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Summary: Discover how to unleash the power of goal setting for you starting today. Did you know that there are specific and timeless techniques to using goals that will make or break your chances at success? Subscribe to this podcast today, and learn how you can use the awesome power of goal setting to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

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 Mastery—The Boring Component of Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Acquiring mastery takes time and persistence. It takes an unwavering belief in yourself that you can accomplish it, and more importantly, it requires this type of focus over an extended period of time. There is a reason that few people reach the master levels in their fields; for most industries, it takes a long time. For most people, as soon as they see how long achieving mastery will take, they pack their bags and look for an easier route. For you, this is great news. The more difficult the road, the less travelers. The amount of opportunity at the end of the road corresponds with the difficulty and small numbers of people willing to put the work in. Mastery Brings About a Sense of Fearlessness. Once you have mastered something, whether it is a skill, sport, language or attitude, you elevate yourself above the common folk. You seem to almost play and work at a higher level. Once you are here, you are more aggressive with opportunities. The people who trail blaze and set new heights are the masters in their field. Mastery Gives You Power. The knowledge and expertise you have gives you immense power. You can influence people and groups. You can dictate trends and fads. You command respect and authority from knowing what you are doing. People will flock to you for advice and counsel, and many will pay for your advice and/or services. Mastery Unleashes Opportunity. Once you have attained mastery, options and opportunities mysteriously cluster towards you. People want to associate with the best and the informed. You realize good opportunities when you see them, and you have an enlightened sense of what is a good idea and what is not. Download your plan to achieve mastery today with YourGoalBook, the ultimate goal setting guide. You will discover exactly what you want from life, build a bullet-proof plan to achieve it, and most importantly, do it all starting today. Can you afford to spend another day not living up to your potential? Click here and try it risk-free today. Mastery—The Boring Component of Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Mastery—The Boring Component of Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Build Scorching Desire in 4 Easy Steps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

We have all seen the capabilities of desire; an injured athlete battling through pain to win a big game, a cyclist overcoming testicular cancer to win the Tour de France,an embattled CEO bring a company back from the edge of ruin. What is it that these high-achievers possess that the rest don’t? Simple– they were instilled with a burning desire to set and achieve their goals. Where did this desire come from, and how is it possible to harness this type of raging desire? Refuse to Accept Limits. There are people out there who will judge, criticize, even ridicule you for dreaming big. Refuse the naysayers the satisfaction of being even close to correct. At the end of the day, to dream big takes no more effort than it does to continue to live a life unlived. Put Your Back to the Wall. Cut yourself from your safety net, and suddenly you are fighting tooth-and-nail for everything. The most unappealing opponent is someone who has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. In today’s society, where we are all afforded a relatively decent standard of living compared to many places in the world, it is difficult to get this kind of desperate hunger. Sometimes it means cutting loose a relationship or a career. Decide What You Are Willing to Sacrifice. What are you willing to give up? In other words, what are you prepared to do to achieve this goal? If you are not willing to sacrifice time or extraneous activities to achieve this goal it is safe to assume that this goal will continue to go unachieved. Is it time with your friends and family? Having to block off time from the people you love can be a painful trade-off, and this is something for each person to decide on their own. Does this mean having to give up painful habits? For many people, this problem can be solved with better time management. Allocating a specific amount of time per day to their goal—no more, no less—can be an excellent way to pick up the action habit. Acquire the Action Habit. Desire explodes exponentially the more we act. It is a perpetuating fire within us that is fed by the daily actions that we take in the name of our goals. It is easy to get lost in analysing our overall goal that we forget that the most important step is to act. Now that you understand how to build scorching desire, unleash it with YourGoalBook, the ultimate goal setting guide. You will discover exactly what you want, and learn how to build a complete plan of action that will turn that little spark into a raging inferno. Try it risk-free today. Build Scorching Desire in 4 Easy Steps is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Build Scorching Desire in 4 Easy Steps is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Do You Know What to Do When Your Goal Setting Fails? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

How do you react when you fail to reach your goal? Do you berate yourself; accuse yourself of being unworthy and foolish? Or do you step back, re-evaluate, and move on with a lesson learned under your belt? It’s a painful reality that most people will never reach their goal. Some won’t even take the time to sit down and write out what they want. Many will. But where almost all of these people will fail is when something out-of-the-blue happens to them and they lose belief in themselves and their ability to achieve what they set out to do. A very small percentage of people achieve their grandest ambitions. What separates them from the rest is that when times are rough, things look to be at their worst; they find a way to weather the storm and get through it. If you decide to push past your goal setting failures you will— 1. Grow an Unstoppable Belief in Yourself. Those nagging doubts that you have about your abilities will slowly wither away with each hurdle you sprint over. You’ll notice after a while of doing this that roadblocks and setbacks barely even cause a ripple in your determination. 2. You will Benefit Immensely of Knowing What Not to do Next Time. Trial-and-error is a painful way to achieve something great, but it’s the path most traveled. There is no exact path to success that all of us can follow; there are merely common sign-posts in the road that most of us pass. There is no cookie-cutter formula for success, simply our own path that we each must take. If there were a painless way to achieve success, it wouldn’t be nearly as sweet, and success itself would be much more common. Accept that your journey will not be easy and you will be less likely to abandon your plans the moment adversity hits. 3. Your Determination will give others the correct impression that you embody perseverance and commitment. People gravitate towards success, and when you demonstrate that you are not willing to allow minor failures derail your entire battle plan, you begin to attract like-minded people. 4. Success Breeds Success. By overcoming your roadblocks, you are adding on to your pile of “wins”. As this pile gets higher, it motivates you to further and further heights. Don’t underestimate the motivational power of achieving many small victories. 5. Commit to It. The most powerful goal plan in the world is useless without the will behind it to act on it. If you find yourself wavering, or beginning to have doubts, go back to step two and scrutinize your goal step-by-step. Take the first step in avoiding goal setting failures by downloading your FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course. Taking control of your life and of your goals is just a short click away. Can you afford to go another day not achieving your goals? Do You Know What to Do When Your Goal Setting Fails? is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Do You Know What to Do When Your Goal Setting Fails? is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Six Golden Rules for Using a Goal Book | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

The boundless power of goal setting is timeless and proven. However, to truly unleash the capability of this time-tested method requires a simple system to track your progress and to keep you motivated along your journey. Using a goal book full-fills these prerequisites. Here are six golden rules for using this priceless tool to manage our goals: 1. Be Consistent. When we first start out on the path to our big dream, it is easy to be consumed by motivation. We are so fired up, so amped to achieve this goal that means so much to us that we dive full-bore into it without regard or thought regarding pacing ourselves. It’s not true that slow and steady wins the race. It’s the rabbit who can pace himself and go quick and steady who ultimately wins. 2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up When Things Don’t Go According to Plan. We fail on occasion, no matter how good our intentions. Whether it’s because we didn’t know what we were getting into, or someone else got into our plans, the reasons are as varied as our own specific experiences. Whatever the reason for our missteps, you must face up to what this failure needs to become– a learning experience. You can either walk away with your tail between your legs, or walk away stronger and more prepared. 3. Measure Your Progress. It is difficult to realize that the goal is not just the destination, but the journey. Along the way you will astound yourself, you will surprise yourself, and you may even disappoint yourself. What is important however, is that you measure this progress to not only see where you have been, but how to get to that crucial next level. By using your goal book on a consistent basis and viewing your growth and advancement you will impress and motivate yourself to forge on. 4. Re-evaluate. Don’t be afraid to change course if it is absolutely necessary. Sticking to a plan that is not working until the very end isn’t demonstrating persistence, it’s displaying stubbornness. If something is not working, do not be ashamed to try a different route. In the end it doesn’t matter that you followed your plan to the letter, it matters that you got there! 5. Keep It On You. Your goal book should become a part of your daily life. Best of all, it doesn’t take more than a couple minutes a day to check up on your progress. You should be able to reference it daily to see what has to be done, where you are at, or even simply to remind yourself to act. 6. Use It. We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction; that energy goes where your attention goes. The more time and energy you put into your goal book, the more energy and focus you will extend into your achieving your goals. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Now that you know how to use it, it’s time for you to get your hands on the most powerful goal book available today. Download it today and receive several FREE bonuses. Get control of your goal setting today and set your dreams ablaze. Six Golden Rules for Using a Goal Book is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Six Golden Rules for Using a Goal Book is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Successful Goal Setting in 7 Steps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

What is the difference between those who practice successful goal setting and those that simply flounder from failed goal to failed goal? The truly elite have learned that successful goal setting isn’t as simple as wanting something. They know that to have a goal is more than just wishful thinking, they possess the keen understanding that it’s a process that has to be followed. Much like the series of calculated steps that a space shuttle requires before lifting into space, successful goal setting entails following a procedure that will hurtle you into the next atmosphere of achievement. Lucky for you, these steps are simple, yet extremely powerful. 1. Pick Your Goals for the Right Reasons. If your goal is to be rich, think hard about why it is that you want to be rich. Is it so that you can float around the world on a yacht while drinking expensive champagne? Or is it so that you can have a comfortable standard of living and provide for your family? There is nothing wrong with either, but the latter will give you a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. 2. Focus on Your Strengths. Search out the opportunities in the areas that you are comfortable or familiar in already. Achieving great things is a hard enough process without having to jump into something that you know nothing about. Successful goal setting means continually utilizing your strengths to get you ahead while keeping a secondary eye on the weaker parts of your game. 3. Visualize Your Goal. Did you know that our brain doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined experience? When you take the time to sit down and truly concentrate on your goal, imagining every nook and cranny of it, almost feeling and sensing it, your brain interprets this as reality. This is an immensely powerful technique that you can use to infuse yourself with the desire and motivation to get through the difficult periods along your goal-setting journey. Once you can almost taste that goal, you are that much more likely to put in the effort to get after it. 4. Focus on Your Goals instead of Envying Others. It’s easy to look at others who have achieved what we have and feel a deep sense of envy or even resentment. Focusing on the achievements and processes of others can provide a quick educational benefit, but in most cases, this educational insight quickly turns to jealousy. What works for one person doesn’t guarantee it will work for you. Successful goal setting means you enjoy knowing that your journey is unique and special to you. 5. Don’t Give Up too Soon. Often times the difference between successful goal setting and utter ruin is just that tiny extra bit of persistence. It’s stunning to see how often success is just on the other side of a failure. Recognize the setbacks in the road for what they are—opportunities for you to shine in the face of adversity. 6. Our Biggest Dreams Should Haunt Us. It’s a thought that will never quite go away. It’s around every corner, giving us subtle reminders, waiting for us to get on it and achieve it. The fact is, you will expend more energy doing nothing, by getting down on yourself for not doing it, than actually acting out your desires. Funny thing about working towards our biggest goals is that it doesn’t really feel like work after a little while. Embrace this feeling, because it will push you. 7. Evaluate! Constantly strive to see what is working, and what is not. Don’t restrain yourself from tweaking things that aren’t working as well as you’d like, and expand where you are doing things well. Set a weekly or monthly reminder to go over your progress and readjust where necessary. Sometimes the difference between successful goal setting and failing is a simple tweak or two. Successful goal setting skills are within your reach. The next step is to get started. The truth is, there is nothing you can’t accomplish tomorrow that you can’t start today. Why wait another day to begin living your dream life? Get motivated and download [...]

 Ten Reasons We Choose Not to Succeed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

People from all types of background have gone on to achieve success at staggering heights. We’ve all heard this song and dance before; that it doesn’t matter where you are from or what your circumstances were, but rather, where you are going. Since success and background are independent, it begs the question, why do some people choose success, and why do some people choose not to succeed? Success tends to be the result of a decision on our part. At the end of the day, whether or not we achieve success in our endeavours comes down to whether or not we choose to act. A failure to act may originate in a desire to take the path of least resistance, or perhaps it’s because we are unable to see past the roadblock before us. Whatever the case may be in your particular experience, see if any of the following have ever applied to you: 1. We Choose Not To Be Determined Enough. We decide to listen to the naysayers, to allow doubt to creep into our thinking. We start looking around at other people’s experiences, and begin to slowly decide that perhaps we are not as up to the task as we initially thought we were. 2. We View Defeats as Much Larger than What They Actually Are. We are unable to see past the current failure/roadblock/obstacle. We believe that when we fail or stumble that the entire plan is faulty, or that we were not destined to accomplish our goal. When we are confronted with these momentary hits of failure, we tend to over-react, believe things are truly much worse than they are. In these crucial moments we are unable to see the larger picture, the greater strategy. Many people will lose a battle and forfeit the war. The fact is, your success and dreams is larger than this one roadblock or failure, so why allot it this kind of importance? 3. We Don’t Expect More from Ourselves. We decide that we are unable to give that extra effort because it is too much work, it’s not worth it anyways; it hasn’t worked for someone else, so why would it work for us. Whether it’s an expectation we get from someone else, or something that has been imbedded in us, we are falsely led to believe that there is a low ceiling to what we are capable of achieving– when in reality, when we focus on things we are more than capable of astonishing ourselves. 4. We Lose Focus Early in the Process. It’s easy to be distracted in a world of constant social messages, emails, advertisements, and offers promising to be the miracle cure for one and all. The successful among us find a way to tune out this noise and focus intently on what they want to achieve, and nothing else. 5. We Choose a Goal or Dream that Doesn’t Mean All That Much to Us. Is your goal something that keeps you up at night? Is it something that you think about with every available thought? Is it something that you plot and scheme about while you are having dinner with friends, punching in the clock at work, or driving? Your goal should be an inescapable thought, a dream that simply will not go away. Why? Because this means that no matter what, you will go to the farthest ends of the Earth to achieve it. Failures on the way will be swatted aside, excuses will be shrugged off, and no one would even dare voicing their opposition to you. This is how you should feel about your dream. 6. We Choose to Give Up. The word “no” is something that causes a near visceral reaction. From the time we were kids we have been told no when we asked for something, when we desired something. This continues into adulthood. Tell a grown man “no” and most of the time he will relent. Learn to not accept the status quo, to challenge the time and tested, and find your own way. 7. We Decide to Stray off our Plan when It’s Not Necessary to Do So. We’ll see a shortcut and take it. We will stray from our plans the first chance we get if there’s even a scent that it means that we’ll get a shortcut out of it. We[...]

 How to Write Your Goals to Maximize Your Chances of Goal Setting Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Are you crafting your goals in the manner with which you are giving yourself the absolute best chance at succeeding? If you are having trouble mastering goal setting, it could something as simple as how you are phrasing your goals. Silly as it may seem, but the very way that we phrase things has a large impact on how we feel and act towards them. By now you have heard about self-talk and it’s effects, but did you know that the way you phrase your goal has a significant amount to do with whether you achieve it or not? Many goal-setters are better known as wishful-thinkers. They wish and hope for things. With this method of phrasing their goals they are leaving their goals to providence, to a higher power that will hopefully come along and grant them their hopes and dreams. “I really wish I lose twenty pounds this summer.” “I hope I get that promotion.” A level above them is the procrastinator. This person also has big hopes and dreams, but they are not leaving it up to the heavens, they are leaving it up to father time. But wait, you might be asking. How exactly are they procrastinating? This person isn’t necessarily putting it off, heck, they’re even plainly stating what they want to do! Sure, they are stating what they would like to do one day. They phrase their goals in a manner with which indicates a far-off achievement. Not today, not tomorrow, but one day. The main problem with this person is not even that they are pushing off their goals, it’s that they don’t even know they are doing it. “I want to be rich one day.” “I want to lose weight this summer.” “I want…” They outline their desires, but they do it in such a way that it indicates that their goal lies somewhere out in the distance over the horizon. It implies that their goal is somewhere out there, and completely lacks the immediacy and urgency required to act on it presently. But this is not the way the highly successful do things. They pull those goals out of their dreams, and into reality by phrasing their goals in the here and now. They refuse to leave things to a higher power or the good graces of time. They know that the accomplishment of their goals lies completely within themselves. In this spirit, they write out their goals in the following manner “I choose to…” Phrased in this manner indicates that the goal is already being acted out, that it is already being aggressively pursued. By jotting down your goals like this, you are choosing to live your goals. Learning how to properly write out your goal is just the first step in mastering the goal setting process. Learn how to complete the journey with your own customized goal setting plan. Can you afford to go another day not getting motivated and not achieving your goals? How to Write Your Goals to Maximize Your Chances of Goal Setting Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy How to Write Your Goals to Maximize Your Chances of Goal Setting Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

We’ve all heard the tangible benefits of goal setting. That it can give us purpose, that it has the benefit to alter the landscape of our lives. In that spirit here are six more awesome reasons to love goal setting – and, if you haven’t already – to consider using goals the next time you want to achieve something really cool. 1. It’s the road map for a life you choose to live. It should be radically empowering to be able to look at your life laid out in front of you, at your fingertips. It should be calming and oddly powerful to be gaze out at what you plan on achieving in the future. Some people have crystal balls or psychic lines; you have your goal setting plan. 2. Your goals provide you with a resounding sense of focus. When you are in the ‘zone’, when you are dedicating your resources and time to something that you care about deeply and acutely, you can’t be bothered by distractions and the petty grievances of day-to-day life. When everything revolves around the couple things you care most about, everything else falls to the way-side. This type of laser-like focus is the vessel that carries us towards great things. 3. It feels pretty darn good. Having purpose, and being on a road towards our dreams, getting ever nearer with each day, feels amazing. Knowing that you doing something productive on a daily basis towards achieving something that means the world to you fills you with hope of that amazing day when you can say, “I did this.” 4. Achieving things you set out to do inspires you to achieve even greater things. Once we set and then methodically destroy those first few goals, we look back and think, “Now, that wasn’t so bad.” Out of this thought we begin to dream of even bigger and better things that we want for ourselves, and even while thinking of these magnificent things, we know that they are realistic, because we have demonstrated the ability to get the things we want with a process that works. 5. You learn the habit of not waiting. Once you pick up this habit of not waiting to get things done, of not waiting on anyone else, of not waiting for anything or anyone, you pick up an incredibly powerful skill-self-reliance. Not only do you start depending on yourself for more, you refuse to wait on others to take action for you. You waste less time, have less energy for those who would rather see you flounder, and tighten your grip on your own fate. 6. You quickly learn who has your best interests at heart. Once you get comfortable in sharing your goal with your peers, friends and family, you’re likely to have your dream criticized by a couple people who believe they are doing you a favor by exposing your goal as crazy, pointless or simply dumb. They may do it under the guise of being your friend, or doing it for your own good, but what they are doing is exposing an ugly slice of jealousy or ignorance. It’s key that you view these people as what they are – insecure – and not let that little seed of doubt grow in your mind. Can you afford to waste another day not achieving your goals? If not, then you need to ramp up your goal setting abilities. You can do this today with my custom goal-setting guide, YourGoalBook. Grab your copy today and started living the life you dream of tomorrow. Goal setting help is right around the corner. You just have to ask. Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Six Awesome Reasons to Set Goals is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy

 Setting Goals is Simple– Learn Why Achieving Them Isn’t | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

What if someone were to show you the one tool that you could immediately put into place that will double, triple, maybe even quadruple your chances of success? What if you were privy to the same techniques that billionaire-CEOs, professional athletes, and the highest achievers of any industry across the planet? What sort of happiness and success do you think you could glean from this knowledge? What has set these ultra-performers apart from mere mortals is that they have developed a goal-setting ability that is unlike any other. They know what most don’t-that to achieve anything, whether it’s a profitable quarter, a national championship, or even a successful relationship, one must have a goal and the resulting plan and desire to see it through. This process sounds simple. And it is. But the reason that most people fail to live up to their potential is that they haven’t taken the time to understand and master the process of goal-setting. Imagine for a moment you had a skill with which you could wield to achieve anything you wanted. It should baffle and excite you to think of all that you could achieve if you were to master this process. Goal-setting is the shortest way to get what you want from life. Once you set goals, distractions fall to the side. You build a level of focus and momentum that would be impossible were you bouncing from day-dream to day-dream. Successful people do not float from achievement to achievement. Success isn’t something that we stumble into, and true success is not a matter of luck. Success is not an accident. It is merely the end product of the goal setting process. Deciding to master goal setting is the first step. Learn what comes next by reading about YourGoalBook, my custom goal setting guide. Creating bullet-proof goal plans is something I have specialized in throughout my career. That’s why YourGoalBook has become so popular. It practically builds a complete plan of action for you and will have you seeing returns almost immediately. Click here and let’s start building your dream life today. Setting Goals is Simple– Learn Why Achieving Them Isn’t is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Setting Goals is Simple– Learn Why Achieving Them Isn’t is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy


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