when you are dedicating your resources and time to something that you care about deeply and acutely, you can’t be bothered by distractions and the petty grievances of day-to-day life. When everything revolves around the couple things you care most about, everything else falls to the way-side. This type of laser-like focus is the vessel that carries us towards great things. 3. It feels pretty darn good. Having purpose, and being on a road towards our dreams, getting ever nearer with each day, feels amazing. Knowing that you doing something productive on a daily basis towards achieving something that means the world to you fills you with hope of that amazing day when you can say, “I did this.” 4. Achieving things you set out to do inspires you to achieve even greater things. Once we set and then methodically destroy those first few goals, we look back and think, “Now, that wasn’t so bad.” Out of this thought we begin to dream of even bigger and better things that we want for ourselves, and even while thinking of these magnificent things, we know that they are realistic, because we have demonstrated the ability to get the things we want with a process that works. 5. You learn the habit of not waiting. Once you pick up this habit of not waiting to get things done, of not waiting on anyone else, of not waiting for anything or anyone, you pick up an incredibly powerful skill-self-reliance. Not only do you start depending on yourself for more, you refuse to wait on others to take action for you. You waste less time, have less energy for those who would rather see you flounder, and tighten your grip on your own fate. 6. You quickly learn who has your best interests at heart. Once you get comfortable in sharing your goal with your peers, friends and family, you’re likely to have your dream criticized by a couple people who believe they are doing you a favor by exposing your goal as crazy, pointless or simply dumb. They may do it under the guise of being your friend, or doing it for your own good, but what they are doing is exposing an ugly slice of jealousy or ignorance. It’s key that you view these people as what they are – insecure – and not let that little seed of doubt grow in your mind. Can you afford to waste another day not achieving your goals? If not, then you need to ramp up your goal setting abilities. You can do this today with my custom goal-setting guide, YourGoalBook. Grab your copy today and started living the life you dream of tomorrow. Goal setting help is right around the corner. You just have to ask. Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy